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  1. Apparently... Walmart started off admirably and then chickened out. What's the point of labeling "naturally gluten free" anyway??? That's really a waste of effort. I appreciate the companies that have the confidence in their own practices and are brave enough to back it up with labeling. Do you hear me Pilgrim's Pride and Walmart?
  2. Are there any others out there who were undiagnosed and "glutened" for many years with thoughts on this?
  3. It looks like they have removed ALL GLUTEN FREE info from their website. Makes me wonder why???? Contaminated?
  4. I read your reply in my other topic and noted how you were also a long term victim prior to diagnosis and going gluten-free. I thought you had a really positive attitude. There's so much out there about the increased risk. The perfect analogy is the 25 year cigarette smoker who finally got the strength to quit and five years later, he gets lung cancer anyways due to the past abuse. I can't deny that I worried about being that guy with respect to Celiac damage over approx 45+ years. There were so many medical mysteries as a small boy that apparently have become solved a couple years ago. Do you have any good references on the diminished cancer risk for those who were undiagnosed for as many years as us before going gluten-free? How have your recent EGD's looked? About 1.5 years after going gluten-free, my villi was showing mild to moderate atrophy. That was a principle factor in my worrying RE cancer.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Raven; you're kind of like me in that you got diagnosed late. Was your bloodwork messed up over the years in other areas such as liver, kidneys, other? The wacked out thing with me was that my blood was always normal until the day we did the tTG-IgA. I also wanted to clarify that my above noted bloodwork was AFTER several months of BRM-gluten-free Oats. Therefore, I'm wondering if it's possible to still be doing damage if the tTG-IGA and other Celiac profile bloodwork all comes back normal. Obviously, I'm not a false negative guy because I've had some very high positives when the celiac disease was found and shortly thereafter.
  6. I was diagnosed in 2008. I found it by persisting with my doctor on a very mild abnormal liver blood test result. The result actually went back to normal just before my diagnosis. Previously, my blood was always normal. When I had my first tTg-IGA in 2008, the results were off the charts - as in insanely high. It took close to a year to get back to "negative." Will it be a mysery or can I get some sense as to how long I have been triggered? Could it have been since childhood? That thought scares the crap out of me due to the cancer concerns. Thoughts?
  7. I've been gluten-free for 2.5 years, at least to the best of my knowledge. Diagnosed via EGD and blood in 2008. I don't get symptoms and wouldn't know if I was glutened. I began using Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Oats several months ago; about a half cup per day, five days per week. I began worrying if I could be getting a "reaction" or damaging myself. I got a Celiac panel along with a tTG-IGA and a complete blood profile. Everything came back normal/negative. Am I doing a good job or could I be still hurting myself? I have lost some weight; about 7 to 10 lbs recently without trying. I reduced some sugars at nighht, but that can't account for all the weight loss.
  8. I spoke to Progresso directly about their clam chowder. They have two flavors: Rich & Hearty (gluten-free) and Traditional, which I assume is the one you are warning us about. The labels give no warnings in accordance to their response above in this topic. Also, if you're concerned about the pollock, the fish is in it's natural state, not processed. Please tell us how you know this to be contaminated with Gluten.
  9. The "antibody levels" is exactly the issue for which I am seeking feedback.
  10. I was diagnosed about 9 months ago. I went hard-core with gluten-free to the point where I don't eat at restaurants. In fact, I bring in tupperware! I prepare all my meals. I read the lables and write companies to verify gluten-free.. and just saying gluten-free isn't good enough. I have them tell me how they avoid cross contamination. I get a tTG-IGA about every 3 to 4 months. I got two tests over the past 30 days. Somehow, I am stuck at a weak positive result. I am either a 4 or 5 and the weak positive scale is 4 to 10. So, I tend to be on the low side of a weak positive, but clearly, I am not negative. So... How much trouble am I in if I never pin-point the culprit food(s)? I am so fearful of the elevated cancer risk because I belive I have been triggered for aobut 15 years before finding out. I don't get any symptoms and since going gluten-free, I feel no different. If I keep getting the same blood test result, is my cancer risk level higher than a negative result of 2 or 3? Is the difference neglibible? Should I be worried? Also, I can't find anythning that shows me concrete facts as to how much more of a cancer risk one would be if following a strictly gluten-free diet compared to one who is not Celiac. Because I have been triggered for so long without knowing, I am so afraid about being the case that develops cancer even a few years after going gluten-free. So obviously, I am obsesed over these tTG-IGA results. I would really appreciate some facts. I'd like to get this stuff out of the forefront of my daily thoughts. Thanks.
