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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Do You Use?

    One thing to remember (comes from years of IBS) is when you increase fiber, you MUST increase water, so if you take a fiber supplement and it constipates you, you need more water!
  2. I am by *no*means very experienced, but I am planning on using Citrucel, it's methycellulose, which is a man made fiber. That might help. Anytime you change how much fiber you are getting things change. Funny, I have gone from constipation to more diarhea. I have been having a hard time being totally gluten free though. (i just cheat when I am tired). Good luck and let us know if you find something that works!
  3. Wow, you sound exactly like me, same symptoms, age and everything. I even found out the same way! I have not had the test for Celiac, and have only been attempting to live wheat free for a short time (very unsuccesfully I might add, lol). I have had the flushing before an episode before too. I could have written your post! I've had the hypoglycemic episodes too, just not the lactose... Right now, I am just assuming I am gluten intolerant and not celiac, I will see if my doctor recommends having hte test. My sister has seen improvement off wheat also, so that makes me wonder tho.....
  4. Unidentified Food Problem?

    I figured out that yesterday's stomach ache was due to aspirin in Excedrine Migraine. But, my stomach hurt today after eating a grilled chicken salad. I'm guess it was something in the ranch dressing or maybe cheese? i need to add, that at this point I think I am only gluten intolerant, not celiac, but I guess you never know for sure unless you have the test....
  5. Ok, something is still upsetting my stomach, I have had such a time getting my stomach straight. I'm still learning what I can and can't eat, but I can't identify what i could have eaten today that is bothering me. So here's what I ate and maybe someone will see something I shouldn't have eaten..... (i'm not sure I am more than just GI, I don't have the full celiac disease symptoms, but have had the IBS sym. for years) ok Breakfast was: 1 fried egg, bacon, gluten-free toast (Energ tapicoa bread), no sugar strawberry jelly, 1 hashbrown, low sugar fruit punch, felt fine (other than grouchy from hormones!) lunch: baked ham, canned black eye peas, fresh tomato, onion, diet dr. pepper, got the stomach ache after this.... then I ate to pamela's cc cookies (yes, with an already upset stomach). AND my left side is hurting.
  6. So the fact that you are just gluten intolerant will show up on the test? Does that mean you are not Celiac if you have no intestinal damage??????
  7. Greetings, I just wanted to introduce myself. I discovered after going on the atkins diet for weight loss, that I am gluten intolerant. I have had IBS since I was a teenager and noticed how much better I felt without bread and my symptoms were much better. So now I am off the atkins diet and *trying* to learn to eat gluten free. I don't think I am CS, but I haven't tested either. I don't really have alot of the symptoms, although my sister, who as also recently gone gluten-free does have, although she has had Lyme's before and thinks they are related to that (I am trying to convince her to have the test, esp. since she has had intestinal & weight loss improvement from gluten-free, but her muscle/sleep problems continue. Anyway, I am having such a hard time sticking to gluten-free. I finally broke down and purchased some gluten free products. However, I tend to be sensitive to carbs so I really want to limit them. I also have another 10-20 lbs left to lose. Does anyone else have trouble sticking to the diet? I *always* regret when I cheat and wonder what I could have been thinking, lol. Also, I am still learning what I can and can't eat. I was eating oatmeal for hte fiber and realized that's why my stomach was bothering me so. Does anyone know if methycelluose is ok?( main ingredient in citrucel) It's a main made chemical for fiber. My son also has IBS, but I think it is really encropesis, so I am not sure if I should put him on the diet or not.