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  1. Hi Sheryl, I have no answer for you. It's just that I've experianced similar phenomenons since I became gluten-free. My bloating has increased and some constipation. You're not alone. Let me know if you find out what causes it. Tal
  2. Adam, This is my first post here. I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago. I was repressing it and didnt read much about it. Like you I wonder how serious this diet should be. So far being on the diet for more than a month I don't see improvement. It seems that I am actually doing worse, but I found out that I wasn't keeping it strictly. What I wanted to tell you is that I didn't have any symptoms untill I was 23. Since then I had mostly bloating. The thing is that with the years it is getting worse. So my advise to you is to adhere to the diet although it is hard and frustrating and you don't feel you have problems. I used to eat a lot of wheat products and I was ok, until one night all of the sudden I couldn't sleep at night because of bloating. hopefully you will never experiance those symptoms. Tal