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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have a few questions: 1.) After starting my 16 month old on a gluten-free diet, how long should it take for me to notice a difference? 2.) Are there lasting effects known to stick with babies/toddlers who were very early symptomatic celiacs? (My daughter was a late teether - 14mo. and teeth came in with enamel troubles, weight loss, tummy aches, diarreah, reflux, fatigue, irritability and fussiness) Do celiacs kids grow up to be "Normal" after they are gluten-free? I'm so worried that I didn't figure it out fast enought for my daughter and she will have lasting effects. 3.) Does anybody have any good resources on feeding a toddler with celiac? She eats next to nothing.. I swear if it wasn't for french fries and veggies my daughter would be all bones. She looks like an ethiopian now...any tips on how to fatten them up gluten free???? (She won't eat cheese or milk because they have always caused her tummy aches due to lactose intolerance.) 4.) Also, does anybody know a good pediatric GI in the Washington, D.C. area? Thanks so much! This board has given me new hope that I can't even explain... -Karrie Mom to Krista 16 mo.
  2. Thank you for your posts, just knowing that there are others out there who have been through the same thing has helped enormously already. Of those of you who have children who were positively diagnosed, was this done through blood tests and then followed up by the colonoscopy and endoscopy? What kind of doctor made the diagnosis (pediatrician or gastro?) Thanks so much for your help!
  3. I'm wondering if anybody else's child has had similar symptoms. My daughter was 7lbs. 13 oz at birth and she is now 16 months and only weighs 18 pounds. She has had wheat sensitivity since birth, but tests show to true allergy. As an infant she has horrible bloody stools caused by my eating wheat while breast feeding (along with projectile vomiting and reflux). I did a gluten free diet for 6 months and gave her Zantac and she thrived well. After stopping she has continually lost weight. Doctors say...she's just going to be small. But as her Mom, I just know she doesn't feel well. She's sickly compared to most her age. She has frequent diarreah, lots of tummy aches, trouble sleeping through the night, late teething, problems with her tooth enamel - it did not form right on her baby teeth, weight loss, dark circles under eyes, she's tired all the time. Celiac blood test results were inconclusive. Her IgA came back low, but that's it. I swear she's lactose intolerant, but the docs all say...not possible. Does this sound familiar to anybody? I have just started Gluten free again...in my heart, I know I'm right about this. We have a family history of colitis, IBS, colin cancer, and more. I have been diagnosed with reflux (on acid reflux meds for years now), IBS, had trouble with mysterious lower right and upper right quadrant stomach pain for the last 10 yrs, I carry the lupus anticoagulent gene off and on, I often feel fatigued and tired...but it never dawned on me there could be a reason until this wonderful little person came into my life and I have seen her suffering. Any help and suggestions you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks! Karrie - looking for Celiac help in Maryland!!!!
  4. I have a 16 month old who weighed 7lbs. 13 oz at birth and now only weighs 18lbs. (She should have more than tripled her birth weight by now.) My family has a history of IBS, colitis, and colon cancer...I have reflux and recurrent diarreah and just a lot of unexplained stomach pains. My daughter since birth has had a severe wheat sensitivity. (along with milk, eggs, soy ect.) She grew out of everything except eggs and wheat. She does not have a wheat allergy according to testing. However, her sensitivity is so severe that while I was breast feeding, if I ate wheat she would have blood in her stool and scream for hours. At 15 mos. they did the antibody testing for Celiac disease and the IgA levels came back low. There was talk of immunodificiency disease. Tests will be repeated in a month or so. But, in my heart I know it's celiac. She has grooves in her tooth enamel that are not right, she has stomach pains, diarreah, and will just lay around with her blanky and suck her thumb for a large part of the day. I would appreciate any feedback that anybody can give to point me in the right direction on what I need to do to get a solid diagnosis. I have done gluten free off and on for 6 months and see some improvement...but I haven't been good at being very strict with the diet. I have seen her pediatrician, and 2 different pediatric gastros. I really appreciate any info that can help my little girl stop suffering. Thanks in advance.