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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thank you very much for the info! Hope everyone is doing great, have a wonderful weekend! Dawn
  2. Hi , centrum one a day is gluten free, as is Jergens, if this is wrong someone let me know. seeking wholeness, i am blood type o negative. could you e-mail me the info. on that blood type diet? my e-mail is dclark519@insightbb.com. I would really appreciate it. also if anyone has a woodmans grocery store near them, they carry a wonderful choice of gluten-free foods! thanks and hope everyone is doing great. Also wondering, I have been eating reg. food for a week for an accurate biopsy, and cried alot today, do the foods cause the emotional trouble too? My biopsy is tomorrow, I have felt absolutely hoorible on a reg. diet and cannot wait to resume gluten-free weds. ! never thought I'd say that!! e-mail and let me know please! I have only been diagnosed 5 weeks and am 35. so I need all the help I can get! thanks again! dawn
  3. Hi everybody! I have been eating gluten products for a week now after being gluten-free for almost a month, doing this for biopsy in the a.m. I have been totally miserable, reminds me how i felt for years, but I thought it was totally normal to feel like that because of ulcers and gerd and hernia. Even if my biopsy comes back normal, I intend to remain gluten-free because my specialist said gluten sensitive and celiac are different. So just wanted to let ya know , if you feel better off gluten foods, stay off them, regardless of test results. It's a very hard lifestyle change, but I am looking so forward to a couple days from now feeling as good as I did last week off all gluten! good luck to all.
  4. Detective Help Needed

    There are alot of products out there with reactive ing. in them, dish soap, body lotions and washes , also medicine can be a hidden source of ing. My dietician told me that some types of beans will cause a reaction, and some kinds won't so a food diary is a wonderful thing! good luck and thanks to all for this support group of people. I live in a small town and the internet is wonderful! Honeysuckle turkey is the brand that was recommended to me, also nestle contadina tomato products are gluten free also. and heinz tomato products are gluten-free also! good luck
  5. I Give Up!

    Hi! There are some websites maybe you can order from.: bobsredmill, glutenfreepantry, and glutenfreetradingpost are a few. My dietician told me some hidden products that are a problem for us are: medicines that contain wheat prod. and artificial food colors. One of my stomach pills had 8 ing. I'm not supposed to have! also hand soaps, body wash and lotions, dish soaps etc. most have wheat products and art. coloring in them. Jergens doesn't They soak into the skin and cause a reaction! Isn't that wild! well good luck!
  6. An idea for breakfast might be to make your own fruit breads, and eat a slice in the a.m. most of the prepackaged mixes have great recipes on them, also maybe you could get your library to order some gluten-free cookbooks for you to browse through. I am fortunate to be a homemaker and have time to do this, hope you do too!
  7. Hi, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with gerd, esophagitis, and hernia. My new Dr. suspects celiac , one test came back pos. the other neg. After keeping a food diary for 3 weeks of gluten-free I know I have gluten sensitivity, maybe not celiac. I've been on prilosec for 2 years which I found out has 8 additives derived of wheat and art. coloring. Have been feeling great for 3 weeks now and arthritis pain is totally gone. if i could quit coffee and cigs. I'm sure heartburn would go away too. You should sleep with a wedge too. It helped me alot. Good luck! (I'm 35)
  8. Lisa, if you have a grocery store near you called hyvee or woodmans , they are excellent places for gluten free food. The stuff is pretty expensive, and bobs red mill.com is another fairly affordable place to find alot of stuff. the ingredients seem to last awhile too. last week i had like 4 things here I could eat that weren't fruits or veg. After a trip to woodmans, I have a whole shelf full. It's nice to know there are quite a few foods out there for us to eat. it's a totally different life now! food is everywhere you turn!! good luck
  9. Roz, I just wanted to say how fortunate you are to have been diagnosed! The disease is hard but after only 3 weeks on gluten-free diet I feel better than I have in years and years. I read that it's hard to find a dr. that believes in the common saying, we are what we eat. I am finding alot of good food out there , surprisingly! it also helps when you tell yourself that " this is for the rest of my life" so somehow, it tastes better! LOL I'm 35 and have felt 90 for years.I thank God daily for my new Dr. the old one just wanted to cover up all symptoms with pills! Good luck and thanks for the recipe.
  10. Hi from what I understand, calcium citrate is supposed to be easy on the stomach rather than just calcium, and also the frustration of this diet and disease can cause anxiety which as you probably know, can make a serious bathroom trip. My dietician said this is the 2nd hardest diet in the world. It can take 6 mos. to a year to heal from the lifelong damage. Are you keeping a food diary? good luck!
  11. Hi to everybody. I had one test come back neg. and one pos. My biopsy is next week. I was advised to consume gluten products the day before the biopsy. Your intestinal lining rebuilds in 3 days. I've been on a gluten free diet for 3 weeks and have no doubt regardless of any test that I am gluten intolerant. I have been miserable most of my life. (I;m 35) and had progressive joint pain , stomach aches, Gerd, esophagitis, frequent bathroom trips, mild depression, thinning hair, now I feel better than I have in years and years. gluten intolerance is totally different than celiac sprue. My old doctor just wanted to push the pills and cover up all symptoms. Thank God my new Dr. suspected celiac. It's a lifelong committment to the diet and my dietician said it's the 2nd hardest diet in the world. But considering the improvement in health it's sooo worth it. From my understanding, the trouble with mental disturbances comes from malabsorption of vital nutrients and toxins building up in the system from the wheat products. Keep a food diary everyday and write down everything you eat and drink, and if you have any symptoms, (including emotional) and my dietician said we can tell by looking over the diary what we're allergic to. she has been right so far. Apparently one gram of a wheat product can trigger symptoms. Bye for now, and good luck to all.
  12. Hi, I had one blood test come back indicating celiac, and the other negative. My Dr. is doing a biopsy the 20th. I have been keeping a food diary for 3 weeks, have eliminated all gluten and most dairy, and it doesn't matter to me what the test shows, I know I 100% have a gluten intolerance. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm only 35 and most days felt like I was 90. I had joint pains that got worse everyday and terrible tummy troubles, my old Dr. just wanted to give meds. to cover all the symptoms up, but my new Dr. is awesome. The dietician told me there are alot of false negatives with celiac. You can have gluten intolerance and not have celiac. The diet is very hard to follow, the dietician said it's the 2nd hardest diet in the world, and it 's lifelong. Have you been keeping a food diary? She also recommended recording emotions as well as other symptoms. It's truly amazing. If you're around people who think it's all in your head, tell them to spend the day on the toilet a few times and then tell you what they think! Good luck to you. Keep me informed on how you're doing.
  13. Beer Drinking

    Hi I've been diagnosed 6 wks. now with celiac, and I liked beer more than most people, I gave it up completely and have had a few screwdrivers instead, smirnoff vodka and tropicana. I have an appt. with dietician soon, so will find out if it's ok! From my understanding, by including beer in the diet, you are doing as much damage as the gluten food. My mom and sister also died of cancer within the past 4 years, and learning that celiac is hereditary, am sure they both had it. They had terrible digestive/ arthritis symptoms. Thank God we've all found doctors that know what they're doing! Take care and good luck!