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  1. Verify that your fluids/electros have been checked recently, magnesium included. Ongoing dizziness is most often associated to this fact if vertigo has been ruled out.
  2. I'm not a medical doctor, Lynne, but to my understanding an allergy would be represented by tightness of the chest, watery/glazed eyes, sudden confusion, and closing of the throat. "Sensitivities" are defined by more of a lower GI reaction. Hope this helps. Good luck to you and your family.
  3. If you put the test on your credit card, I would call up and dispute the charge with your credit card company, informing them that you are unable to secure a reliable response from the company. You'll have your test sooner rather than later this way, I assure you.
  4. Good comments, Brenda.It's amazing when you take a look at the body's organs and glands. In the head, we have the Hypothalmus surrounding and essentially in control of the Pituatory, the chief player in endocrine function/balance. Than, on the sides of the body we find the kidneys, with an adrenal gland sitting atop each of the kidneys. The stresses we think about (Pituatory) are essentially "Played out" on the body by the adrenal glands. What I have always found quite interesting is the fact that the basic structure of the Hypothalmus/Pituatory pair physically appear quite similar to the stucture of the adrenals and kidneys. In both cases, we essentially find two "Things" attached to one another. In the case of the adrenals and kidneys, we have a gland sitting on top of an organ. Even though the Hypothalmus is believed to be a gland, moreless, you might as well call it an organ, being it is essentially part of the brain tissue. But than when you move to the middle of the chest, we find the heart, and we know what that does, along with a tiny, tiny little gland that medicine largely ignores, though may just be the most important part of the body in its entirity, that being the Thymus. It, afterall, IS the glandular portion of your immune system, though 70% of one's immune system essentiallly is your villi/mucous layer in the small intestine. Now I see that a few of our docs have finally made the association between Celiac & the basic principles involved with a condition know as Myasthis Gravis, an autoimmune condition that I addressed at length a few months ago, one that moreless involves the thymus. It may take them another year, but the day will come when they recognize some of the fundamentals of Mastocystosis with this, too, another condition that indirectly correlates back to the Thymus, in a way that many docs probably cannot see, unfortunately. Let's just say all of those people that have been experiencing Shingles, that's not Shingles, that's a skin condition largely correlating with the release of Histadine into the esophagus and stomach, something that may only occur due to an infection. Along with the bone marrow, the thymus gland produces all of those neat little immune markers that all of you may be tested for from time to time, so like you say, Brenda, why on earth any doctor would ever dream of removing this gland is beyond comprehension, 100%. The true mark of an undereducated madman, as far as I'm concerned. The fact that this gland and the heart lie right next to one another is pretty powerful, when you come to think about it. Heart=circulatory system, the thymus gland=immunity. The major action seems to be right in that area, doesn't it. But readers beware-don't get yourself caught up in the medical terminology. I fell for that for some three months or more, memorized them all. Back in October or November, I spent a solid week examining Myasthis Gravis. But once I reached the end, I realized that the condition wasn't telling me anything. I came to realize that there is no way that a condition like Myasthis Gravis could ever exist without there being an infection or overwhelmning stress present in the body. Those with Celiac must always remember that there is no such thing as Myasthis Gravis, or Lupus, or Sjogren's, etc. These are merely assigned titles to generic conditions that do not exist. Medical doctors go through 12 years or more of school, and they are trained in a certain way-One that is quite comprehensive, but one that is highly based on generic application, generic terminology. Yet, if the person w/ Celiac is to ignore these assigned titles, and come to the understanding that they do not exist in the absence of infection, they will not become sidetracked like I was for a couple of months. The best "Book" that anybody could ever, ever read when it comes educating you about what is wrong with your body and what you must do to heal it, I would suggest that you purchase a 45 page paperbook entitled "Leaky Gut Syndrome." Throw away the Merck's, in other words, and go buy a used copy of this one on Amazon for $1. You will learn more about what is wrong with you than what a 1000 page medical text could ever tell you, trust me.
  5. Interesting comment, Wendy. I wouldn't know if fat would ever store gluten, but fat cells do produce two hormones called Resistin and Leptin. There seems to be a lot of weight fluctuations among Celiacs centering around the implementation of the gluten-free diet, and/or the onset of the original symptom base. Whle the absorption factors are the likely culprit, I'm not all too certain that the role's of Resistein and Leptin should be overlooked, based on what you have to say. That's an interesting theory that you share, at least.
