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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I did try a couple gluten-free products which were quite tasty. It takes some getting used to the different texture though. I'll have to try that flax bread recipe. I expect I'll want to do my own baking after I get more familiar with the gluten-free ingredients. I've decided to go on a gluten binge for the next 2 weeks. Then see how I feel and decide if I want to bother with more tests. I think I may have some symptoms now that I didn't attribute to gluten before. After just two days, I been noticing more of a buddha belly. Hopefully, I won't burst at the seams after two weeks.
  2. I should find out what the other blood test was for. The GP did say that it was positive and confirmed the results of the tTG test. According to him, gluten is toxic and that should be reason enough to eliminate it from my diet. Whereas, the GI doctor is reluctant to diagnose celiac, or even recommend a gluten-free diet, without the positive biopsy. Why are doctors so reluctant to put a label on it? What harm can it do? Fear that a patient might sue for subjecting them to a gluten-free diet? Or is conventional medicine to blame? I really don
  3. Yes, I had an elevated tTG level of 99. This test was done after showing a positive result for some other antibody test (not sure what it was). Tough choices. It should be a no-brainer. I hate switching back & forth between the two diets. It makes it difficult to determine what effect it is having. Is it possible to have a false positive because I have Graves? Or is the tTG level too elevated from the norm?
  4. I went to a different GP because I had symptoms of fatigue and depression, which I figured were thyroid related. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in 1999, had a thyroidectomy in 2001 (no thyroid now), and was unhappy with my current thyroid medication. I was fed up with my endocrinologist so I found the name of a GP who also practices alternative medicine. He prescribes natural dessicated thyroid meds which I wanted to try. The majority of doctors will only prescribe the synthetic thyroid drugs. While I had my consult with this doctor, some symptom I mentioned prompted him to suggest testing for celiac along with the other bloodwork I was to have done. I have since read that there is a connection between Graves disease & celiac.
  5. Why am I disappointed to have normal biopsy results? Or am I just pissed at my doctor who urged me to go on a gluten free diet before I had a definitive diagnosis? After I had already done the gluten-free diet for about two months, I was referred to a GI doctor. The GI doctor didn
  6. Thanks!!! I appreciate everyone's advice. One question though: Would I be able to drive myself home afterwards (after having both an endoscopy and colonscopy)? Maybe not immediately, but an hour or two, later? I want to get this over with soon before I start enjoying my wheat bread again! but I can't swing a ride and the hospital is a half hour away by the freeway. I know what the secretary's answer will be if I ask her.
  7. I had extensive bloodwork done and according to my GP, the positive results were confirmed by more than one test. But I'm the kind of person who needs the evidence in my face so to speak, or I'll likely relapse and have a slice of gluten now and then. It took a couple of tries before I could quit smoking and I don't expect going totally gluten-free will be any easier. That would be a good topic for another thread. I've made up my mind to go ahead with the test and play the waiting game. Hoping for positive results? If that's not sick, or what?!
  8. Thank you both for your responses. I agree that the biopsy is probably unnecessary, but it will likely help me with the compliance issue. If the results turn up negative, well, I might need some convincing to continue with the diet. I didn't notice any major changes when I was following the diet more religiously. Maybe it hadn't been long enough. And yes, I will visit here often! I have lots of questions.
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The specialist did mention the risk of perforation. How do you know when you're at a higher risk? Were you warned about it by your doctor? I don't mean to pry. I just want to be aware of the risks should I agree to the procedure. I likely will because I was finding it a struggle to stick to the diet. I've been eating some gluten lately in case I go ahead with it.
  10. Hello, everyone. I need some advice about having a biopsy done. My bloodwork showed an antibody level (I think it was tTTG) of 99. My GP commented that my levels were "impressive" and referred me to a GI doctor. The specialist says the only way to know for certain is to get a scope in there to assess any damage. He also wants to do a colonscopy at the same time since I'll be in the hospital. I have no argument with the colonscopy given my age (52) and my family history (my father had polyps) but am uncertain about the biopsy. I had been attempting a gluten free diet at the urging of my GP but haven't completely eliminated all gluten yet. Now I wonder if I should continue with the diet if I decide to go ahead with a biopsy? I told the specialist I was trying to do the diet yet he never suggested that I put it on hold until the biopsy. He even wondered why I was referred to him because I hadn't reported any bowel complaints. I'm fairly asymptomatic. Had tummy trouble in the past but could usually attribute the symptoms to stress. Isn't the bloodwork on its own indicative of celiac? I feel a biopsy is unnecessary. Can anyone advise me of the merit of having this test done?