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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday! May God bless you today!

  2. The endoscopy went well. The worst part for Taylor was having the IV put in. The worst part for me was watching her "go under" from the anesthesia. The GI said he didn't see anything to the naked eye but said that what we are looking for is microscopic so we have to wait for the results. We get the results on Thursday of this week in the evening at our follow-up appt. The only thing out of the ordinary, that I don't think is related to Celiac, is that she had something in her esophogus, he even gave me pictures of the something. He says it's either an infection like a yeast or thrush, or it's food particles. But since she had nothing to eat since the night before at dinner, he couldn't understand why it would be food particles. So, well have to wait and see on that too. So yet again, we wait..... Megan
  3. Bridget, Taylor is 2 years old, just had her birthday last month. I wish the procedure was earlier in the morning but to be honest, I don't think Taylor will be too affected by it. She really doesn't enjoy eating anymore, so as long as she can have clear liquids she'll be fine. As far as the enema, I'm not exactly sure why I have to give her one, guess I should have asked the nurse. The only thing that I can think of is that in addition to the endoscopy they will also be doing a colonoscopy, so maybe that's why. The nurse even told me to buy her an adult size Fleet enema, and give her the whole 4 oz. But I don't have the heart to do that, so I bought the child size and will only give her the 2.5 that's in it. I'm glad to hear that it isn't so bad on the kids, I hope Taylor's response is as good as your son's was. Thanks, Megan
  4. "Her bloodwork came back inconclusive (low IGA/normal TTG), though it was done too soon to be accurate, but with the low IGA I am told it the TTG results can't be trusted. She has one of the two genes, though I didn't find out which." Can someone explain to me why results with a low IGA and a normal TTG can't be trusted? My 2 yo daughter had the same results and I wasn't told anything other than the results were normal. But her GI still thinks she has Celiac and is doing an endoscopy tomorrow. I'm curious to know if sometimes in young children the results come back this way, when in reality they do have Celiac. Any thoughts? Megan
  5. In my previous post I mentioned that Taylor's blood work came back negative for Celiac. We saw her GI last week and he still says that there is a fair chance that she does have celiac, but the blood tests were negative because she may still be evolving into the disease. So, I got a call yesterday and they want to do the endoscopy tomorrow! I had no idea that they would get us in so quickly! Now I'm a nervous wreck ! The procedure is at 11:00am tomorrow and then we will get the results on Thursday the 7th. Please tell me that she won't be traumatized by this I know it needs to be done but I feel so sorry that she has to go through everything tomorrow. I have to give her an enema in the morning and that alone is going to bring me to tears to see her so uncomfortable I'll update with any news.... Megan
  6. she does not have Celiac Disease. I am relieved but also very confused right now. I just can't understand, if it's not Celiacs, then what? I just can't accept that her symptoms are of a normal, healthy toddler. The nurse suggested that her distended abdomen may be caused by swallowing excess air, huh, that doesn't make sense to me. And I still don't have an explanation for all her other symptoms. So, we are at square one again. Thank you for all of the support! Megan
  7. Kirsten, I know that we talked earlier today about all of this but I just wanted to respond for everyone else. Taylor (going through testing for Celiac) will often refuse to eat, but she will beg me without end for something to drink. There are times that she goes for days without eating anything but a banana here, some strawberries there, maybe some grapes but absolutely will not touch anything else. And I can't say that I blame her because today she only had a banana and some strawberries and was having a good day, then I convinced her to eat some macaroni. Within an hour of eating it her abdomen swelled up 3.5 inches larger than it was before eating Megan
  8. Rebecca, I think Taylor may just be at the beginning of not growing anymore. She has only gained 2 pounds in a years time and only 3 inches taller than what she was at her 1 year appt. So I think, like your son, she may continue to fall on the charts and possibly even lose weight, only time will tell. Megan
  9. Good, I'm glad that he ordered the right tests! Taylor is not at all Gluten Free right now. We did have her off of dairy because that was her regular ped's first thought, that she was allergic to dairy, but we gave that a month with no changes so were giving her dairy again. Thanks, Megan
  10. My dd, just turned two, rarely sleeps through the night. She just saw a ped. GI today and he is testing her for Celiac. A normal night for her consists of falling asleep on her own, but then she wakes up at least 2 times usually more. She does a lot of whining and moaning in her sleep also. There have been many times that she wakes up and seems very uncomfortable. She will act like she wants to be held but then scream to get down, so you put her down and she screams to be held, it usually takes 30min to an hour to get her to settle down enough to go back to sleep. So, in my opinion, yes there is some kind of connection between sleep issues and Celiac. Megan
  11. Hi, were back from Taylor's GI appt. The doctor was excellent and really took the time to listen and talk with me about Taylor's symptoms! He said that he has a "strong suspicion" that she has Celiac. He ordered some more blood work and is scheduling an endoscopy. Here is a list of what the script for the bloodwork says, can anyone tell me if he's covered all of the necessary tests?....... CBC, CMP, Serum IgA level and Tissue Transglutaminase (TTG)AG. Can you all answer another question for me......Taylor always has a distended abdomen but sometimes it is worse than others. For instance in the morning it's the least distended but by evening it can be terrible. Is this normal in Celiac's? Or would it always look the same? Thanks Again, Megan
  12. Hi! Thanks again for all of the replies and encouragement. Thanks in part to all of your help my daughter got a referral today to see a Pediatric GI!!! Her appointment is scheduled for September 2nd. I will keep you all updated. Thanks Again, Megan
  13. I have a question that may not be linked to Celiac Disease at all. I believe that my 2yo has Celiac but I am still working with the ped to get her tested (you can read my other post to hear the story). Anyway, I'm curious if any of your children developed a mysterious rash before becoming gluten free. My dd has gotten a rash 3 times now (in just over a weeks time) that starts right around her belly button and goes all the way up to almost reaching her neck. The first time I noticed it, it was more just like little red bumps. These last two times it's looking more reddened still little bumps but has more of the "rash" look. It is not raised or inflamed and does not appear to itch very bad. Any ideas? Thanks for the help. Megan
  14. Some Advice

    I am far from an expert but I thought I'd give a suggestion anyway. Is he lactose intolerant as well? Is it possible, since at 8 1/2 months I'm sure he's trying new foods, that he has recently had a new dairy product and he's not handling it well? I'm not sure of your story before going gluten-free, so I may be way off. If so sorry in advance. You are right to be concerned though, especially with the looser stools and the hard abdomen. Those two things, in my opinion, signal that it's not a phase or teething but rather something that's being ingested. Megan
  15. MaryAnn, First of all you are so fortunate to have a Ped. that is educated about Celiac. I'm still not sure if my daughter has Celiac or not but I would love to have a Ped that would even consider it! As for your son's symptoms, he very well could have Celiac. I have done endless research and have found that Celiac presents itself with an array of symptoms. Some people are even asymptomatic. Your son's loose stools and slow weight gain could both be symptoms of Celiac, but like you said both you and your husband were small so it may just be how he is. Either way it's wonderful that your having the testing done! Your son is very lucky that if he has Celiac that he will be diagnosed early and can get started on the gluten-free diet. As for what to look for with the blood tests, I'm not too sure. I'm sure the others on this board will give you wonderful advice on that. Good luck to you and your son! Megan