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  1. Yes it took me a while but I realized that that's why some labels say 'no wheat' and others say, 'no wheat, gluten' very important to say both, since barley and rye contain gluten too. And yes, it could be the nuts, but the nuts from the place I mentioned were contaminated. I had all the same symptoms as when I ate gluten...and of course the company confirmed that for me. Yes, it should have been on the label....but it wasn't. Thanks Jennifer....
  2. Thank you all again. I do react to soy so the MaraNatha Organic won't work for me, but thanks for your input Backboneexecutives... Lovegrov....I bought some nuts from nuts online dot com, they were raw and out of the shell....spent 120.00 bought a bunch....started eating them every day...and began to notice subtle symptoms....that continued each day....I felt like I was being glutened, but knew I wasn't eating anything with gluten...symptoms of malabsorption were back, full blown...I couldn't figure out why....so I began to review everything I ate, and the one thing I was eating everyday was those nuts, a variety of them....so I sent an email to nuts online dot com and asked them if they process their nuts on the same lines as gluten and they wrote back....YES....after that I wrote to several online distributors and they all told me the same thing! I love peanut butter and thought there must be someplace to get it gluten free, without cross contamination...because one speck of gluten makes me sick, obviously....I couldn't see gluten on those nuts....anyway when I came here to find out about a brand, not one person mentioned cross contamination and that surprised me... I would go for the peanuts and salt only versions also Ravenwoodglass...Sarah? It's been a while...I don't do anything with high fructose corn syrup, and I am sensitive to soy...I'll look for the Wegmans or Skippy Natural brands....thank you all again...just having a few good things makes you feel so much better, my latest treat is frozen bananas....yummmm...thanks again everyone, much appreciated! Happy New Year
  3. Thanks Rachelle and Wolicki....This is good to know, I'm always looking at peanut butter in the stores but afraid to get them...I have so many food sensitivities...I never heard of Adams....I'll check these brands out, thanks a bunch!!
  4. I searched for information on here re gluten free peanut butter and saw a lot of posts that mostly say peanut butter is gluten free....but not one that mentions cross contamination because peanuts are often processed in facilities that also process gluten/wheat....can anyone address this. I find most nuts are contaminated...are peanuts not? I'm starting wonder if I can't tolerate the nuts themselves. I would love to hear from folks who have had peanut butter without any issues...thanks
  5. Hi Terin, I'm not an expert....but an allergic reaction involves histamine. Usually there are outward symptoms...runny nose, hives, anaphylaxis, itching, redness, etc. An immunologic sensitivity does not involve a histamine reaction, and is doing damage internally that you are unaware of. Like the damage that occurs to the villi in Celiac disease. Most of us who are gluten sensitive suffer a myriad of symptoms, fatigue, joint pain, osteoporosis, anemia, etc...and most have been unaware of the cause, before finding out about gluten, anyway these are the signs and symptoms of the internal damage caused by an immune response to an offending agent, like gluten. Everyone is different, different genetics and susceptibilities, and that explains why so many different symptoms. You will notice as you eliminate these things from your diet that you will have improvements in your health and if you keep a food diary, a pain I know...and a list of your symptoms, over time you will learn which foods cause which symptoms. I'm very tired today so this is the best I can do here...haha. Casein is not in goat's milk/cheese. The casein in cow's milk is what causes the immune response. So you can try the goat cheese and see what happens if anything. I seem to tolerate it ok. Though I didn't react to casein in my lab report, I definitely have a problem with it....found that out by accident and because of keeping a food diary, I was able to pinpoint what happens when I eat dairy. Once you remove the food, you reintroduce it again later, [EXCEPT FOR GLUTEN] you do not want to do that.....and see if you have the same symptoms. You might want to eliminate everything first and give your body a chance to heal. It took 5-6 weeks for me to recover from a gluten incident, I am *extremely sensitive* to the slightest amount. I don't know about Yeast in wine....didn't know there was yeast in wine. I Hope this helps, I felt bad for you when I saw your results, but ravenwoodglass gave you some very positive advice, and it even helped me to read that again, the diet isn't always easy but it's worth it, I don't have a choice, and she's right there are a lot of good foods that we can have, take care, Linda ps...I never get flu shots but that's a personal choice/decision.
  6. Gluten Free Nuts

