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  1. Glad I could help - its tough doing it on your own in the beginning!
  2. Great -I will be at the July 7 meeting. I hope to see you there. Maureen
  3. HERE IS THE INFORMATION ON THE Lehigh Valley Celiac Support Group meets five times a year at 2166 S. 12th Street in Allentown. Speakers and participants provide information, tips and support, covering everything from restaurants and products to health concerns. They have food you can try and recipes to share. You can even participate in a food co-op, saving you money and allowing you to buy in smaller quantities. For more information, contact Kathleen Heist at 610-767-1622 or Beverly Kistler at 610-776-1178. Neet meeting is July 7 - I hope this helps - Maureen
  4. Hello - I live in Macungie as was just diagnosed with Celiac . We do have a very good support group in the Lehigh Valley - have you gotten the information on it yet? Maureen
  5. Could use some inspiration and a new celiac friend!

  6. Hello - I am 39years old and I was diagnosed with celiac about two weeks ago. Probably the biggest struggle in my life up until now has been with depression. I have been through talk therapy for years and have been on zoloft for years. From what have been reading there seems to be some connection between celiac and depression. Has anyone followed the gulten free diet for a period of time found some relief from depression? Thanks!