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  1. Well, I'm back... Not sure if anyone here remembers me. I had opened a thread with my symptoms and also posted in this one. CarlaB had replied to my thread and linked me to this one, bringing Lyme to my attention. Well, my tests didn't give me a positive diagnosis for Celiac. However, ever since I started looking at Lyme, I was convinced once again that I knew what I had for so many years. It's tough to be confident once again when you have seen so many doctors and every time end up back where you started. But this time it made sense. When telling my parents about the possibility, they didn't seem convinced. It was just like the next "I have it" thing to them, I think. For a long time, my parents and doctors all just thought it was depression / anxiety / stress - that it was all mental causing the physical. Well, fast forward to a month ago. I traveled out of state for a visit with a LLMD and had the tests done. He said that he would be very surprised if it wasn't a tick-borne illness and went ahead and prescribed antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. Two weeks later, I got the test results in the mail. Both IGeneX tests came back positive. I started on doxy, but felt like it wasn't too effective, so i've moved on to ceftin. I don't know how long this is going to take. I must have had this nearly 10 years.
  2. souzahanson: The similar symptoms to mine that you are experiencing - Are they continuing symptoms that never went away with a gluten-free diet, or did they creep up later on? What is the procedure to be tested through IgeneX labs? I have been gluten free again since the 4th of july, eating mostly organic raw produce and fish. Tired of feeling so tired/weak, and all of the confusion/concentration/cloudy vision problems. I am unable to put on any weight. Amyleigh: I was tested years ago for food/environmental allergies, and although I showed reactions for candida, dust and mold, dog and cat hair, I can't recall any specific food allergies really standing out. I've noticed throughout the years that the foods that make me feel worse are generally breads and carb-filled foods. gfpaperdoll: When I recently went to a gastroenterologist with the purpose of being tested for Celiac, my doctor told me I had high iron (which she believes is inconsistent with Celiac, since it causes anemia). However, I proceeded to have her test for Celiac and had an upper endoscopy, but nothing showed. She tested for Hemochromatosis with the gene test, I believe, but she said it was negative. I am male, and my relatives are from France/Germany/Ireland. I quit going to my doctor because I felt she was beginning to treat me like a cash pool, spending little time during visits and ordering every test under the sun, which I cannot afford to do anymore. Once she got a test back that showed negative, she ruled it out.
  3. CarlaB - Thank you much for your post over on my symptoms thread. I am looking at Lyme as a possible culprit now. I made another post over here http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?s...mp;#entry443273 Thank you very much for giving me a lead, and taking the energy to post. I have been just trudging on for so long, feeling almost like I just need to "be stronger" and deal with my problems. Its good to find people that care here.
  4. Oh my - reading about Lyme's Disease, and had another connection. "Other discrete symptoms include loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of the face..". I have noticed the right side of my face seeming more undeveloped, and have been doing facial exercises in order to strengthen it, but I attributed this to a slight habit of smirking to one side when I was younger. Could it be Lyme?
  5. Wow, I was surprised to see so much activity on this thread - I have been really busy and haven't had a chance to check back. Legmaker: I haven't yet had a colonoscopy to rule out IBS/IBD, or ulcerative colitis. My doctor had ordered a colonoscopy during my last visit, along with a string of other tests, but I didn't pursue them. She didn't communicate well after my endoscopy and testing for celiac, and I began to feel like she was most interested in capitalizing off of me. Does it seem like a strong possibility that I could have one of those? One of my cousins was diagnosed with Crohn's. CarlaB: Thank you for your reference and pointing me in that direction, and for your energy in posting. When I saw what that thread was about, something kind of hit me - I hadn't really considered that Lyme disease could have caused all of this, but I lived in a heavily tick-invested wooded area in Missouri for over a year when I was about 9 or 10. I can recall stepping in nests and having them cover my socks and shoes, and also having to remove several across that span of time, included one from my scalp (discovering one there scared me to death! Frightens me to think of it..) Could it really be Lyme Disease? I certainly identify with the symptoms - I circled 42. Some of the symptoms seem to be in the past, or maybe I have just learned to deal with them, such as the fatigue. A symptom that I may left out of my original post - swollen lymph nodes, most noticeable in my groin joints, underneath my left armpit, and I can also feel them down my inner thighs. I feel constantly like I need to stretch, and my muscles twitch.