  6. Thanks for the link, buddy. Great work, and that's exciting news, isn't it. The interesting part of this is that if I've learned anything at all, it has been to recognize that the concepts promoted here are probably the best type of suggestions that you could ever act on for the benefits of your own health. And for whatever reason, I believe this only the marks the beginning. Mr. Adams and all of excellent specialists that have contributed to this website are only beginning to unlock the door to something I believe may just be the main mystery behind just about everything having to do with our health. So whether or not a cure is ever found, or that magic pill is invented, etc, it would certainly come as wonderful news for everyone here. To take away those major concerns is something that everybody would like to see happen, afterall. However, I also tend to believe this diet is something everybody should consider if they want to remain healthy in the long run, I really do. Infection or not, DQ2 gene or not, it would definitely seem to me that consuming these types of foods would be better for you than loading up on those crispey cremes like everybody else does, you know? We're always going to consume sugar, you can't get away from that. But the key is to approach that with some moderation, and I think that your odds are better to keep yourself in check on that end if you stick to many of the concepts involved with this diet. In the long run, I believe that all of you will come out of this with better health than the rest of society, I really do. I also think we're only getting into the heart of it with this. That said, this place is only going to get more popular, and it'll be that way for a very long time to come. If there is any medical condition that explains for more of the unsolved mysteries that we find today, it would appear that it all starts right here, and that is why all of you that stop by celiac.com should write down the website and pass it onto as many people as you can. Whether or not I'm right about any of my personal beliefs, I don't know that answer. But what I do know is that one way or the other, it all seems to start right here. Let me just say that if Adams was offering IPO's into his website, I'd buy them all up overnight~. The effort he has made to bring attention to this disease has really come as a Blessing to so many. He, along with the wonderful specialists that have contributed to this site, have done a lot more for people than a hospital full of other doctors could ever do, that much is for sure. Happy to see that you're coming along well after surgery, buddy. I bet mom's breathing some sighs of relief that her little pal is gonna be a lot better very soon, isn't she. Take care.
  7. Hello, Veasue. I am sorry to hear about your recent struggles. It's bad enough to be hit with one condition, isn't it, let alone two of them like that. I am not a doctor, Veasue, so you must never begin or end any treatments without first discussing them with your own, personal physician. I would suggest that you first rule out the presence of Ketones in the urine. 99% chance that this is not a concern for you, but just to be safe it may not hurt to take a look at that. You can purchase Keto urine test strips at any pharmacy otc. If you're taking Metformin, I would do everything in my power if I were you to get off of that one. It is a terrible medication, one that has no place in today's medicine with the other options available. My mom has gone through basically the exact same thing that you have. She, like you, had been struggling with her glucose control until we went about some aggressive otc therapies, which did the trick. She now no longer requires any oral meds, and her last A1C has dropped to under 6%, so we're doing pretty good w/ her. If you are on Metformin, I would try to get onto another one, if your condition is the least bit like her own. The initial success was found by switching from Metformin to a drug called Amayrl, a much safer medication. Read up on the benefits of herbal Cinnamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Chromium (30 days max) too, but discuss those options with your doctor before you would ever begin taking any otc product. I am a type 1 Diabetic myself and I have long made the association between Alpha Lipoic Acid and that of a 15 unit per day reduction in my insulin requirements. Cinamin reduces the requirement by an additional 5 units per day. Chromium has never done much of anything for me. Good luck now. Keep us updated on how you're doing.
  8. Thanks, Plan. That was very nice of you. Thanks a bunch. I'll try to take a look back at these this week. Thanks for the nice email, too. I'll get back to you w/ that by email sometime over the weekend. God Bless.
