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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just got an e-mail that this new book comes out Dec. 8th. I have two of her, Anne Byrn's, other books and have adapted them to gluten-free. The items on her view page look delicious! anne@cakemixdoctor.com
  2. I just got an e-mail that this new book comes out Dec. 8th. I have two of her, Anne Byrn's, other books and have adapted them to gluten-free. The items on her view page look delicious! anne@cakemixdoctor.com
  3. http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=13930&zid=js37&nid=10&cid=15558390%7e15583135%7e15558112%7e15558135%7e15558127%7e15543132&varb=cd2222&bid=alk09061509382318ff8e712519 I can't do links but, this is a coupon from coupons.com, page 17 or 18, for .75cents off any gluten-free mix.
  4. Chopped!

    It was a repeat, made me made all over again!
  5. Thanks the detox tea sounds good. I too use the olive oil treatment!
  6. Thanks for the hints, especially the chinese medicine! It is just bothering me that I wake-up nervous each day and then when I start my day I'm fine. I have a feeling that it is the chiropratic sublaxations I am having 3 x's a week. You feel worse while they adjust your nervous system back to normal. My back X-rays were horrible, from years of medical abuse, and we think there was chemo left in my head from 30 yrs. ago. I actually felt it draining through my itchy ears and got naucious, etc. This is going to be followed with a visit to the acupuncturist if things to seem to get better.
  7. I am sleeping the full 8 hrs. a night without waking up but, the last dream of the night I have is always weird. The dreams are not the same, but always seem to take a weird turn, forcing me to wake-up. I'm with people I didn't really like, and haven't seen in years, places I don't know, etc. Anyone know why this would suddenly be happening? It's so fustrating to wake-up with an uncomfortable feeling, and then constantly have to remind yourself your only upset about the dream, not anything real in your life.
  8. Store-Bought Bread?

    I agree with Janet. Use the pizza pan with the holes in it. I also read a book on regular pizza making, that encouraged the use of a nice hot oven for a crispier crust. I heat the oven to 475 and leave the crust in the freezer until the oven heats up.(from the same book) I'm not sure about the freezer trick but, I don't mess with perfection!
  9. Harpers

    Awesome!! I'll have to try again-they have really improved their offerings!
  10. Subject: Gluten-Free Pretzels Comments: Hi- I am so looking forward to trying these and have looked in every shop I can think of but, I have yet to find any. I am in the Charlotte, NC area and the Snyder's web site pull-down menu for locations does not have the option of gluten-free pretzels. Can you please help me- Thanks- Sarah The response: I am sorry but at the current time they are exclusive to the Whole Foods Stores. They are not available to order online at the present time. They will be out in the other stores sometime late Sept. or beginning of October. Thanks for your interest in Snyder's of Hanover.
  11. Harpers

    Go to PF Changs. If I recall correctly, there are just a few items and of course most of them are salads. I think there was fish and a burger without bun.
  12. Taco Bell

    My take- Had them twice; chicken-okay, steak-the best, carnitas (pork)-yuck! I wish the chicken were better but, that's a health-thing, tryng not to eat much red meat. The added fresh lime is a nice acid touch. I am pretty sensitive to CC and had no problem. It was nice not to just have a bean tostada and rice as my dinner.
  13. I didn't think we did either but then I moved to NC and no one could understand my fast speaking nasil voice!
  14. Harpers

    I'm in Matthews and I have been to Harpers, it is over by the side entrance of Dillard's. I went last summer and have not returned. The gluten-free menu was very limited and I wasn't impressed. However, you will not get glutened there. The mall area also has: Olive Garden-gluten-free menu Longhorn Steakhouse-lots of gluten-free options Bucca-wonderful Caprese salad Taco Bell-allergy menu
  15. Totally jealous! I have not found them in NC yet.