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    I work with Safeway. Love to go hiking and swimming. I am big into BBQ and baking, cooking and loving life. I am a nice person so I like to talk to nice people. Take care!
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    Los Angeles
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. At Safeway.com you can get hundreds of printable coupons or coupons that you can upload to your Safeway store card. This works for all of Safeway's sister stores too Have fun saving!
  3. Well as far as Thanksgiving goes. I had a great one. I went home for Thanksgiving saw lots of family a few friends and indulged like everyone else. I indulged mainly in just being around those who I miss. The good thing is that I will also go back for Christmas so I am already excited to go back. I feel unprepared but ready to go back. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. What did you do not many people responded to this question at the top of the thread.
  4. I know Kraft offers great coupons at www.KraftFoods.com/SummerSavings. For most of their products such as Philadelphia cream cheese, Crystal Light, Cool Whip and more.. save $$ Anyone wants to share coupons here??
  5. True, you don't want to get chubby and saggy..lol but thick and tight..
  6. Thanks for sharing the recipes guys... all sound delicious..
  7. So recently I found out Cool Whip is gluten free. This means I can eat it with some fruit now. Does anyone else like eating fruit with Cool Whip?
  8. We used to eat kielbasa up until it upset my stomach. I think some brands are fine, while others are not. I think the one that did it was Hillshire, but to be honest, I haven't even picked it up since the last time.
  9. Yeah, if you can, I think eating peanut butter is a safe bet. On backpacking trips I have to eat much more to pack on the calories. The links that everyone else put up are very helpful too.