  9. I probably knew it would come to this, one way or the other. Professor, you stay put, and I'll leave five days earlier than promised. We'll just do it that way, and be done with it. I wouldn't dare say a single word anymore in regards to my conclusions, regardless, so I'm done. All of my research is in, and it has already been passed along to the two sources that were kind enough to work with me on this throughout the process. It was 19 pages long, so I doubt anyone would've gone through it, regardless~. I know that many of you don't get into the longer research, so I won't bother w/ it here. I have highlighted the main concepts of my beliefs along the way, so anyone that's interested has the beginning part of it, at least. I may never have gotten down to the precise details of it here, but I did just that in the paper, and it does add up, to me at least, so we'll just wait and see what they can do with it, if anything at all. I know they are very good people who will look into the issue with attention to detail, so that's all I could ask for at this point. They will do what they will do; whether or not that opens up another angle to this, I couldn't possibly know that answer. For those that took part in this particular poll, do understand that none of this was relevant, unfortunately, so it was not passed on. I do again thank you very much for all of your kindness, for the willingness to help out. Before I leave, I would like to once again thank Mr. Adams for putting up with what did become that of my relentless challenge to the current theory as it relates to this disease. Quite honestly, sir, I don't know how you managed to do it for this long without reprimend. I will forever be gracious for the oppurtunity that you gave me here, thankful in more ways than one. You are an extremely nice man, one who is clearly dedicated to helping others. For being the type of person you are, understand that you will always be rewarded in life for having that trait. Good things are always returned to good people that do well for others. If you are of Faith, to live life by fearing death isn't a real life at all. But that doesn't mean that you do not have a duty to do all you can for your health and for that of your family's goodwill. We have mothers here who need to be there for their little ones, treasured grandma's, daughters and sons. If not that, extended families and/or loving neighbors, and you are an important part of life to all of those around each and everyone of you. That said, it is your duty to do all that you can to get yourself better. If you've avoided gluten 100% and you now believe that you are getting your life back, be thankful and get out there and go do something big with it now. For those that aren't getting better, there comes a point when common sense must enter somewhere along the lines, I would think. At some point you are going to have to venture out of the cult following, and do a bit more for yourself-still avoiding gluten in full, you may just have to implement a few of the other possibilities, too. If you've done what's been asked and have been told that you are fine but truly believe within that you are not, keep looking. You may just have to do part of this one for yourself if you are ever going to get better. Don't get sidetracked with your research like I did a few times. Keep going after all of those associations that make sense to you as it relates to your condition. As a person with Celiac Sprue, you know what to watch out for-diabetes, neuropathy, neurological disturbance, metabolic complications/endocrine imbalance (Thyroid, Kidneys, Adrenals, Thymus, etc), and connective tissue disease (Lupus, Sjogren's, etc). BTW, if I ever was a physician, and I was only allowed to test a patient with Celiac Sprue for one blood test, I would choose the Protein Electrophoresis. I would consider the test to be vital here for some, but that's an amateur opinion now, remember. For those of you who may go with the assumption that I'm looking at MM, that's not necessarily the case, especially in the presence of a normal CBC and RBC value. Several infections and issues pertaining to the parathyroid could all affect this test. I say this only because of my suspicions there may be a state of Polyclonal Gammopathy here with some, a condition that is highly unspecific to anyone condition. But it does narrow them down signifigantly. For those of you who have gone on and had only limited relief, I cannot emphasis this one enough-coming from a person without a medical degree now, remember. If you're stuck, use this wonderful resource at celiac.com. Set out a schedule this month and tell yourself that you are going to read X number of articles under this section this week. Browse through the forums, go back if you must to see if anything may describe your symptoms. There is probably a 99% chance that whatever it is that you have another (Others) are experiencing, too. If need be, private message them to see if they respond. Join a partnership with them so that you can determine what's going on between the two of you. Maybe, just maybe, one of you will stumble onto something. In fairness to our doctors, they can't possibly be expected to determine each and everything that is wrong with you during your office visits. They are not, and should not be expected to be miracle workers, afterall. Most work for hospitals and clinics where they see dozens of different patients. They can only do so much. So rather than going in there each time and demanding to know what's wrong with you, you may just have to do a little of your own research on this one to help out. See if you come up with anything, than ask him/her about the possibility during your next visit. He'd appreciate that so long as you don't walk in with two dozen things to rule out. Narrow them down into those that are realistic possibilities. If you've gone on for a year or two and you believe that you are not getting better, there's a strong possibility that nothing is going to change unless you do something about it yourself, you must understand that. And it wouldn't hurt your chances to be a little prepared next time. Believe me, if you are smart enough to