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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The protein in dairy is casein which is reportedly very similiar to gluten in composition. Lactose intolerance generally has bowel symptoms and casein sensitivities are generally neuro and/or ear infections.
  2. 90 Percent of sensitive people are bothered by the same eight things: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, seafood and if you still haven't pinned it down coconut/palm is the next most common Food colourings and additives like MSG or aspartame are also responsible for a lot of reactions, but those are usually behavoural.
  3. Could it be milk? My grandson had a seizure from gluten and has autistic symptoms from milk. Soy and corn both cause almost immediate meltdowns.
  4. I am SOOO sorry. It was on this website that I originally heard about MCCann's and now I see both this site and MCCann's themselves have indicated they are cross contaminated.
  5. MacCann's Irish oats are grown nowhere near wheat and are one of the expensive brands they're talking about. I just bought 50 pounds of oats from Honeyville Grains that are reportedly safe but I haven't opened and tried them to give you my own opinion. I did find that we weren't digesting any of our whole grains; I grind brown rice, teff, gluten free oats myself, until I started soaking the flour with the water from the recipe (minus 1/2 cup if I have to bloom yeast) with
  6. Celiac is only one manifestation of a gluten (the protein in wheat the cause all of the problems). There are over 200 other symptoms. After several negative test results we've removed gluten anyway and all feel great. When testing catches up and if there's some kind of benefit to having a diagnosis we may revisit but not if it mean eating gluten again.
  7. Has he been tested for fructose malabsorbtion? It's an easy breath test. One of the main symptoms is usually cramps but it maybe not always? It's getting to be more common all of the time and the love of fruit and D are two of the main symptoms.
  8. It's not at all uncommon for the reactions to worsen after gluten is removed.
  9. If the rash is on his chin and/or either side of his nose and comes and goes within a couple of days I'd say from your list it's either the strawberries and/or the tomato in the BBQ sauce. Both of those things cause a similiar rash on my grandson's face in addition to citrus of all sorts and all other berries. Gluten doesn't cause a rash for him, just seizures, and milk doesn't cause a rash, just meltdowns and bouncing on the spot.
  10. If you soak a 1/2 cup of nuts and 1/4 cup of flax overnight in yogurt or milk with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar then blend that with a tablespoon of chia, a banana and a handful of berries with enough milk (use almond or rice milk if you're avoiding dairy) you'll have a naturally more nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothie. We through in a multistrain probiotic too. We make popsicsles out of the leftovers and they are a nice treat too.
  11. The samples they take for a biopsy are very small so sometimes they don't grab from a heavily damaged area. She's gluten intolerant even if she's not celiac judging by the constipation and slow growth. Removing gluten will probably fix all of her issues but lots of us have had to remove dairy, corn and soy as well.
  12. His body told you it doesn't do well with gluten. Your challenge was just as definate a diagnosis as a blood test would have been.
  13. In our experience, allergy testing was less than useless. A naturalpath told my daughter to put my grandson back on gluten because the IG came back normal even though we knew it caused a grand mal seizure. We eliminated suspect foods, one at a time and reintroduced four days later watching for reactions. We are now gluten, dairy, corn, soy, millet, nightshade, coconut, palm and most berry free and we're pretty sure that has it. He does much better with all grains and whole grain flours, as a matter of fact the whole family does, when they are soaked overnight in water with a little apple cider vinegar before we use them.
  14. My grandson has behavour reactions to all corn although he reacts the most strongly to popcorn and the least to cornstarch as an ingredient in manufactured products.
  15. She would benefit from a good multistrain probiotic. Smoothies are great when kids aren't eating. We make chocolate ones with coconut milk, cocoa, brown sugar and an avocado or berry smoothies with a big handfull of spinach and ground flax. We freeze the leftovers in popsicle molds.