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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am not an expert either, but my daughters belly looked just like that too. She was skinny everywhere else except the belly. In fact once we got her on the gluten free diet, she went down a size in clothes even though she weighed a pound more!
  2. Thank you both! I have information printed out for both Emily's teacher, and the school nurse. Since her doctor has ordered that she uses the bathroom for 10 minutes after lunch each day, she will need to go to the school nurse to do this - they gave me a note, I figured I would get more cooperation that way. I have offered to supply playdoh for the classroom, I found a 5 1/2 lb bucket in 8 different colors for $23, I thought that was a pretty good price. Every time I email the teacher I stress that I want to make this as easy on her and Emily as I possible can. I am planning on being a room mom, and volunteering in the classroom as often as possible. We have an orientation on Wednesday, the day before school starts, so I am planning on talking to her teacher then, even if I have to wait until the very end. And I will also talk to the school nurse as well. I am also hoping to touch base with the art teacher as well, because she is another one that will need to keep her enviroment safe for Emily. Lunch, I am having her just eat with the rest of the kids since the allergy table is for the Peanut Allergy kids, and she can still eat peanut butter. I have been working with her throughout the last few weeks eating right out of her lunchbox, and not placing anything on the table. We also talk about not eating anyone elses food. I will put her snacks in a big ziplock baggy in little snack baggies, so she can reach in and get her own snack out of the bag. Am I covering all the bases? Anything else I haven't thought of?
  3. A week and a half ago I called the school and ask if I could set up an appointment OR talk to the school nurse and my daughters teacher. I got the school principal and she asked me what my concerns were, she seemed a little put out by my call. I said that my daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiacs and I wanted to talk to them about some of my concerns, such as is there playdoh used in the classroom, do they do crafts with cereal and pastas. She said, and quite abruptly, 'I don't think they even use playdoh in the Kindergarten classrooms. Then she said for me to call back when I got my daughters' teacher assignment. So I called when I got her teacher assignment and the principal answered again, I RSVP'd for the Kindergarten orientation, and then asked about setting up a meeting with the school nurse and her teacher. She said that they would not be available until the start of school. She acted as though we never had the first conversation, and like I was being a nervous Nellie! Am I over-reacting, am I right to worry about the playdoh with the cross contamination. She has had a few symptoms after playing with playdoh this summer that I am pretty sure were cross contamination - so I have thrown all the playdoh out, and put all the cookies cutters, rolliing pins, and playdoh scissors through the dishwasher. Sending your child to kindergarten is hard enough without Celiacs. I am going to have a short time at Orientation to address my concerns (not scheduled), what should I concentrate on?
  4. I just bought some today, read the ingredients, but with the natural flavoring I'm not sure that it's safe for my daughter to eat or not. Does anyone know? It's made with chicken breast and ribmeat, enhanced with up to 15% chicken broth and natural flavoring (these are all of the ingredients listed), and it's distributed in Illinois. I just don't want to give it to her if it's not safe!
  5. Another Breadmaker Question

    Thanks!! We got the less expensive Breadman, and I will making a bread mix tonight, so hopefully this will be an edible mix, and she will have bread to eat tomorrow! I really want to be able to make her a sandwich, it would make life a little easier that's for sure! I went the route of buying a bread mix this time, rather than messing with all of the ingredients again!
  6. We want to get a new breadmaker since there is no way to really get all the flour out of the current one we have. But I keep reading about the breadmaker needing a special gluten-free setting - is that for the dough making process or the baking process or both. Because I plan to use mine only to make the dough, and then I'll bake it in the oven - I just like the size of the loafs better that way. I was hoping to get away with purchasing the $49 Breadman at Targets instead of the more expensive version of the Breadman. How do I know if that will do what I need it to do? Is there something on the box?
  7. Bread Makers

    Is it necessary to have a gluten free setting if you will only use the bread machine for the dough making and not the baking, I perfer to cook my bread in the oven, it is a better shaped loaf that way.
