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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was wondering if any of the women with Celiac Disease have had stomach issues after giving birth. I just had a baby two weeks ago and have had awful cramps and stomach problems for the past 5 days. It is as if I have been eating gluten, which I haven't. I developed Celiac after the birth of my first son two years ago. I am absolutely terrified that I now have some other related illness. I am hoping it is just my body is returning to normal and not some other illness. With my son I lost a ton of weight and thought I was dying from the pain...I am so terrified of feeling that way again. Any input or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hello. Does anyone know of a sudafed equivalent (store brand) that is gluten free? I am 9 months pregnant and can only take the regular sudafed (pseudoephederine). I bought the Sudafed brand and took two this morning and am having major stomach issues. Does anyone know of a store brand that is gluten free. Thank you so much.
  3. Wow there are a lot more gluten free options there than what i thought. I just got a membership last week and can't wait to use it
  4. I was just wondering what everyone has found at Costco that is gluten free foodwise. Thanks.
  5. I am planning a vacation to the Holland/Saugatuck area of Michigan. Is anyone from there or has been there who can suggest some places that offer gluten free dining options? Thanks so much.
  6. Salsa?

    I would have to say that it could be almost anything you ate. The butter, salsa and shredded cheese all have the potential for containing gluten. Shredded cheese often contains gluten to prevent it from sticking together. Anything pre-packaged is always risky in my opinion. Gluten can be found in anything (sour cream, fruit juice etc.). It's best to read the labels on everything. If you can't determine if it's 100% gluten free just don't eat it. It really is not fun but you get the hang of eating gluten free. Good luck
  7. Does anyone regularly shop at Meijer? I recently printed out their gluten free list of Meijer brand products and went shopping. I just bought things according to the title of the product for example "Meijer brand fudge bars". When I got home I noticed the upc code on the gluten-free printout and the box did not match. Is this product gluten free even if the upc codes don't match. Almost half the products I bought don't match the upc codes but match the product name. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  8. Hello. I can relate to what you are describing. I get really bad nausea at night accompanied by waking up in the middle of the night sweating and ripping the covers off of me. I have been gluten free for 9 months but I think it takes a while to pass. I started going to bed absolutely freezing and shaking only to wake up later burning up. I don't have hallucinations but I do have bad dreams. My sleep issues seem to get better the longer I am gluten free however. Hopefully yours will improve as well.
  9. I recently purchased Sargento Ricotta Cheese to make homemade ravioli with. I read Sargento's website and they state that the vinegar in the Ricotta cheese often changes sources but it is triple distilled so it should be okay for people with celiac. Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with this item? Thanks
  10. 14 Weeks. Just Ate Barley Flour!

    I think your anxiety is worse for your health than that cookie. I am also pregnant and my ob (who is familiar with celiac disease) said accidentally ingesting gluten is just going to harm me (i.e. digestive distress etc.) and not the baby. Continuously eating gluten will harm the baby's growth due to the fact you won't absorb nutrients. Talk to your doctor to ease your fears. Anxiety and stress is hard on the body so try to relax and congrats
  11. Newly Pregnant

    haha congrats. That makes sense about the pregnancy making it worse. I have a pretty sensitive stomach too. Hopefully this goes away after the first trimester. I really hope my doctor knows what celiac disease is. I have never been to her before as I just moved to this town. I really don't feel like explaining celiac disease to another person lol.
  12. Newly Pregnant

    Hello. I recently found out I am pregnant (about 8 weeks along). This is my first pregnancy after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. I developed Celiac after the birth of my first son. I am completely gluten free. I haven't had my first appt yet and was wondering if there is anything I should be concerned about with having Celiac disease and being pregnant? Did anyone else have other problems while being pregnant? Also, has anyone else had more cramping during early pregnancy (stomach not uterine)? I seem to be having more cramping and stomach problems even though I am gluten free. They feel like the kind of cramps and pain when I get glutened but I definitely haven't had any gluten. Any info you can give me would be great. Thanks, Lindsay
  13. Hello. How stressfull! I can understand how trying this is. Were you taking birth control before you decided to start trying? Birth control can take up 6 months to leave the body completely. Also, I had read somewhere that the average time for trying is around 6 months before you become pregnant. I am not sure of the risk of infertility of men with celiac disease. I'm obviously not a doctor but I wanted to give you some reassurance. Your body has it's own timing and in my experience you get pregnant when you stop trying lol.
  14. Need A Doctor In Northwest Indiana

    Thanks for the info. I am about 8 miles from gary so that will work out for me quite nicely.
  15. Need A Doctor In Northwest Indiana

    I'm not sure exactly how far away that is driving. I might be able to take a train into the city. I didn't know University of Chicago had a Celiac center. Thanks for the info.