    Thank you Lisa and celiac-mommy! I will try both of them... Appreciate your help. Ann72601 I would be leary of any fruit or nuts out of those bins in the health food store. If that's where they came from, and if not, with no label it's like playing Russian Roulette. The bins can be cross contaminated. You will make mistakes, we all do, hopefully as we become more aware the mistakes will be less and less, just be diligent and read your labels. It's been a little over a year for me and every once in a while something slips by me. I eat a whole food diet so it's not so hard for me. But like I said I am missing nuts...and hope to be able to add these back into my diet...hope the same for you, good luck. Linda
  7. Gluten Free Nuts

    Has anyone had experience with Kirklands Walnuts or Almonds. I cannot tolerate even the trace amounts of CC on most nuts. I am really missing not having nuts in my diet. I know they are not processed in a gluten free facility, so I'm wondering if some of you might have some information. Can I eat them? I checked out a lot of places online and they all tell me their nuts are processed with wheat. I got sick from some raw pumpkin seeds I bought from nutsonline dot com. Thanks for any help.....signed desperate for a nut...
  8. New Celiac - Help!

    Thanks Takala, I'll check that out.... The nuts I got from nutsonline.com, were raw and they were cross contaminated with gluten...I'm not sure why that happens, except they wind up on the same lines with wheat...maybe for packaging...anyway...
  9. Yes, I agree with all of the previous posters....simplify the diet, nothing processed, gluten is hidden in so many things and they use different names, I myself as diligent as I try to be, get accidently glutened from time to time, we all do. Here is a link to safe and unsafe food lists here on the site that you can download: http://www.celiac.com/categories/Safe-Glut...3B-Ingredients/ You really do have to read all labels, that's why it's so much easier to stop all processed food. And if you are preparing her food in a kitchen where gluten is prepared you have to be concerned about cross contamination. Even the slightest amounts make me sick. Everyone is different but with her symptoms I would say she can't tolerate any. You have to use a different toaster for her...separate pots and pans, etc. A pain, but it has to be done, I'm lucky because I am the gluten intolerant one and also the only one in the kitchen. My husband eats what I eat...period.... Soy is another HUGE offender and more than likely should be stopped, if for no other reason than that it's genetically modified. Corn and dairy should be stopped also, that cheddar you mention could be the problem. I wish you well and success, it sounds like she is doing well in terms of growth and those good lab results, it just takes time to get there but you will, she is much better than she was....
  10. New Celiac - Help!

