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  1. Does anyone know if HAZELNUT oil generally has gluten? Thanks
  2. I'd like to hear from others who can't gain weight and eat all day and are still hungry. I started a gluten free diet 3 weeks ago and it significantly helped my "asthma/cough", but I'm still hungry all the time. I only weigh 86 lb. or so - and am 5 feet. I used to be 98-102 years ago. What's interesting, is in 1998, I had a hysterectomy and after the surgery I suddenly went back to 98 pounds within 2 months - but then over the year lost it all without trying. I'm wondering if the anesthesia someone temporarily healed the intestines - anyone ever hear of that? Thanks, Patty
  3. What specific antibodies do they test for - for celiac? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm Patty and new to the board. Has anyone noticed when they eliminated gluten that their asthma and coughing disappeared rather quickly? For years I developed those symptoms, with severe reflux, and when I gave up wheat, barley, and other gluten foods the asthma and cough are nearly gone. Has anyone else noticed this? I've also no longer have excessive gas - thank goodness! Patty