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  1. Thats a good question. at $5 to $6 a loaf of brick like bread and $8 a box for average cornflakes...It adds up..I'd pay a lot if I could afford it. I'd start at $10 to $15 Canadian per week... About $500 to $800 per year...I 'd find that difficult to afford but I'd go for it!!! ...RDV
  2. Also check the ingredients of the medicines...they sometimes contain starches etc as fillers or binders ...good luck!
  3. Hi Missyflanders, The Canadian Blood Services in Charlottetown told me that I have to be symptom free for one year before I can go back to giving plasma. In my case I was giving once a week and had to stop when I started showing symptoms of anemia. Thats how I found out I had celiac disease.
  4. Sounds Like your in the same boat as I am with respect to SILENT celiac disease. The biopsies and presence of the antibodies in your blood are almost conclusive. While damage to your absorptive surfaces can happen for many reasons, when you have the gluten intolerant antibodies in conjunction with the damage, you have it. At least thats what the doctor told me. It just doesn't feel like you're sick at all and yet you're told you are. The final straw with my Doctor came when he said simply try the diet and if you improove, that is the final proof. I did and I got better.....so I have it. This forum has said a lot of what I've heard and am maybe starting to believe. Damage is being done. The dietician at the hospital said a lot of little mistakes are worse on the system than a few big ones. You keep hitting your gut over and over. The trouble I have is that my blood is back to normal indicating that I'm re-absorbing the nutrients I need...and yet I've eaten a LOT of things unknowingly that were confirmed as cross contaminated by another celiac...and I have still recovered...I have some suspicians that celiac disease doesn't necessarily cause damage to SOME celiacs unless you get too much. There is a some talk in Europe about this...but you don't hear it in North America. Here it is PLAY SAFE. ...RDV
  5. Thanks for your replies...RDV I'm still wondering if there are varying degrees of damage done to a persons system depending on how severe the gluten intolerance a person has. My blood tests show that I've recovered from the anemia my celiac disease caused. But I know I've eaten foods that look from their labels to be gluten-free only to find out that my friend who has severe reactions has found from experience and from the manufacturers that they are likely cross contaminated. Could it be that my system simply is tolerant to trace quantities while intolerant to larger amounts?
  6. I have celiac disease (diagnosed in March) but no observable symptoms except via blood tests. I can eat anything with no discomfort whatsoever. Since going gluten-free, my blood counts are back to normal after being anemic. While I'm going gluten-free, I've not been too worried about cross contamination since my health has been normalized. I have a friend with celiac disease who suffers a lot even from traces of gluten. Can anyone tell me if I need to worry about cross contamination when my health is good. It seems that my body can simply tolerate more gluten (via possible cross contamination) than my friend's. Am I unknowingly damaging my system even though there are no signs to indicate any problems?