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    I work as a Vet. Tech. and I do grooming for animals.<br>Yep, that's the clue....Animals are my main passion, followed closely by gardening.
  1. My son (age 22 years) is Type B negative...same as my blood type. and of northern european ancestory on my side....however...his father is Type O positive....and of Native American ancestory. Not sure how that would relate other then the northern european line....none of my husband's children from previous marriages has celiac's.
  2. Hi all, not necessarily new here...have visited a few times researching info. for my son...diagnosed as insulin dependant diabetic (Type1) at 17 years old after a case of mono...diagnosed as celiac disease just 2 years ago after I questioned his doctor about doing a malabsorbtion test..I've really had to push these doctors for answers. Son has been on gluten-free diet but still having extreme problems with diarrhea and extreme weight loss...He is scared...I am scared...His father is obsessing...life around here has been pretty awful. I've been doing some recent research on gluten-free medications and ingrediants in foods...not taken into account before...the whole family has adopted a gluten-free life style as much as possible in a show of support for our son. Guess I just needed a place to vent.. I've read some really great suggestions here and will continue to check back often. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, brain storming...etc.