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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I started my life style change when i woke up this morning......i recently found out i am allergic to:yeast/MSG, tomatoes, milk, gluten(i realize not so much an allergy), and fake sugar. i'm a vegetarian. i also have a fungus infection in my sinuses. anyone else a teen trying to deal with this? What do you do to help that hungry feeling? please message me or give me feedback on here.......THANK YOU! (I'm new, and this thing is complex!!!)
  3. yeah i meant feeling tired and not paying attention. sorry
  4. i just found out i am allergic to tomatos milk yeast and MSG (they are brothers?) gluten mushrooms since i found out. i have been thinking of going on a life-style change. and i have noticed i have been having some symptoms like if i eat some toast.....about like two-three hours later, i feel my body weaken and i zone out. sorry, i am new to this forum. i dont know any of the language What is celiac? what could be the symptoms? could my zoning out and such be from this gluten?