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  1. All of you have been so helpful. Thanks! I am actually improving by eating only meats, milk, fresh or frozen veletables and fruits. Nothing processed. I'm not totally OK, but much better. I've even had a few days without any stomach pain. I've suffered with Arythroderma (an autoimmune disease that attacks the skin) for 14 years and digestive issues all my life. I only recently discovered the connection between celiac and skin, so am definitely going to be tested. I also found that celiac can bring on other autoimmune diseases, which links it even more. I've found it is up to me to find the underlying cause of the skin disease. The doctors say they almost never find the cause and they only treat symptoms. Arythroderma is debillitating and can be life-threatening. So I continue to research. This is the most promising connection I have found. Strange to say, but I'd be relieved to find celiac is my problem. It seems a small sacrifice to go gluten-free if it will cure my skin and digestive problems. I'm finding out it is a BIG job to sift through all the material and then to live gluten-free. I'm willing to learn and do whatever it takes. I just want to be healthy.
  2. Thanks, Andrew. I know what you mean about the noises. I have that too. Tonight I'm hurting again. I had a hamburger at McDonalds, but threw away the bread. I don't know what could be the trouble. I guess I can't expect instant results when I've had stomach problems all my life and just now am trying the gluten-free diet.
  3. Within 3 days on the gluten-free diet, my pain had lessened. Can it really help that quickly? Then I accidentally ate something I didn't realize had gluten in it, and within hours was in pain again. Does it really happen that quckly or is it just a fluke?