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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. does anyone know if the whole foods brand 365 organic yellow mustard is gluten free?? none of the ingredients contain gluten, and it says that it was made in a facility that also processes eggs, and that is it.... but on all the gluten free condiment lists, the only 365 brand mustard it lists is the dijon. so i am a bit confused and scared that i may have been glutened... thanks, kelly
  2. if anyone knows of any good doctors, acupuncturist... etc etc... i need all the help i can get. i havnt been diagnosed with celiac, but i know for sure i have a severe intolerance, along with autoimmune thyroid, other food allergies, and recently severe breathing problems.. hence the moving home. if anyone has any recommendations of any specific doctors or ways of finding good doctors that will treat me like a human being, i would be so so so thankful. thanks, kelly
  3. hello, i was wondering about airborne gluten, and what the circumstances would need to be in order to be effected by it? i work in a coffee shop where we (or they) bake all the goods.... i dont personally do any of the baking, but am around it a lot. i started a gluten free diet about 10 months ago, initially felt amazing for about two months, then started working at this coffee shop, and things slowly started going downhill. im not sure if this is a coincidence. i do have other health problems, but basically, i feel sick all the time, nobody can figure out whats wrong, and its getting terribly hopeless and frustrating. i feel like i have been overly cautious to the point where i am embarrassed about it, and now im not sure what to think... am i being a hypochondriac and overly sensitive or am i not be cautious enough?? thanks in advance for any replies. kelly
  4. there could be many things contributing to my current health predicament... but any advice would be sooooo very much appreciated. if you dont want to read my spiel, you can skip to the bold lettering... but if you have five minutes and are feeling extra self-less, and or sympathetic... i promise, your response will not go unappreciated. i ended up at the er a few nights ago, 3 am, been having breathing problems for a few days already, but it got progressively worse. i think i was glutened, but then again, i feel sick most of the time these days so it is hard to tell. i have severe bloating, constipation, chest pain, back pain, neck pain, and cant get a full breath (maybe one every 25-40 minutes) . the er doctors were the most insensitive, belittling people i have ever came in contact with. they did not listen to my complaints or fears, nor did they take into consideration all my other health problems... celiac, autoimmune thyroid, etc etc... i was there for 4 hours, talked to the doctor for 3 mins, he diagnosed me with bronchitus and asthma, gave me an inhaler which doesnt help at all (because i dont have asthma) and said he'd be back with antibiotics.. which never happened and also denied me of anything to reduce my extreme stomach discomfort. although i should be used to this "its all in your head" response, it is extremely triggering for me, on so many different levels and im not sure how to process it. to think that your "emergency" lifeline doesnt give a poop, and wont do poop for you... is terrifying to me. so, here i am, i few days later, still not breathing well... completely consumed by it. the two most innate human functions, eating and breathing, are destroying me... im really scared, im 24 and i feel like im dying a good portion of the time, even though im eating all the right things, taking a bunch of supplements, seeing a naturopathic doctor... actually trying to take care of myself. when i first went gluten free, i felt amazing, reborn, for about two months.. than it all went to crap again. and i can handle most crap, but not being able to breathe, i can not handle that.... and i think that the breathing seems to correlate with my thyroid, and or being glutened... but i just dont know anymore, there seems to be so much damage to my body, that i dont know what is causing what. if anyone knows some sort of medicine i can take to relieve bloating and gas... please, do tell. and if anyone knows what this weird airbubble thing i feel just under my lung when i try to breathe, please do tell. and if anyone knows something i could take to be able to breathe, please do tell. and if anyone has any suggestions as to how to emotionally get through utter hopelessness, isolation and panic, please tell me... i have some pretty serious issues with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction... and feeling chronically ill, with little to no validation is starting to take a toll on me that im not sure i can deal with... so, really, any advice, could be potentially life saving for me... thank you in advance to anyone who replies. kelly p.s. im sorry to sound so victimish, and i write to this forum because i know there are people here who have or are experiencing a lot worse things than me... and who are or have gotten through them. i am pretty new to this all, and i have found a huge source of comfort from reading what you all have been through, or are going through. thanks again.
