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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi I am only a teen but have had major personal issues with the catholic church about this. Please post and tell me if you belong to the catholic church and I will let you know!
  3. Pure castile soap is usable for anything!!! Dishes, hair, body, not sure about laundry but I use Arm & Hammer. But let me tell you castile soap also smells great. Hope this helps!=]
  4. I don't know how they would do it, I imagine probably a blood test then if its positive a biopsy. I was an infant when I was diagnosed and thats what they did but my mom isnt a celiac.
  5. Ok anytime you wanna talk/vent email me at allisonnn04@aim.com...I am a teen (14) and I also have times when that exact thing happens and I would reallllyyy love to talk to you.soo email me pleassssssssseeeeee!I have no celiac friends and i am the only one in my family
  6. anyone here wanna talk about like celiac and stuff!!!
  7. Hey Elise, I am thirteen and I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease since I was 6 months old. If you have any questions or you just wanna talk, I'm here and I would be happy to have someone I can talk to tooo. So post please if you need anything