have memorized all of the various foods to avoid, all of the "Hidden names" they are represented by, you can do this. Once again, I have not read one "Bad post" here by any of you. You are an intelligent group, most of you understand the core basics of this disease. So go do something about it. Regardless of wealth/power/position, etc, history brings with it one very valuable lesson-those who have established the greatest achievements have done so on their own, as a result of their own actions. Nobody is going to give you a bump with this, not with the type of confusion involved with this disease. There is a strong chance that you are going to have to try to help yourself at some point. And some here have done just that, and they've achieved. Others have a different system, it would appear. That doesn't mean "Life's not fair," it only means that your road has a bigger fork in it, but once you get around that you'll be stronger than anybody else here. You're not too old to overcome anything, your schedule isn't too demanding if you're sitting in here on a daily basis, and I know that you know how to use a computer and the internet. I have witnessed a hundred different people here that have indeed managed to make a few connections with this. Much of the investigation seems to be repeating itself and tends to lack detail, but the attempts are at least being made, and that can only mean that some of the connections are getting established, so that can only be a good thing. You have made the associations between a thyroid problem and Celiac Sprue, or you have observed what may be a pretty big correlation between diabetes and Celiac Sprue. From there, you have read about genetics, or autoimmunity. At every corner, there may just be another key to unlock yet another door. You all have the power here to do and become what was meant for you. Some have done just that, others may still be looking for those types of answers. But to get any type of order established back to your life, you have to get better. And if it's been a year or more since you can say that, than there are fairly good odds that you're going to have to help yourself here a little bit. Rule out the other GI disorders. Rule out infections. Rule out the autoimmunes. That Merck's manual that looks so terribly complicated is truly nothing more than 7 key pathways with certain "Spin offs." Once you look through it and take in what is written, you'll start to see that. Soon you see that some of the PH issues and a condition like Lupus may have some associations. Once you absorb the concepts of the diseases and the requirements of nutrition by the body, you will just naturally be led to the aminos, the fluids, etc. Than you will understand those connections, and be able to relate them back to what you started to study in the first place. Personally, in my amateur, non-medically educated opinion, of course, there isn't a doubt in my mind that the adrenals and certain hormones called Cortisol, Cortizone, Androsterone, and Aldosterone may be at work for a few of them here-1 or all. I believe that others may have a liver issue, one that could theoritically explain for much of this when you take into account that of the non essential aminos. I have a great deal of suspicion about vitamin B6 and Niacin's role with this, and I will always be convinced that a few here may have a Mycological infection, of some form. Whether or not it is Candidiasis, however, that is difficult to determine. I believe there is an association to all of this with the Mitochondria c's, one that could be associated back to one of the Myeloproliferative Disorders. But what I just said right there, is that really a disease, or is it merely the result of an infection, or an amino/vitamin deficiency/toxicity? If it can be blamed on a vitamin deficiency, that goes back to confirming Celiac Sprue as being the dominant variable. If it's one of the aminos, that's an entirely different issue altogether, one that could "Cause Celiac" I believe-the exact opposite. These are the issues that you must determine. And believe me, if you're good at puzzles, or reading maps, some of this may just make some sense to you eventually~. It's not your job to diagnose anyone of anything, yourself included. Contrary to what some may feel, a rational person should be able to understand that you are only trying to help. Personally, I would recommend that you be a bit careful with what you have to say publically, and that is because some of those here do not understand that they want to have the disease they do in the sub conscious mind. Being sick means being important to some, and with those one will never, ever win. Thank you to all of the wonderfully kind, respectful people that I ran into along the way here. As for the "Enemies," I too wish you nothing but the best. I expect many big things to come for many of you, those that are bound to be quite positive. They'll get this nailed down for you folks at some point. In the meantime, never forget that to live a life without hope is one that is never going to get you anywhere. Those of true Faith will always live on, while those that do not will forever bar themselves from capturing that better day. The choice of who you are going to be, what you are going to do, can only be established by the path you so choose to follow. God Bless to all, and I truly do thank you all once again. Never give up the fight. So long as you accept that principal, you will not lose with this. He's up there, and He's sitting right there beside ya'. Sometimes you just have to make sure that you're doing your part to get that help~. Thanks again to all.
  10. Excellent question, professor. I'll take another look into this. I know that there has been some confusion along the way in her case. Her medical reports detail testing for the DQ2 and DQ8, both of which were negative. I can say for certain that these tests also are defined in my medical history. I did research this at one time and the lab titles seemed to go along with what I was reading, but I will try to go back and take another look here at some point. I must compliment you for the type of investigation you are attempting here. Great work.
