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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am recently new to the group. I had questions regarding my doctor's diagnosis - gluten sensitivity only. Blood work was negative; however, biopsy results were positve according to him. He wasn't too concerned. I requested a copy of the pathology report and the final diagnosis stated: Mild chronic duondentis with subtotal villous atrophy and features suggestive of celiac sprue. There was moderate blunting of the villous. How can it be suggestive of celiac but not be celiac disease??? I have been gluten free for almost 3 weeks and have seen signs of improvement. I just really want a correct diagnosis so that I can stop stressing myself out. I have been trying to find a doctor in the area (Connecticut) who specializes in celiac but have not yet been successful...I really want a second opinion. If anyone understands the medical terminolgy or has any suggestions, I would be very thankful. PS. This website has been extremely helpful in my process to being gluten free. Thanks again, Kathleen
  2. It has been suggested by several members that I look for a new doctor to get a proper diagnosis. I recently had an endoscopy done and tested positve for celiac sprues; however, bloodwork was negative. My current doctor says its only a gluten allergy and not celiac. From what I have read and what members have written, I believe it is celiac. I am looking for a second opinion but can't seem to locate anyone who might specialize in this area in the state of CT. Does anyone have any names? Thanks for your help. Kathleen
  3. Thanks for the responses. I satrted being gluten free one week ago. Its been hard but I will keep doing it. My gut told me that it might be time to find another doctor. Thanks again. Kathleen
  4. I recently had an endoscopy done and the biopsy was postive for celiac sprues; however, the blood tests were all negative. therefore, doctor says I have a gluten allergy but reading the books and info online, regardless of bloodwork, a positive biopsy would indicate celiac disease. Anyone have any information on this or had similar results? thanks kathleen