  6. Wow, thank you both for your prompt replies and helpfulness! leadmeastray - Thanks for the encouragement. How did your friend end up knowing they had Celiac? Did they eventually get a positive diagnosis? It appears that I just may have not given the gluten free diet for long enough. I think that I should eliminate dairy and soy completely as well, because I have tended to feel bad and sick to my stomach after eating cheeses, ice cream, etc. I can empathize with you as well - being a student, and now that I am finished bar one summer course, starting my career, is quite a challenge while struggling with health. The difficulty that I face in concentrating on the things that I need or want to these days has become quite frustrating and discouraging. My thoughts feel disconnected. RiceGuy - Thank you for your advice and supplement recommendations. I was taking some Pau D'arco caplets last year and found that they did help clear up my skin and scalp some, but I read about the dangers of taking them long-term. In order to rid possible candida, do you recommend completely cutting out sugar along with the Candida Clear? What about fruits? What are everyone's thoughts on raw food or vegan diets? Thanks again!
  7. I would like to first say that i really appreciate any help that is offered. I have been on quite a roller coaster the last several years, experiencing different symptoms and seeing numerous doctors, who can't seem to pinpoint a diagnosis and only try to treat the symptoms: chronic fatigue dizziness brain fog poor concentration poor memory poor vision stomach pain/pressure lower abdomen, sharp pain diarrhea/constipation alternating joint pain flaky scalp/face - flakes and peeling athlete's foot toenail fungus / dark spots underneath as if lack of oxygen needing lots of sleep (can easily sleep 14 hrs) splitting eyelids (as if they had paper cuts) splitting earlobes (underneath where skin connects) These are most of the symptoms that come to mind right now. I do not know if they are all related. I have seen different doctors. Several years ago, while I was in high school, I saw a holistic doctor who tested me for many different allergies and concluded that I had candida overgrowth, and hypothyroid. I tried getting off of suger and took armour thyroid, with mixed results. I don't know if it was the source of the problem. When recently learning of Celiac Disease, I thought that I had finally found the cause and solution. I felt optimistic again, and found a Gastroenterologist. I told her about my symptoms, and said I would like to be tested for Celiac. She conducted the blood tests that same visit, and ordered an upper endoscopy, saying there's no reason to wait for blood results - I was showing symptoms, so she wanted to cut to the chase. Both tests returned "normal", other than the blood tests showing high iron. Was hemochromatosis a possibility? I returned for a second blood test, which she told me returned completely "normal" this time. However, I recall a blood test when I was younger, with the nurse commenting on how much iron I had. At the time, I thought that could only mean good. Since the gastroenterologist was uninterested in any further testing for Celiac, I decided to do a gluten-free test myself to see if I improved. I went off of gluten for 4 weeks, and while it's possible that my concentration may have improved with less brain fog, I may have chosen a bad time to do the test, since I was in my last stretch of my last (intense) semester in college, with lots of stresses and little sleep. I recently tried eating gluten as a test, expecting to have some kind of drastic reactions in stomach pains and diarrhea if gluten was in fact the culprit, but I didn't have any immediate reaction. I have since not been gluten-free. My question is: Is it still possible that I could be Celiac or gluten intolerant? If not, do you have any other ideas about possible diagnosis? I'm feeling a little hopeless about finding the cause. I'm trying to eat organic fresh produce and eliminate fluoride from my drinking water (have read about the many ways that it is harmful - more toxic than lead!)