  11. Ok, I understand Plan. I'm sure that I was a little bit out of line there, too. I certainly do understand the frustrations you have about everything, too, Plan. I guess the only issue that I had was your declaration that I am here telling people what to do. Time after time, I have stated that I am not a physician, and that what I have said here should not substitute for the advise of one's physician. I have never offered medical advise- this has only been research driven. As for what has worked for mom, I acknowledge, more than any other, that it will not work for everyone. If I have highlighted certain tests that I feel would be relevant, I have done so with the acknowledgement that our doctors are not going to be prescribing medical tests because some kid on a web forum believes they may be relevant. I guess my point, Plan, is that I think the reader has to have some common sense having to do with the prospects of what I have said here. I guess that was my biggest issue, Plan. But let me also say this-As a long standing Type 1 diabetic, I have observed numerous accounts described by many that offer valuable clues having to do with what I myself have "Felt" from time to time as a diabetic. The most glaring similairites seem to involve those symptoms I experienced back as a child when I would occasionally fall into a state of Ketoacidosis for a short duration. Yes, that may have been a long time ago, but just like that time you had Mono or Chickenpox as a child, you don't forget the experience. It becomes embedded, to a degree. Certain angles of my approach may be unconventional, and if unconventional is required to mean "Uneducated" in the eyes of the beholder, than you have every right to make that determination. I'm not a car salesman, afterall. In the meantime, I will not deviate from my belief that Celiac Sprue is a dynamic "complication" that is merely a process brought on by other variables, which may be one of, or a combination of any of the following-stress, hormones, metabolic function, liver impairment, amino imbalance, toxicity, and/or a presence of Mycological infection. Possible, though nearly impossible to be able to prove-microscopic parasite of unknown origin. 95% of my opinions are based on the collective pool of articles/interviews written/spoken by the finest physicians in this country, and about two dozen of their books. I did not skim through these, I read each from beginning to end, stopping along the way to clarify any concept that I could not understand. At that point, there are two remaining issues-pattern recognition, and degree of comprehension. If I have the confidence that I have been able to comprehend the available literature, I hold the confidence within that I will manage to "Beat" any other at pattern recognition, for such has always been the core variable of dominance in my pattern of learning. Futhermore, any patterns that would show up here would be forwarded on to a university source, as I have specified. I do not have a right to diagnose or recommend, Plantime, but we should all have a right to continue on w/ investigation. And most certainly, to keep the faith alive. That is the way I would respond, Plan, but I do appreciate your response, and its honestly. Thanks. PS-Thank you to all of those that did take the time to complete the survey. We'll get to it next week. Thanks again so much.
  12. If you're referring to the DQ2 and DQ8, mine were negative, though I am a Type 1 Diabetic. That was also the case for my family member, whose blood and biopsies at one time read positive for Celiac. And that is exactly why I've never bought into this, at least in her case.
  13. Jk, that EXACT description is what I had been experiencing periodically over the past couple of years on rare occasions (About once a month for a couple of days). That's why I eventually decided to get tested for Celiac. All of the tests, including endoscopy, were normal, however. I'm a Type 1 diabetic that has an insulin pump. The symptoms had gone away for a long time, but a couple of months ago they came back over a 24 hour period-pain in certain "Spots" in the abdomen, nausea, general fatigue, confusion/inability to concentrate, irregular heartbeats, and a rash on the stomach were all observed, all due to an infection that had developed at the site of my pump infusion that I had left in for a day too long (The pump system leaves a tiny catheter under the skin that you inject into the stomach region that delivers the insulin from the pump). Just to be sure, I had a Protein Electrophoresis test done, as well as the CBC, but everything was normal. Later on, I convinced my physician to put me on an anti fungal, knowing that Candida or any of the other fungal strains can thrive in the presence of any type of catheter left under the skin. Within ten days, I didn't have any "Spinning" or "Dizzy spells," and the nausea was gone a day or two later. The concentration was the last thing to come back, but all of the improvements occured over a ten day period, so the medication was pretty effective. I'm not a fan of any type of prescription medication so I wasn't too happy about taking the drug, but I knew I had to with the type of rash that had broken out. I started to think about it and realized that all of these "Spells" in the past had been occuring in the presence of one of these minor skin infections that would occassionally form after leaving an infusion set under the skin for too long. I have a blood/fungal culture scheduled in about two weeks with my doctor, so it'll be interesting to see what comes of that. This is exactly why I've been fairly aggressive about highlighting the possibilities of Mycology here. I've been through it.