    Yes! Corn can do the same thing as gluten, here is an article that might help. This guy is a veterinarian, and also a lactose/celiac sufferer and writes about the "four horses" gluten, soy, corn and dairy. He uses a lot of words, I personally find him very interesting, but you might want to skim down through some of the sauce and get to the meat of it.... <a href="http://dogtorj.Lame Advertisement/id23.html" target="_blank">http://dogtorj.Lame Advertisement/id23.html</a> Here are a couple of paragraphs from the article: "The fantastic news is that sooooo much starts going right once the big four are avoided completely and for a long enough time. By avoiding the casein, gluten, soy, and corn, the gut starts to heal and the malabsorption syndrome begins to reverse. How long does it take for the intestine to heal once the offending foods are withdrawn? Well, according to the celiac literature, it takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for the intestinal villi to return to normal. Does that make sense? Not to me, unless you consider the fact that gluten is not the only thing doing the harm to those villi. This was my first quest, to get on celiac forums and make sure they knew the truth about casein, soy, and corn. I hated reading about celiacs that had struggled so valiantly to be gluten-free only to find that they were shooting themselves in the foot big time by the continued consumption of the other three culprits. Statistically, celiacs have a 50% chance of also being casein intolerant. I have to believe that it is much more common than that. But soy and corn are looming larger and larger as we fall for the myth that soy is a health food, we turn to vegetarianism for various reasons, and we continue to genetically modify corn to death. Assuming that we do enough right, the gut does heal and probably much more quickly than we currently believe. After all, it is one of the fastest healing tissues in the body. Once healed, it starts to take in all of the calcium, iron, iodine, B complex, vitamin C, and trace minerals that it has been starving for over the past years, often from the moment the individual started consuming the big four. The thyroid becomes healthy, the iron deficiency resolves, enzyme systems start operating at peak efficiency, tissue repairs, and the immune system gets back to normal. And that last item is critical. That's when many of the long-term symptoms finally resolve- the allergies, GI signs, skin problems, and in the best case scenario, the immune-mediated diseases. I would love to think that the risk of cancer then plummets, as well. What couldn't our immune system accomplish if it were in optimal condition? I can no longer put limitations of what our body is capable of doing in the way of healing or prevention when I think about that last statement. However, I know that our environment- with its staggering levels of serious pollution- is a huge limiting factor. I would love to dive into that topic but time constraints do prevent that." His article is the reason I decided to give up Cow's milk/cheese, etc. And when I did all my bone/joint pain went away, not only that but I had this terrible heat in my body that would wake me up at night, I've had it since I can remember, and it's completely gone too. And getting back to corn. I stopped all corn except popcorn, and have only had it twice in the last month, both times I've gained 2 pounds after eating it, so that tells me I am retaining fluid...I had some yesterday and I also notice some tingling in my left lower leg. The thing is...until we remove ALL offending foods, we won't completely heal. So I am stopping the popcorn now too. Once we heal we may be able to resume some of the foods, but I think once you're gluten intolerant/Celiac, there is no returning to gluten. I hope some of you will read the article and let me know what you think. I am always open to hearing what others have to say, and learning as much about this as I can...
  11. Protein promotes healing of all kinds, it also helps to maintain a stable blood sugar. There is a problem with blood sugar when it is fluctuating all the time, this is not healthy and promotes fat storage, which leads to other problems. When insulin spikes blood sugar drops, hunger strikes, fat is stored, it's a cycle that repeats and repeats and causes metabolic Syndrome X (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fluctuating blood sugars, insulin resistance) which causes a multitude of other problems. The pancreas is where insulin is produced and like any other organ it wears out, and the bodies cells also become resistant to it, so it's very important to have stable blood sugars. Insulin being released all the time also leads to cancer in time...another reason it's important to stabilize blood sugars. I know this because I've studied it as a nurse, and because I've suffered with low blood sugar, which I now pretty much have stabilized. I eat wild alaskan salmon, organic cage free eggs, sardines, occasional steak, turkey, and some other fish, and I drink goat milk, and eat goat cheese, which I tolerate very well, as these are also sources of protein. Goat milk/cheese does not have casein which is what we react to in dairy. I am not lactose intolerant which is another subject really. Soy protein has it's own problems, I am allergic to it, and our food is becoming so polluted with toxic chemicals, pesticides, hormones etc, that it's difficult sometimes, but we just have to find what it is we can first of all...tolerate, in terms of reactions and sensitivities....and secondly feel good about eating. But protein is essential for healing and repair, and also for stabilizing blood sugars.
  12. Yes fluid retention is one of the first signs for me and once you stop the gluten in a few days you will notice yourself peeing a lot more, especially at night, at least for me....grrrr....lol. You will recover but it takes time....hang in there...one day at a time....
  13. How Do You Normally Feel?

    It took 5 full weeks for me to recover from a week of gluten. I was well and then convinced myself that gluten was not my problem (before my testing)...will never do that again. Everyone is different but please feel good knowing that every thing you are doing to improve your health adds up and it does take time. Sometimes when we start to feel good we forget what was hurting or bothering us...then one day you realize oh yeah, I don't have that bone pain anymore, or that fluid retention, or that profound and crippling fatigue...you will notice things and you will get better, hang in there...most of us have been sick for all of our lives with this, and it takes more than a few weeks for all of the repair that has to take place. Just keep taking care of yourself everyday. Rest and don't give up, you're doing the right thing. I had to quit soy, and dairy as well...you may have to do that too. Gluten is the worst culprit but it may not be the only one, I hope you start to feel better sooner than later...
  14. New Celiac - Help!

    Most all nuts are cross contaminated because they are manufactured on lines where wheat is processed, and you cannot trust the label to tell you that, though some will. I would love to hear from someone who can tell me about nuts that are not cross contaminated, including peanuts, and peanut butter. I ordered bunches of nuts ($120.00 worth) from an online source nutsonline.com....and omg I got sick sick sick from the pumpkin seeds because of cross contamination. It was frustrating because I knew I was being glutened but couldn't figure it out. I emailed them and they responded that their nuts are processed with gluten. Since then I went to many sites selling nuts and got the same response, so if anyone can tell me about a source for gluten free nuts I would be delighted. I know the nuts in the shell are safe...or should be...