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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Again thank you for all the responses! Its not really a question of if I am going to do the diet or not. My initial question was to see if I was doing my body any benefit by cutting back on Glutin until I am able to talk to a dietician and discuss more with my doctor on where my future lies. The doctor that diagnosed me with Celiac doesn't know anything more than what it is. So all my knowledge to date is from doing on my own reasearch online and reading the forums here. I also signed up for the email list as well. I imagine that I'm cutting 95% of my Glutin intake simply by not eating any obvious sources. The ketchup question was just an example... The first day I found out I decided "Ok, I will have a salad for lunch instead of my usual sub". So I went to the grocery store bought a bagged salad, bought some cold cut ham and turkey, went home, made up the salad, added my meats, added some italian dressing, then sat in front of my computer and begain researching more about Celiac. This story seems simlar to others I have read when you then learn that some cold cuts and salad dressing contain Glutin. I had recently received an email from the list server about a study that was determining how much Glutin was needed to cause damage. It was like 100 parts per million. Which is a very small amount, if you equated it to dollars it would be the difference between the cost of a T-Shirt and a very nice house. Since the small intenstine is constantly regenerating itself it would seem to me that would be some level of damage vs regrowth that equates to a small tolerance level. From everything I have read (which hasn't been to much yet) it suggest that either this level doesn't exist, or is so miniscule as to be irrelivant. But what really gets me thinking is that most of the people diagnosed with Celiac now are the ones having the hardest time with it. This is the current data set doctors are working with. Maybe the millions of undiagnosed people have a greater tolerance or some other coping mechanism? Everything has a level of diminishing return being 100% gluten-free is enourmously more work then being 99.9% gluten-free. At some level (100 ppm??) the damage done by the Glutin would be insignificant. There must be some sweet spot where health, effort, sanity, and pleasure, come together. Again, I'm just guessing, hoping, and rambling a bit. When I think about my situation from a logical perspective I consider myself very "lucky". I am very fortunate to be diagnosed before even more serious damage has occured, and in this day of age where information of freely available on the internet and support groups such as this exist. I'm excited to think that I may feel better and heathier than I have in the past. With the recent passage of the food labeling bill it should be much easier to eat gluten-free in a few years, and with estimates of 3 Million American suffering for Celiac there is a lot of hope for future cures, treatments, or at least a large market that people want to serve (such as diabetes). Unfortunately my heart doesn't quite feel the same way but it should in time. It was tough to find out about all of this while my wife is on vacation with her family. She is coming home Sunday and that will help ease the pain considerably. I found the prodict listing today on the delphi site but haven't looked through it yet. I have already discoved that there are many thing I like and I can still eat. Such as Nacho's Supreme with corn chips, fresh guacomole, salsa, and mounds of cheese. Thanks again for listening to my story. I will try to post in the Introductions thread in the next few days. Excuse any mispellings, I know I should read through my message again before posting, but I'm tired and am going to bed now. Take care! adam
  2. celiac3270 / Tarnalberry, Thanks for responding It is very appreciated. I'm found out that the test I had done was a Tissue Transglutiminase (IgA, tTG) which is the one with accuracy over 95%. I guess my "problem" is that I don't have any perceptible symptoms. The only documented physical problem I have is my osteoporosis and that is only because of my chance encounter with a medical study and bone density scan. I used to eat to 2 foot long meatball subs on wheat bread every week. I was a regular on double punch day at Blimpies. I did have occasional diarrhea (once or twice a monthy maybe...) it wasn't really a problem and nothing with sufficient consistancy to relate it to what I was eating. However, after reading more about what Celiac does I have hard time just going back to my regular eating habits for the purpose of testing. I just have a hard time imagining there is not some level of significant tolerance, particularly in the people that don't seem to have obvious adverse effects to Glutin. I know I am far from the "acceptance" stage of this. But it seems within the realms of possiblity that avoiding obvious (breads, pastas) sources of glutin is doable by me. While checking things like toothpaste and ketchup it just not clicking with my brain at this moment.
  3. Fast Food

    Hi, We several Donato's restaurents in my area Dayton, OH. I actually had the deluxe crustless pizza last night which was very good. I sent a email to Donatos asking if the pizza was Gluten free. This is the response: --- The Soy base in our NoDough pizzas do not contain any gluten, however, they will not be baked in separate ovens from those used to bake our Original Thin and Traditional crusts. That being stated, depending on the severity of the sensitivity to gluten we cannot guarantee that there would be an absolute prevention of cross contamination and unfortunately would suggest that individuals with high sensitivity to gluten not take any unnecessary risks. --- I should note that I'm pretty sure the pizza is baked directly on the plate they server to you. So imagine any cross contamination would occur if a regular pizza was placed on the rack above and some of the crust fell into it?? Perhaps you could ask them to cook it on the top grill to avoid this problem. My wife and I probably only cook 1 meal a week right now, the rest are quick sandwitches, pizza deliveries, take out, or eating out. So finding convenient easy sources of gluten free food is a big priority for me if I need to go on this diet.
  4. I am still in the process of finding out if I have Celiac Disease. I got a call from my Doctor on Monday saying that I had Celiac Disease. At that moment I had no idea what it was and I've been researching it since then. Right now I'm trying to get more information from her about exactly what blood test she ordered and what the results are. She did not know much about the Celiac. She was just running a battery of test trying to determine the cause of my Osteoporosis (unusual for 26 year male), so she was going to be doing some research as well. However she said anything over 30 indicated a strong likelihood and mine came back at 55. My Osteoporosis was discovered because I was part of a bone density research study late last year. I don't have any noticeable symptoms and I had frequently eaten lots of bread and wheat products. I probably eat pizza 3 or 4 times a week, Subway and Blimpies were my ideas of "healthy meals". I suppose I may have had occasional symptoms after reading other peoples experiences, but I never noticed them out of the ordinary. I would have considered myself to be an average healthy guy. Since I found out on Monday I haven't eat any bread or any obvious source of Gluten. However I have not totally given up less obvious things like condiments, hot sauces, and such. Since it seems like it takes such extremely small amounts of Gluten to trigger reactions and damage in people is there any benefit to simply eating less Gluten? Or is more simply described as