  14. Hepatoxicity, by definition, means nothing more than liver damage/distress. Depending upon the severity of damage, Hepatoxicity can be a serious condition, or merely one that lingers around for an extended period in the abscence of any severe damage. Here's a link covering a limited part of what is known about this condition, in basic terminology- http://www.priory.com/cmol/antitb.htm The article defines for the presence of Hepatoxicity by the following criteria, referenced directly from the article- "Following criteria were used to define anti-TB drugs-induced hepatotoxicity: Normalization of liver enzymes level and resolution of signs and symptoms of hepatotoxicity after withdrawal of all anti-TB drugs, and presence of at least one of the following criteria: o A rise to five or greater than five times the normal level of ALT and/or AST. o A rise in the level of serum total bilirubin over 1.5 mg/dl. o Any increase in AST and/or ALT above pretreatment levels together with anorexia, nausea, vomiting and jaundice. Normal maximum value in the laboratory is 35 IU/L for ALT and 40 IU/L for AST. For ALP normal upper limit is 115 IU/L." The particular article above may only highlight TB prescription drug- induced Hepatoxicity, but the fact of the matter is that Hepatoxicity can be caused by many, many different prescription drugs. "Google it", and you will be able to see this for yourself. Now I doubt very much that anybody here is in a state of full fledged Hepatoxicity. But are there signs of the basic pathway present here among some of you? Sure. Why else would some of you be experiencing fluctuations with those liver enzyme counts w/o any rational explanation, afterall. Beyond prescription drug medications, Hepatoxicity can be caused by alcoholism, OTC drugs (Rare, but it can happen), and/or other forms of toxicity. Skin creams, household cleaners? You bet. Take a look at the following link, and you will see that a skin cream prescribed by Dermatologists has the ability to induce Hepatoxicity- http://dermatology.cdlib.org/DOJvol3num2/e...totoxicity.html Once again, directly quoting from the article here, "The temporal association of Skin Cap use and development of pustular psoriasis along with symptoms and laboratory evidence of hepatotoxicity suggest a probable linkage in these events. Against the background of pre-existing alcohol intake in this patient, it is possible that the additional alcohol content of Skin Cap may have directly precipated pustular psoriasis and hepatotoxicity in this patient." Further proof of the possible correlation between drug use and Hepatoxicity. I also share this article with you because it is possibly the most legitimite explanation that I have yet to find offering a rational explanation for what may be occuring here for many of you here. As you can see, rather than saying that somebody has Celiac Disease w/ Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, and Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus, I believe that simply calling this "Amavata" would be a more logical approach. Whether or not all of the symptoms may be present is fairly irrelevant with what I am trying to do here, afterall.http://www.wrc.net/phyto/amavata.html Again, quoting directly from the article-"Unfortunately, each class of drug listed contains a number of unpleasant and potentially dangerous effects, from hepatotoxicity (e.g. NSAIDs, methotrexate, penacillamine), kidney damage (e.g. cyclosporine, penacillamine) to immunodeficiency (e.g. corticosteroids, cyclosporine, methotrexate, penacillamine)." Two thirds of the population pop that Tylenol, a solid one fifth/sixth have been prescribed corticosteroids at some point in their lifetime, and we've all been given Penicillin here or there, correct? Before we move on, here is an outstanding resource matching up certain prescription drugs and their potential affects on liver function, basic health,etc. Because 2 out of 3 people who have Celiac Sprue are women, those of you that are female, please make note of the Estradiols and the ability they have to affect the liver bile ducts. http://www.hepnet.com/hepc/ulibd00/swain.html Of interest here is the growing, documented proof that there may well be a connection between Primary Biliary Sclerosis and Celiac Sprue, as this brief article eludes to. Take note to the fact that this article covers Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a condition that I personally believe may offer a better connection than PBS does, but the two conditions both highlight the same type of condition that would be active. They are quite similar, in other words- http://www.gastromd.com/education/primarys...holangitis.html What I find to be fascinating about this article is that when you compare the symptoms and diseases that are associated to PSC and/or PBS, you find so much of what is taking place here for so many of you. At what point does Celiac Disease essentially "Take its bow" to PBS? The intellectual can see the process for what it is-that of one big "Event," not a pool of collective, individual diseases that may or may not have associations to one another. And I would strongly make the argument that Celiac is the result, not the cause, of the much larger issue at hand, and for good reason. Realistically, what possible good does it do to address this or that part (Lupus, Thyroid, Etc) of the larger mechanism when no real attempt is ever made at getting to the bottom of what is really going on for those of you diagnosed with multiple conditions. Back to my favorite topic, that being the amino acids. Again, basic concepts, basic terminology, so take a look- http://www.ehot.com/smartbasics/glos_aminos_dir.html Quoting once again directly from the article, "Amino acids are also necessary for the manufacture of protein structures required for genes, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and body fluids. In the central nervous system, amino acids act as neurotransmitters and as precursors to neurotransmitters used in the brain to receive and send messages. Amino acids are also required to allow vitamins and minerals to be utilized properly." Another important quote from the article-"These proteins are used by the body to construct muscles, bones, organs, glands, connective tissues, nails and hair."