  8. Thank you so much, I really need to find some way to print this thread, is that an option on here, I am looking but i can't find it. You have all given me some great suggestioins! And the chocolate chip cookies I made turned out delicious, they taste just like tollhouse with a different texture. I will post the recipe sometime over the next few days. What I loved about it is it only calls for sweet rice flour and rice flour, and corn starch, everything else were things I had in the house already. I didn't get as lucky on making bread from scratch,, that turned out terrible. I think I will end up purchasing a new bread machine since there really is no way to get the flour out of my current one. Thanks again for all of the good ideas. And those meals on the run ideas will help me when school starts back up and we are on the run in the Fall!! Thanks again!!
  9. I just wanted to let you know that we just did this a week ago, last week on Monday in fact. The doctor, which by the way we saw for all of 5 minutes before the procedure for the first time, came out and talked to us afterwards and said everything went well and it all looked good. He also told me to call in 4 days for the results, I think he really thought Emily didn't have Celiacs. Then the Nurse Practitioner who is who we have dealt with the whole time called Wed, which was 2 days afterwards and confirmed that Emily has Celiacs. I said to her, well at least she doesn't have any damage yet, she responded 'Yes she does have damage, it shows up in the pictures - flattening of the villis, she just doesn't have any lesion yet.' From what she said they can't see things as well with the scope as they can with the pictures that are taken. Just sit tight and wait for the results, I bet you will hear something sooner than Friday if she has it though!
  10. I don't have anything to add to what Janet said, but just wanted to say 'thanks' to Janet, you gave me some good ideas too! We've not even been doing this for a whole week yet, so I'm too new to give advice in the area, but I sure will be checking out your thread to see what others say!!!
  11. There seem to be so many experiences like this out there, I am thankful that we had good Gastro doctors that worked with us, our transition was so much easier. I hope that they are able to find out for sure this time so that he can know one way or the other. I don't know how they make those kind of mistakes, especially when you specifically ask for him to be tested for that!
  12. Any bread recipes that you have for the bread machine I'd love to hear!! I am still debating weither to attempt bread without the bread machine or not. I have a recipe for white bread that came in the gluten free cookbook they gave me at the dietician appt, but it isn't for a bread machine. I need to buy a new bread machine if I do make bread that way though.
  13. Again, thank you so much!! I have taken a lot of notes from all of you!! We had our appt with the dietician yesterday, and that was very informative and helpful. We are going to join a support group that specializes in kids with Celiac. I learned a lot yesterday, we stopped at a Oriental Grocery store and bought rice flour both reg and sweet. I have a recipe for choc chip cookies that Em and I are going to make today. I have to first wash both of our aprons because we've baked with them prior to her being diagnosed, and I don't want to cross contaminate with any flour residue that might be leftover from the last time we baked. This forum has been so helpful, I have been mostly reading and not responding to other post, but I will start to contribute as I can. Thank you all so much! For me I feel relieved to finally know why my daughter has been sick - the Celiacs affected such a big part of her life, and I am so glad to be on the road to making her well again. Growing up I had a friend with Muscular Dystrophy (sp?), when I met him he was able to walk, as we got older his muscles began to waste, and by the time we moved away when I was 9 he was not longer able to walk, he was in a wheel chair. I remember as a child realizing that as I gained more freedom, he lost his - it was so sad. He died when he was 16. So I keep that in my mind when I think about this being life long, that my Emily will live a long life, and though this will limit what she can eat, it won't be life altering for her, she will still be able to do all the things she wants to do, just with a few modifications!
  14. Are Baked Lays potato chips gluten free? And what about the Baked Scoops? We eat those a lot in our house since I am on Weight Watchers, but my daughter was just recently diagnosed with Celiacs so I wanted to be sure she could have the Baked Lays products. Thanks!!!
  15. Thank you for all your replies. I guess since my daughter was having the issues, I was more focused on dealing with her symptoms. But my son is so much like my BIL that has Celiacs when he was younger he was skinny just like Tyler, we'd joke that he could eat everything and not gain an ounce, Tyler is the same way. He's 11 1/2 and weighs 70, all of his friends weigh more than him. I am going to ask about getting him tested, at least the blood test, to see what it shows. I know, at 11, he won't be happy about it, he really likes his food!!! But, I want us all to be healthy. We are pretty sure it is my husband that is the carrier since there isn't any Celiacs on my side of the family. Again, thank you for your replies, it just confirms what I already knew in my head, he should be tested!