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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i'd recommend lili's 57 at 57th and 7th, it's an easy walk from times square. http://www.lilis57.com/
  2. Osteoporosis

    thanks for all the helpful suggestions. i exercise a lot but i need to increase my strength training / weight lifting to target bone buildup. i'll also ask my doctor about magnesium and zinc, i didn't know there was a connection. my main concern though is that everything i read says there is a likelihood of osteoporosis with undiagnosed celiac in someone around my age. but i have been diagnosed so long! and my doctor says i'm doing fine on my diet. it is frustrating.
  3. hi, i'm wondering if anyone can help me understand my recent diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis. i was diagnosed in 1998 and have gluten-free ever since. i never cheat on the diet and i go with assumption that everything has gluten and work backwards from there. i rarely have stomach problems anymore (and can almost always trace it back to something eaten outside of the home). overall, i consider myself healthy. i exercise, eat well and have not struggled with my diet since that first year of diagnosis. i recently went for a check up. my doctor said my gluten-free blood work was excellent (i forget the technical name) and complimented me for sticking very closely to the diet. he said my vitamin D was also excellent, which surprised him. only thing low was B12, so i am now on a supplement. i had my first ever bone density scan. that came up quite negative. i am a 29 year old female. my doctor said i have osteopenia and small amount of osteoporosis. my question is this: why do i have this? i have done excellent at being gluten-free for years. my vitamin D is great. I happen to naturally choose a calcium rich diet, including yogurt daily, a lot of cheese, ice cream, tofu, things like that. is there something wrong with my gluten-free diet then? i don't understand how, especially when the doctor said there was no gluten in my blood work up. any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
  4. Restaurants

    who has pulled their gluten-free menus?
  5. Actual Coach gluten-free Meal On Continental

    i've had great luck with continental. there have been a few times where they haven't had the meal, but they acknowledge it (rather than trying to slip a meal with gluten to you) the best is coming home from europe, cos they get the gluten free food in europe which is always better than here in the states
  6. Nyc - Tisserie - gluten-free Lunch

    are the toppings all gluten free?
  7. gluten-free At A Wedding

    i was just at a wedding this weekend. i got the number of the caterer from the bride and groom and spoke with her and she was extremely nice and helpful. (bonus: my friends are so nice they surprised me with gluten-free whole foods brownies for dessert!) last summer i went to a wedding where i did not know either the bride or the groom (i was going as a date with someone). again, i just called the restaurant it was held out and no problem, they had a gluten-free meal for me. it's probably not going to be the best meal ever (and likely plain, so try to grab some butter before it gets contaminated by bread) but it certainly feels nice to get served a meal along with anyone else. i've never had trouble at any wedding i've gone to since i went gluten free now that i think of it. so go and have a great time!!
  8. St. Patricks Day!

    magners cider is gluten free and irish! or irish whiskey, like jameson
  9. i went to mangia trattoria for the first time tonight and it was AWESOME! first off it was so cool to just go into a local place (my mom lives less than 20 mins away) and grab some pizza. it came in real pizza boxes which was fun, i felt normal! the best part about the pizza is that isn't super small. it's not quite normal size but it's one of the largest sized gluten-free pizza's i've had. they were super nice and i got one pizza with pepperoni and the other veggies. very excellent! they also do pasta dishes (but i just got pizza).
  10. Gluten-free In North Jersey?

    hi! i'm in northern jersey too - i grew up in bergen county, and i'm in hoboken now. there's a GREAT restaurant in Ho-Ho-Kus called Janice's - the food is EXCELLENT, a lot of it is gluten free (they will tell you what is/isn't, it seems like most is) and they have gluten free bread. it's great if you want to go somewhere beyond chain restaurants (that said, i am going to outback tonight!) i also like legal seafoods at the garden state mall, and there's a PF chang's at riverside in paramus. in hoboken there's a melting pot, which i've read on here does gluten-free but ihaven't tried it yet. if you're feeling really fancy, there's ruth's chris (parsippany and near hoboken, weehauken i think?) and morton's in riverside sq. mall (paramus) - i've had great meals there (though very expensive) let me know of any you find!
  11. Be Careful At Pf Chang's!

    sometimes they put rice noodles in mine, sometimes they don't. i don't understand why, by all accounts they are gluten free.
  12. pei wei is awesome. i had really great service when i went to one in southern california. i finally had the singapore street noodles for the first time cos of the recommendations on this site - SO GOOD! i used to think chang's spicy chicken was my favorite but now this is it! quick question about the lettuce wraps: is the gluten free version supposed to have the rice stick noodles in it? cos last week i got them and they were in it, then this week i got them and they weren't.
  13. Gluten-free Dining In Holland

    i've been to holland twice, once in amsterdam and once in boxtel (near eindhoven). i had good luck both times. in amsterdam, i stuck mostly to milk and fruit and dry food i brought with me from the states, but that's just cos i didn't want to spend the money on going out to eat! get a celiac card in dutch (they are online for free, search through google.com). in amsterdam i found most people spoke english very well but it's still easiest to have a card. in boxtel, i stayed with a friend, and she had a ton of gluten free food waiting for me when i got there! (what a great friend!) it was mostly Schar brand and it was fantastic. she said it was easy to purchase at a local food store. i'm not sure if the same is true for food stores in major cities. there's also a dutch coeliac society (that's how they spell it there) the webpage was in dutch but you can try emailing them for english translations of where restaurants are, etc. or you can kind of figure out what restaurants are at least on their webpage just by reading the restaurant name and location (even though any notes about the restaurant would be in dutch). i hope this is helpful. have fun!
  14. i just got back from dublin and belfast. both northern ireland and the republic have coeliac societies just look it up on google (like 'coeliac' and 'ireland'). in dublin, in temple bar there's a great restaurant called 'fitzer's' and their menu is clearly labelled. there's also a placed called 'FXB' like a steak place near the river, they are really good with coeliac too. in belfast, by city hall, there's a restaurant called 'ten square grill'. it won an award for being the best restaurant in ireland! and they are very helpful with coeliac and the food/atmosphere is great. when i was in ireland another time traveling all over i got a list of gluten-free restaurants from the coeliac society and that was really helpful if you're going to be all over. but also don't be afraid to just ask any restaurant - it's fairly well known there! enjoy!!
  15. Sweden And Finland

    i'm traveling to stockholm and helsinki for the first time on a backpacking trip. i was wondering what the deal is with the gluten free cheeseburgers at mcdonalds? is it in all mcdonalds or is it one special one in Helsinki? is there a special name for it? i've heard english is widely spoken in both cities so will i be ok with just asking in english for gluten free food? is there a special mark or something on food that is gluten free in supermarkets? thanks!! any info is appreciated.