-Pretty much everything, I would say. And, for those that are being lazy by not reading through the links, another direct quote from the article- "Many of the amino acids required to maintain human health can be produced in the liver from proteins found in our diet. These non-essential aminos are: alanine, aspartic acid , asparagine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, and serine." Contrary to what our doctors are led to believe in medical school, deficiencies of certain aminos can and very much do exist. That is a fact, one that has been proven time and time again in study after study. I once read that your IM physician has one hour of classroom education on the aminos. I was told that they are basically advised to administer glutamine in emergency situations, and to look out for PKU in newborns-that's about it. We know that Celiac Sprue essentially is represented by an inability for some to properly digest the proteins in gluten, in particular, although there is plenty of evidence here to suggest that many of you are having problems with other protein sources, as well. Let's look at four of these, in particular. Tyrosine excluded, 2 of these 3 (Tryptophan excluded) are DIRECT members of the non essential class (Produced by the liver-directly). Tryptophan (At one angle, but the following statement is correct, essentially) is than produced by the non-essentials. They give it its power to do its own job, in other words. If one is to insist on proof in terms of the amount of confusion there is w/ the aminos among various sources, look at Tryptophan. About 1/3rd of the available literature tells us that Tryptophan is a direct "Bi product of the non essentials," another 1/3 (The source below included) believes it to be an "Essential" amino, while another 1/3 believes that Tyrosine is a non essential itself (Contradicting this link), and that it comes to be from a loosely defined metabolic reaction. This group, in particular, seems to believe that it is relatively helpless by itself, meaning that it in no way can be defined as an essential amino, though this statement falls dangerously close to one that can be debated, too. #1)-Tryptophan (Product of the non essentials) http://www.vitaminsdiary.com/tryptophan.htm #2)-Glutamine (A "non essential," produced by the liver directly) http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/magazine04/glutamine.htmGlutamine "Produces" Alanine, and Alanine helps to "Produce" its counterpart, Beta Alanine. #3)Alanine A "non essential," is produced by the liver, but requires proper Glutamine levels to function properly. http://www.wellnessadvocate.com/?cat=wellt...rients_id=10017 What this information does not highlight is that two of Alanine's main roles are to assist the body in protein (Gluten), carb (What gluten usually goes along with), and fat metabolism. A deficiency or toxicity of Alanine WILL CAUSE metabolic impairment, that's just a fact. Furthermore, it, along with its "counterpart", Beta Alanine, just so happen to be the body's main defenses against systematic acidity and high cholosterol, which may or may not be able to be traced back to an issue such as PBS. Kaufmann-cholosterol may be nothing more than an anti-fungal mechanism, but that is where he leaves it, essentially. Kaufmann wonderfully explains for what may be behind several of today's mystery illnesses, that being various fungal agents, but he doesn't make the connection to the PH issues. I would argue that it would be very hard for one to have a systematic fungal infection if the body is not out of balance in some way. Only a long term illness/infection, toxicity, or long term vitamin/mineral/amino deficiency could cause this env't to take hold in the body, therefore allowing for the fungal growth to take place. I take a great deal of interest in the fact Alanine just so happens to have a role in fighting both acidity and cholosterol levels. Its dependance on proper Glutamine levels/function makes this connection all the more intriguing, as does its direct link back over to Tryptophan on the other side. #4)Tyrosine-You may go look this one up for youself on the web, but just understand that it is believed to be the key player behind Endocrine function. Like I have said before, there will be Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism, possibly even Adrenal or Thymus complication if there is a problem with Tyrosine. Of key interest here is the "War" that is always taking place once again between Tyrosine and Tryptophan for "Passage" into the bloodstream. What has been discussed here is at the heart of your disease. And remember not to confuse yourself-Aminos represent the "Process," where as conditions like Celiac Sprue, Diabetes, and PBS are the result of an amino imbalance, in the abscense of a confirmed infectious agent. So it goes without saying that in my last report coming next weekend, the heavy emphasis will be on the overall pathway involved within a connection I have found between the liver, the kidneys and/or the