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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Foods Cause Bloating

    Hi how did you find out you have a rice intolerance? My gosh almost everything I eat daily has rice flour in it....hmmm how would I go about an elimination diet? Could you imagine if it was rice flour....that would be awesome ...I fear meal times as I hate ruining my day with bloat and pain and fatigue cause my body is so busy digesting the foods....
  2. Gluten Free Foods Cause Bloating

    Thank you both.....Calgary You might be on to something about the sugar..I don't eat sugar substitutes or diet foods but do crave a lot of sugar.....Marilyn also correct what made me aware of all this was a week away on vacation where I was not exposed to any gluten-free processed foods or junk foods just homemade stuff and the bloating and fatigue went away..however while away did notice potato, and beef seemed to bother me....hmmm do we seem to do better grain and starch free ? Is that discussed here any where?
  3. Why do gluten-free processed foods cause so much bloating? Breads, rice pasta, baked goods etc....I thought a gluten-free diet/ foods where supposed to make us feel better? What's going on...I feel more bloated and sick than before going gluten-free.....
  4. Well it is sort of good news...at least now you can get to the bottom final stages and heal the rest of the garbage in your stomach and then hopefully feel even better.....I am cheering for you.....
  5. My GP wants to test my kiddies and I for h pylori sincere are not feeling any better....he suggested stool over blood any opinions?
  6. Celiac Panel But gluten-free

    Cause with all the other symptoms on top of the DH he feels it is for sure celiac..but I pushed for it so he is oking it....should we not bother?
  7. My GP Wants to run a celiac panel on my son as he has been popping up with what GP thinks is DH we have thought we where gluten-free for a good 6 months now even though DH keeps appearing.....will our test show a false negative? I asked GP and he thought no as he has had active dh recently ,but I have read here that if you have been gluten-free the teat will be inaccurate.....I am now so confussed.....
  8. Carry Gene But Not Celiac?

    Ok another question then can h pylori cause the same symptoms...
  9. I am a little confussed can you have the gene for celiac but not test positive for it? And if you have the gene does that mean you should stay away from gluten as you will get it in the future?
  10. Happy 4th Everyone

    I just wanted to send out best wishes to all today. I figure a lot of us may be off at BBQ and wanted to wish everyone good luck!! Keep safe and happy gluten-free eating ......hopefully where ever you are they will be kind and understanding..... HAPPY 4th EVERYONE....
  11. Bloating And Probiotics

    Yolo, that would be great, . Is it common for celiac's to have bacteria issues? If yes, Do you know why?
  12. Bloating And Probiotics

    Hi I posted a few days ago that sugar was making me bloat really bad.I since discovered that if I take probiotics when I bloat I feel better....could that mean it is a candida issue??
  13. Its The Sugar!

    Thanks everyone I love hearing your personal experiences...it reminds me I am not alone in this.....big hugs
  14. Bbq

    We where invited to the most wonderful home for a BBQ yesterday....we are fairly new to our area and my children have become friends with many wonderful kids who have wonderful parents....when we got to the BBQ the whole meal was gluten-free.....can you believe that...everyone all 20 other people and their kids that came ate a whole gluten-free BBQ from appetizers right down to desert.....I was so overwhelmed that some one would do that for myself and my kids all 3 of us are celiac.....we where so relaxed enjoyed the day and did not have to worry about one thing....it was so awesome I just had to share.....my own extended family would not do that for us...oh and the best part the others there people I had never meet before all joyfully ate the food, asked a few questions and then just got to know me as a person not the celiac ...it was the best experience socially I have ever had....I just wanted to share. A nice gluten-free experience as so many times we struggle....
  15. Its The Sugar!

    OMG....it is the sugar that is bloating me.....So I posted a few days back about really bad bloating, pain, gas, etc and so i started pulling stuff out of my diet as many of you suggested and the bloating disapearred....finally i felt great, energized and not pregnant...so over the days I would add somehting I thought it might be back in and today I did sugar and ugh I feel awful, sick to my stomach, bloated, yuck!!! after all these yrs of eatting it fine whod a thought?? someone here FODMAP or something like that does anyone know about it? I tried to google it but came up pretty empty except for a site about sue shepard but you had to make an apt with her to get more details....anyway any thoughts as I do notice gluten-free breads are causing bloating too, so it must have to do with the sugar break down....