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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I never had any food issues or diarrhea before I got my parasite. I got it in Mexico and had it for several years before finally realizing the problem. Ever since I've had IBS of sorts. I've found out I was allergic to rye and pistachio, and I am also now lactose intolerant. The herbalist told me parasites can damage the intestinal lining and it can cause intolerances and allergies, and it can take years to heal. I guess it kind of creates a leaky gut. Yuck. So to answer the main question (I think) yes this also happened to me. Parasites are awful.
  2. After extensive allergy testing it appears I am allergic to rye and pistachio. Not wheat or any other grains or nuts! I've also discovered that I seem to be lactose intolerant, and lactaid totally fixes that when I eat dairy in moderation. So here's my problem. I've noticed when I eat anything with rye my mouth feels sore and swollen, my nose is stuffy, I have lots of drainage, and my intestines burn very badly. I can specifically tell when I've accidentally eaten rye now. I keep accidentally eating it despite my best efforts to avoid it! I'm having trouble finding info on how to locate hidden rye in products. I avoid the obvious like rye bread, alcohol that may contain rye, etc. I am super sensitive to it apparently, so I'm worried about flours that have been cross contaminated. I've gotten sick after eating pastries from bakeries that carry rye bread, so there must be crumbs on gloves making me sick. This is driving me crazy! I hate laying around feeling like crap because I accidentally ingested rye. Any tips on what to look for to avoid it completely? Everything I find online is for gluten free, but I can eat gluten. Just not rye. I wish it was required to be listed as an allergen, that would be awesome.
  3. I've been trying to narrow down my food allergies for several years now. I am now 100% the main part of my digestive issues have been caused by lactose intolerance, since Lactaid and avoidance of dairy as much as possible has really helped. The other day I had skin prick testing for food allergies. I've spent forever reading about the different methods, and all seem to have positives and negatives, so I just decided to do whatever the allergist recommended to start with. They tested me for a whole huge list of allergens. I've been having a severe reaction to something--my lips and tongue swell, my head stuffs up, I feel nauseated for hours after. I haven't been able to narrow down what was causing it. The skin tests showed that I am severely allergic to only two things: rye and pistachios! I've been trying to research this a bit and can't seem to find any info about being solely allergic to rye. I didn't react to wheat, oats, corn, or rice...at least the reactions weren't larger than the histamine reaction by however they grade the sizes. I think it had to be 3mm larger or something. I am also not allergic to any other tree nuts. I realize now that a couple of the a major reactions I've had were after eating a loaf of rye bread, and after eating something from the Whole Foods bakery case where rye bread is on the shelf! So I believe I have a true allergy to it, the skin test was correct. My kids also eat a lot of pistachios, which I crack open for them. I was probably eating it second hand off of my fingers. While googling I can't seem to find anything about being only allergic to rye. It's always linked to gluten. Is it possible to just react to rye? Should I pursue some further testing? If so, what tests should I do? The allergist seemed to think that rye was it and I have nothing else to worry about.
  4. My rash goes through phases of being extremely itchy, to just annoying, or sometimes severe burning. It almost looks like tiny pimples, but they are not as bright red and definitely not greasy or pimply! I have super dry skin. I have been feeling better on and off. My worst symptom is horrible constipation...after I finally am able to go, I have this annoying dull ache across my abdomen just a few inches under my belly button. Nothing will make it go away! When I was eating gluten though, every time I would eat the pain would intensify. Now the ache is just annoying, almost like someone is squeezing or my pants are too tight, or a deep muscle is sore. Is this something anyone else has experienced? I don't know what could cause it, other than damage to my intestines. The doctor is no help, every time I try to explain it they give me laxative and stool softeners (which do not work, just make me feel even worse) and they say it's caused by IBS. I am trying to be very careful about cross-contamination! This morning I realized that our silverware drawer was full of crumbs...most likely bread crumbs. Cleaned that out right away and put every single piece of silverware into the dishwasher...
  5. Bumping an old post, but I was wondering the same thing. Can I keep using my silicon things or are they contaminated? It seems like a great idea to use the silicon to line our regular pans that the rest of the family uses for gluten foods...
  6. I think I might have Celiac Disease. My entire life I have had pain in my abdomen, just a couple inches below my belly button. I also have been severely constipated since I was a baby, and I have a rash on my legs that has always been there. The doctor said it was eczema, but no amount of lotions or creams helps it. There have been periods where everything nearly goes away for awhile, like during my teens, but since I had my daughter nearly two years ago it has been increasingly worse until now I am at the point of being in constant discomfort. I am anemic, I can't gain weight (I only weight 100 pounds and I'm 5 foot 7 inches) and I am starving all the time despite eating constantly. I also am fatigued and feel fuzzy in my head on a lot of days, though sometimes I'm not sure if that's not from being the parent of a busy toddler! I also suffer from anxiety, but it mainly centers around my constant stomach pain and being terrified of what it will do next. It can go from constipation and pain worse than childbirth to horrible diarrhea with no warning. A few years ago I went to the doctor during a bad spell of it, and he said it was IBS. No one mentioned Celiac Disease to me or any possible tests. My father is allergic to wheat according to a skin test, and he has many of the same symptoms I do including the rash and intestinal issues. He took a blood test for Celiac Disease and it came back negative. Does that mean he doesn't have it for sure? My grandfather also has the same symptoms and took the blood test, and he said only part of it came back positive and that meant he doesn't have it...? Two days ago I decided to stop eating anything containing gluten to see if it helps at all. I figured I really don't have much to lose at this point, and I don't exactly have time and money to waste at the doctor when it seems as if they won't be very clear with the diagnosis anyway. Yesterday I felt amazing. Not one pain in my stomach for the entire day, and I was full of energy. That's the first time I can ever remember not having abdominal pain in a long, long time. Today though, it's back and I don't know why. I haven't eaten anything containing gluten. How long does it take for gluten to get out of your system? Do you think I feel bad today because there's still half a loaf of bread in there from a few days ago working it's way out? Do you have any tips for me? I think my biggest fear is that being gluten-free won't help and that I'll be stuck suffering like this forever. I really just want my life back...