adrenals (Hormones), a possible toxicity or infection, along with the disruption that is bound to occur within the amino profile in the presence of such widespread disruption. It is my opinion there does exist powerful evidence to support the theory that one's main problem here is either due to a deficiency or toxicity of any of the following-Glutamine, Alanine, Glutathione, B-Alanine, Tryptophan, Glutamic Acid, Tyrosine, and/or Arginine-all of or one of, or a little of both. But what leads to all of this, you may ask. Is it an active infection, or is it more probable to believe that a toxicity of the liver, however slight that may be, may be at the roots of this disease. Finally, we'll backdoor the connection back over to the adrenals and kidneys. Than, rest assured, I'll be done. But the process is quite simple (In my own non-medically educated opinion, of course)-I believe there may be somewhat of a direct connection between Celiac Sprue and the liver. It is my belief the problem starts with the liver. In other words, Celiac Sprue is caused by abnormal liver function, for some of you, at least. What may have the potential to cause one to have abnormal liver function? Prescription medications, alcohol, smoking, vaccine content, illegal drugs, Aspartame/Methanol, the heavy metals. Indirectly, the overuse of corticosteroids could be another potential trigger, as would kidney disease and the indirect effect such complications may bring to the liver. In the presence of abnormal liver function, there is an increased liklihood that one's non-essential amino profile will become affected, understanding that it has been confirmed that the liver is responsible for the creation of these specific amino acids (The non essentials). Two of these aminos, in particular, that of Glutamine and Alanine (And Beta Alanine), seem to be at the heart of all of what is going on here, so long that one is to take into consideration that of the relationships of these two aminos with the metabolism of others within the profile. I find there to be overwhelmning evidence to conclude that there may be a problem here for the majority of people when it comes to Glutamine and Alanine. The problem is that there does exist some confusion as to whether or not such individuals would be deficient or toxic. While the answer may appear obvious, the fact of the matter is that nobody could possibly determine where they are sitting w/ these two until they are tested. There are certain sequences, even medications, that have been known to lead to "Toxic" levels of these two aminos, so the assumption should not be made that one is deficient without having such confirmation in hand by way of medical lab testing. The basic logic involved in this conclusion should be apparent to the reader. Glutamine, the body's most abundant amino outside of a state of illness, is known to heal (And regulate the overall health of) the GI tract, and to prevent further damage to this system from envt'l/metabolic forces. Alanine is metabolized from Glutamine, and therefore it is believed by the common majority that Alanine needs Glutamine to do its job, in other words. Alanine's role in gluconeogenesis is extremely powerful, as one can determine from the literature I have presented to you here. It may be the largest player involved in the process of what truly may be at the heart of everything we find here. The combinations of Alanine and Beta Alanine are known to combat cholosterol. It is an effective agent in glucose control. It is the body's chief weapon against blood acidity. Normal levels of the amino are required for the proper metabolism of proteins, carbs, and fats. Its role is very well established in muscle and connective tissue maintenance. Furthemore, Tryptophan is a very big player when it comes to the relationship it holds with Alanine. Remember, beyond its own extremely important capacities w/ one's health, Tryptophan, by itself, is always in that tug of war game it has with Tyrosine (Endocrine-Glands). What causes Celiac Sprue? To answer that question, I believe one must first ask the question, "What is wrong with the liver?" Is there actual "damage" w/ the bile ducts? Is it being run down by a medication or alcohol? Is a virus or infection present in the tissue? If these questions can all be outruled, than an exploration must be done into secondary stressors of the liver (Adrenals and kidneys are the top suspects). If that too can be outruled, than the determination must be made as to what may explain for a deficiency and/or toxicity of certain aminos in the diet. At the top of this particular "Suspect list" would be a blood infection (Fungal or Bacterial. Viral-doubtful) or a toxicity of the bloodstream that has not yet brought verified disruption to the liver's function. If all of these questions can be answered in a method that would outrule all of these suspicions, I will officially give a select few what they apparently want to hear. For at that given point, I would have no choice but to conclude that Celiac Sprue "Is what it is." I would still make the argument that the sensitivity is triggered by lectin sources rather than gluten, but I would be in line with the overall thought process, at least.
  15. Hi, KL. If you haven't had glucose testing done, I would think about that just so you may rule out diabetes. Anything having to do with blurry vision, you always want to rule out Diabetes in such a case, especially w/ the acknowledgement that Celiac Sprue and Diabetes share the same pathway (Blatently clear for me, at least). If these attacks are occuring within a two hour window of high carb snacks or meals, that would come as a key signal.