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  1. When The doctor told me that I was anemic, I switched from being vegetarian to eating ridicules amounts of red meat and taking iron pills. This didn't help my iron deficiency and it was so bad that the doctor insisted that I was not being honest about eating the red meat. Finally the doctor tested me for celiac disease, and the positive result indicated that the problem was that my damaged intestine would not allow any of the iron to be absorbed into my system. This could be what is happening with you. I switched to a liquid iron and vitamin formula and it worked better for me that the pills. IMPORTANT - Make sure that you get the gluten-free kind. It helped but it was still not enough and, finally the doctor gave me an iron transfusion and I felt great. My recovery took over a year, but you are about half my age so you should heal a lot faster. I know that it is hard, but just be patient with yourself and give yourself time to heal. Take the liquid iron formula and if that doesn't work, ask for the iron transfusion.