  5. hello, quick question for you all out there.... so i just started the withdrawal process from coming off opiates and i am trying to do it with suboxone (sublingual form) and im not sure if it has gluten in it??? im doing this on my own, so i do not have a doctor to ask.... i feel really sick already, and have a really really bad headache. i took a tiny tiny bit of suboxone last night, and im not sure whether i did not take enough, or if i maybe got glutened by it..... im really hoping it does not have gluten in it, im supposed to be working tomorrow... and i thought opiate withdrawals without being glutened would be tough enough to have to go to work... anyhow, if anyone knows, or knows how i can get an answer quickly like within a day, it would be greatly appreciated... thanks, kelly
  6. please bare with me, ive tried to consolidate this as much as possible. i really really need help, and you all seem to have good advice, with stories that have been comforting. please, anything would help, i feel extrememely frusterated, scared and alone. i found out 4 months ago that i have celiac... went gluten free and my life changed in ways i coudnt have possibly fathomed. i had been depressed, anxiety ridden, fatigued, pain ridden, etc. etc. in and out of hospitals for multiple reasons including mental, for years. after going gluten free i thought i had found the answer to this vague yet all encompassing illness that has been ruling my life for the past ten years... and im only 24. about a month ago, i started feeling like i was being continually glutened, which i wasnt.. i had severe symptoms of hypothyroid, yet i was already on synthroid, have been for years.. my tsh is .2 which doesnt mean poop i guess because i in no way am hyperthyroid. i just found out i have elevated antibodies, i have all the symptoms of hashimotos... i tried armour, didnt really work... so i went back to synthroid which is the lesser of the two evils.. my moods and fatigue, not to mention body pain have been so severe ive come very close to checking myself in to the psych ward... a place i thought i would never have to go to again. i feel like i did six months before i was dx with celiac... totally hopeless, scared, alone... i feel like i do more research than my current docs about the connection between autoimmune disorders, thyroid, gut, and their relationship to psychiatric symtpoms/disorders... and no one is giving me anything difinitive or that i can work with.... am i just supposed to wait? i seriously cant function.. ive had to take off work a bunch, im totally isolating, ive become extremely depressed, with panic.. my body hurts, im always bloated, i havnt taken a real poop in over a month! i cant remember anything, im slow, inarticulate.. and to top it off, ive gained weight, eating what i normally do... and considering the fact that ive had an eating disorder for 10 years, and i was finally doing better than ever (in a healthy way) now i feel myself beginning to obsess... these symptoms are so very intertwined with all of my lifelong fears and struggles... being sharp, being functional, being thin, being able to make commitments and keep them, taking care of myself, not being the one who has hit bottom, again, and god knows how personal i take it when i dont feel validated... when i create and believe these ideas in my head where everyone (friends, doctors, family, co-workers) think im exaggerating, that what i am going thru is not as debilitating as i think it is. but how do you convince anyone of a situation that feels urgent.... when they have seen you get through really hard times before, times you have considered "urgent". its like, they see the end of the tunnel, and i am simply in it, blindfolded. what i am sure of is.... i have a gluten intolerance, i have a screwed up thyroid, i have been taking lithium for 7 years, which i know has to do with hypo thyroid too, i have been diagnosed with multiple, and what i find now to be extremely questionable "mental illness's" . i now have all of these symptoms which feel are debilitating. i know deep down that this has to do something with my body, something is wrong, and its the same feeling i had for years before i found out about celiac... i knew, there is something wrong with my body, and i was at the ER or urgent care atleast 3 times a month for over a year, usually with a misdiagnoses of ulcers and abdominal obstructions.. and usually with a "this is all in your head" ok, so i feel i must stop the rant.... i do thank and apologize in advance. any of you, if you have any suggestions? or went though anything similiar? pleeeez.... im losing my mind here. and now that i got that taste of what it feels like to be normal, and healthy... ive never wanting anything so badly, and that is a huge change, and step for me. thank you all so much, if you have made it to the end of this post. kelly
  7. hello everyone, i have so many questions, so ill do my best to articulate what im getting at....and im pretty much brand new to this whole gluten free lifestyle. i was diagnosed by enterolab 4 months ago. and since then, my life has changed in ways i couldnt have possibly fathomed before hand. i do feel alittle back story is needed in order to propose my question. if you get bored, just skip to the end with the question..... my life since the age of 14 has been fillled with psychiatrists, hospitals, meds, bull-poop diagnoses (first depression, anorexia,than bi-polar, adhd , substance abuse...etc.) all in all, i have spent a huge portion of my life being told and believing to some degree, that i have a mental illness, that is biological, or so deep rooted that i will never be able to reverse it, so therefor i must take medications to 'function normally' ..... well, its been ten long years, and im still clueless as to how one functions? and up until 2 years ago,it was mostly emotional/mental problems. but, 2 years ago my best friend died of an overdose.... directly after that event i started having severe stomach problems (which the doctors diagnosed many different things, including "its all in your head") amongst the stomach, it was hard to tell what was causing what...?? my fatigue, aching muscles and joints, dry skin, brain fog, memory, hair..etc was what i thought to be the damage i had done to my body from drugs, anorexia, and a relentless attitude of "mind over matter" catching up with me. only since ive been gluten free have i felt "ok" or "alive by choice". like i might just be able to have a life in which i have choices, in which i have energy and confidence to pursue my goals, a life in which i actually want to get out of bed, and not at 3pm. a life which includes and loves my body (or is trying), a new perception of food, and what it means to be healthy, and a want to be healthy (which all of this is so new for me). and in my new life, i will do everything i can to help other people who have, by no choice of their own, become trapped in the vicious cycle of mainstream western psychiatric and medical practices. (i would also like to state that there are always exceptions, and i am by no means condemning all doctors and psychiatrists) with that said, (sorry for the length of all this, i swear i have a question i am getting to) basically it comes down to this: now that i know im ok, ive had the experience of feeling basically good..... and now know that a large part of my mental/emotional/physical state was due to eating gluten...... how do i "function" after being glutened??? its happened several times so far.... and honest to god, it feels like withdrawing from heroine. im back where i was 6 months ago, anxious, depressed, fatigued, restless, headaches, breakouts, bloated, an overall feeling of disgust. and im back to being the one who cant show up at work because im a total mess, the one that cant follow through with anything because of "personal crisis". and oh how much i hate feeling like "that person". and right when things are coming together.... got the job i want, getting gigs playing music, etc... things i need to be RELIABLE for. thats the word i was looking for, RELIABLE. how does one do this after being glutened??? and if you have made it this far in the post, thank you thank you thank you for taking time to read this. and any input or advice would be very much appreciated.