  11. I boycotted Hershey's. They are NOT friendly or helpful to those of us with Celiac. I called them to learn about Hershey's Dark Chocolate and Hershey's with Almonds. I got all kinds of squirming, cryptic talk, round about answers, nothing I could rely on beyond their boring plain milk chocolate bar. They told me I need to determine for myself if the ingredients are gluten-free. They said they would define what ingredients such as "PGPR" were and that the rest was up to me. COWARDS! That's the kind of customer relations you can expect from Hersheys.
  12. Frankly, I have boycotted Hershey's and Mars (makers of M&M's). They are NOT friendly or helpful to those of us with Celiac. I called Hershey's and they told me they'd only verify that their boring milk chocolate bar was gluten-free. They said that they would only "look up" the ingredients of other products to define what they are and I had to determine for myself if they were gluten-free. Very weak. Similarly, I emailed MARS to learn about the M&M's, M&M's with peanuts and the dark chocolate M&M's. I got some very cowardly response that stated that I need to read the labels and determine if there's gluten. These responses from Hersheys and Mars are so weak... so whimpy.... so underhanded... COWARDLY! How the hell do I know what's been processed at their facilities, on their production lines, etc? That's the kind of customer relations you can expect from Hersheys and Mars. Pretty sad! My two reliable vices are Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Brownie mix (add nuts and gluten-free chocolate chips) and Edy's (or Dryers) Slow Churned Chocolate Fudge Chunk ice cream. Edy's verified in writing which flavors were gluten-free. Daddy's gonna get his chocolate from reliable companies who are not afraid to confirm the gluten-free status of their products!! Daddy loooooves chocolate!
  13. I think I figured it out. First; there's no broth; just mushrooms, water and salt as someone above noted. I noted that the Walmart mushrooms can be made in different countries. The ones made in Vietnam and China are labeled gluten-free. I bet you anything it's because they are grown on farms that do not also grow wheat. Not much wheat in Asia; lots of harmless rice! When I get back home, I'm going to look at the labels that do not say gluten-free and see where they came from. Anyone else have some insight on canned mushrooms containing only water and salt? It's got to be a farm thing.
  14. If you go to some Wal-marts, you'll find the GV brand mushrooms warning that they're processed in a facility that also processes wheat. Yet, at a Wal-Mart in the midwest, I found that they are labled gluten-free. If you go to Wegmans (the leader in gluten-free labeling), ALL their canned vegatables are labled gluten-free EXCEPT the mushrooms. I ask the following: 1. What's the deal with canned mushrooms or mushrooms in general? 2. Should I trust the canned mushrooms despite the absence of a gluten-free declaration? 3. Anyone have a "reaction" or no "reaction" story to share with canned mushrooms (particularly Wal-Mart's)? Can anyone enlighten me on this, please? You can't make Daddy's Famous Spicy North American Super Tasty Burrito Salad without the mushrooms....
  15. Here's a follow up: To date, I never heard a word from "Crystal." A week ago, I decided to give them one more chance. Nevermind it's been about 2 months since Crystal promised she'd call me with the vital gluten-free information. This time, I got Karen at the NY Call Center. I told her all about how I was trying to confirm a number of products with Crystal and that I was ignored. This time, I told Karen that I wanted to order about $290 of products, which was actually true. I told her it was vital that someone verified whether the products in question are gluten free and to respond to me so that I could purchase (if safe). Karen was very sympathetic about Crystal's lack of responsibiltiy. I told her that I felt as though Vitamin World did not take Celiac Disease very seriously. She assured me that this time, she would return my call within 24 hours with answers. Well, guess what kids!? NO REPLY!!!! That sums up how concerned Vitamin World is about those who have Celiac Disease and want to use their products. Don't ask for gluten-free confirmations unless you have an eternity to wait for no answer! Sadly, Karen went from sympathetic to simply pathetic! Thanks for the crappy CS and concern Vitamin World! Vitamin Shoppe, here I come.