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  1. Glutinous Rice Flour

    Ahhhhh ... sweet rice and glutinous rice are the same thing then! I went on a mad shopping spree today in an Asian grocery and bought a couple of pounds of sweet rice flour but passed on the glutinous rice flour. I was thinking I needed to go back tomorrow and pick up some glutinous rice flour, but lo and behold ... I already have it! Thanks, folks. I also bought plain rice flour, tapioca starch and sweet potato flour (which I thought would be orange, but it's white). Not sure what to do with the sweet potato flour, but it caught my eye so I bought a couple of pounds. The flours were less than half of what I've been paying at my local grocery store. I hope there are no safety issues with them ... yikes!
  2. Glutinous Rice Flour

    If it has more "gluten-like" properties, why isn't it more commonly used versus plain rice flour? Is there a reason not to always use glutinous rice flour? I'm new to this so I'm still trying to figure what to use. Thanks.
  3. What is this and is it safe? I saw it on the shelf beside the regular rice flour at an Asian grocery today. The ingredient list only said "rice." Thanks.
  4. Panhandle Wv

    Hi! I don't live in WV but I grew up there so your post caught my eye. My dad and sister still live in the Eastern panhandle. We get back to visit once or twice a year from south Texas. Good luck finding a support group ... I live in a big city and can't find an active one (looking specifically for children).
  5. I made cupcakes from this recipe tonight for the first time. They were tasty but nothing like "real" yellow cake. However, I could feel my arteries hardening as I mixed up the batter. There must be enough cholesterol and fat in those things to sink a ship! Has anyone experimented with a lower fat version? A related question ... why use mayo at all? Why not just more eggs and oil, as that is all mayo is? I need to find a good lower fat cake recipe. We seldom eat desserts, but I don't want to serve something that's not very healthy if I can find an alternative. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. "tinny" Taste In Breads

    The breads we've made using bean flour as one of the flours were not good. We like beans, but not bean-flavored bread. The bread I make most often does not have bean flour in it, and it's not a mix. I don't think I noticed bean flour in the pizza crust mix either, but I could have overlooked it. Hmmmm ....
  7. My 3 1/2yo daughter has gained almost 3 lbs since she was diagnosed at the end of June, and I'm finally able to get rid of most of her 24mo-2T clothes. I've never had so much fun clothes shopping in my life!
  8. We're still fairly new to celiac and haven't tried a whole lot of different brands and products. We have noticed a distinctly "tinny" or metallic taste in the gluten-free breads we've made. At first we thought it was from the brand new bread machine and would eventually go away with use. I have only made breads in it that are primarily rice flour. However, we then noticed the same taste in the Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix, for which I did not use the bread machine. We've noticed it several times, in fact. Since the main ingredient in the pizza crust mix is rice flour and the brand of plain rice flour I've been buying is Bob's Red Mill, I'm wondering ... does all rice flour have a "tinny" taste? Is it only Bob's Red Mill rice flour? Could it be something else altogether? Rhetorical question -- of course, it could be, but rice flour seems to be the common denominator. Has anyone else noticed a taste like this? My family has individually commented on it so I know it's not just me. Thanks.
  9. My 3yo daughter's preschool teacher asked for noodles to be sent in for C to use for art projects (stringing necklaces and such). I sent in quinoa macaroni noodles, but they're too curved for little fingers to be able to thread a string through. I need to find short little straight tube noodles -- or even a plastic replacement. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  10. My whole family loves the cookies from the Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate chip cookie mix. However, I need to make LOTS of cookies for my daughter's back to school party, and at 5 bucks for a mix that makes 20, the cost would add up pretty quickly. Does anyone have a recipe that tastes similar to this mix and that makes several dozen cookies (or could easily be multiplied)? Thanks.
  11. What purpose does the 1 tablespoon of potato flour (starch?) serve? It seems to me (and I've never mixed up this blend and am new to baking in general and gluten-free specifically) that it's such a small amount and would get "lost" in the large volume of the other components of the blend. Thanks.
  12. Are corn starch, corn flour and masa the same thing? If not, are they similar enough to be interchangeable? Thanks.
  13. I see lots of comprehensive of foods and ingredients which are hugely helpful as we learn what is, and is not, safe for our 3 1/2yo daughter. However, she starts school in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to be able to hand her teacher a list of things to avoid that would common in a lower school classroom. Like play-doh, glue, etc with brand names. I don't want to overwhelm the teacher and I think compliance will be much higher with a shorter and more specific list. I'm even envisioning a poster with pictures on it for the kids ... something like a can of play-doh with a big red X over it. Surely, this wheel has already been invented. Can someone help me find it? Thanks so much.
  14. I wonder if Catherine "got glutened" two days ago somehow, and then I accidentally made it worse. She was just pure evil Friday night ... wouldn't go to sleep, screamed for hours, took off her pull-up and deliberately peed in the middle of her bed. About 2:30am she woke up with horrendous stomach cramps and diarrhea and wanted medicine. Without thinking, I gave her a Tums -- really as a placebo since nothing helps stomach cramps. One of the main inactive ingredients is maltodextrin. About 30 minutes after she ate the Tums, she had such stomach cramps that she poo'd in her pull-up, before I could get upstairs to get her on the potty. At this point I noticed streaks of red in the mucous-consistency diarrhea. Blood, I assume, as nothing she ate would have caused the poo to simply be discolored. It could have been there all along but it the dark, I didn't notice. She continued with red-streak or red-tinged diarrhea all day Saturday (yesterday) and by evening the color of the poo had returned to normal and was becoming more solid, from mucousy to runny applesauce. She got up several times during the night to poo. This morning (Sunday) she has only poo-d once but was just now bent over at the waist holding her stomach and saying it hurt. She was diagnosed with celiac about a month ago and has been -- to our knowledge -- gluten-free since then. Prior to the diagnosis, she poo-d tiny rocks her entire life since coming off Alimentum at age 2. Since being gluten-free, her stools are more formed instead of individual tiny pebbles. She has never had bloody diarrhea in her life up until now. She says she only ate what I sent to her babysitter for her on Friday, and I believe her. At 3 1/2, she understands very well that some foods hurt her tummy and she is only to eat what mama or daddy give her. She says she didn't play with play-doh either. We did go out to dinner Friday night at a fave Thai place where they've been cooking especially for Catherine (steamed rice, plain steamed chicken) and we've never had a problem with the food before (we go weekly). I guess it's possible someone in the kitchen there wasn't careful with her food. Does this sound like a gluten reaction after being 100% gluten-free for a month? Would it last so long -- about 36 hours now? The alternative is that she's simply sick, but she has no other signs of illness. No fever, no snot, no vomiting, no nothing. What do you all think, and how can I get her over this as quickly as possible? Thanks.