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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. gluten-free In Vista, California?

    Dear Patti B. Welcome to Vista! I do not eat out much because of the contamination issue, however there are a few places I do go to and have had success. Outback Steakhouse has a gluten free menu and understand cross contamination. Just remind your server you are extremely sensitive to contaminates and he will tell the chef. I have never gotten sick here. I recently went to the Park Deli on West Vista Way in Vista. They were very helpful to build a sandwich that I could eat. (see my reviews on Park Deli and Frazier Farms on my blog www.celiacscout.com). There is also IN and OUT and they have been great with the cross contamination issue too. I'ts on Hacienda Dr. I believe. Any IN and OUT works but I KNOW this place is always been great for me. Never had a problem. As for buying food, I would go to Frazier Farms on Vista Way near the freeway behind Daves' BBQ...it sort of sits back from the street so you won't see it right away. Near the Staples store (which is hard to see too from the street). They have loads of stuff, clean meats, veggies, and a whole isle of gluten-free products even ready made bread called Johann's Bread fresh, and they also carry the frozen kind. Just ask...they are very knowledgeable. Call ahead if there is something specific you want and see if they can get it for you when you will be visiting. They carry Daiya cheese (alternative if allergic to milk). They have stuff for you to make your own sushi! I made some for my sister and I when we went to the Children's Pool in La Jolla. What a great lunch! There is this place called Boney's (in Oceanside) that carry gluten-free products but I much prefer Frazier Farms. There is Henery's in Carlsbad also that carry gluten-free products. By the beach in Oceanside there is a very small grocery called Cream of the Crop, on the 101 by the end of Vista Way. If you want something fancy try WEST, it is a hotel and they will do whatever you want, but it is PRICEY. Call ahead for information. I have not eaten at Flippin Pizza or Buca DeBeppo, but don't bother with California Pizza for Pizza. They are rude and uppity and there is cross contamination badly. Also there are some reviews from GFREETV.com in the La Jolla area and some others. Take a look. Hope this helps. Have a great time! The weather is usually about 72-75 most of the year. Perfect for vacations. Sincerely, Oli
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Well, I don't know about anyone else but the yellow coloring in butter and cheese is NOT my friend. Not only am I lactose intolerant but when I eat cheese of any kind it makes my throat thick and itchy and my lungs hurt and it is hard to breath. I try to stay away from reds, blues, yellows, well, most all colorants. Was there msg in the product? Could the blackberries been sprayed with certain chemicals? It sounds like what ever is triggering the reaction is becoming dangerous for you.
  4. Mandy, I can't tell you how many loafs I punted out the door. . I simply refuse to pay $7 a loaf for cardboard tasting bread. I was so fed up I tried making my own. I tried Pamela's and it's good and easy to make quickly. It lasts only 24 hrs in my house. I make other breads (from scratch) from Carol Fenster's books. I have almost every one of them. She has REAL FOOD for grown ups. Her breads are easy enough to do and taste like BREAD! My only suggestion is to measure accurately and get a hand sifter to get great results. Now I have a bread maker. It is an old one but does the trick. I love just putting the ingredients in and turning it on and walking away knowing that in a few glorious hours I will have bread. My neighbors tell me they get so jealous that I bake bread. They love it wafting into their noses. Living Without magazine had some wonderful breads in them also. I think it was the spring Issue of 2006 where you could make hamburger buns, pizza and all kinds of things. If you can get a back issue that would be great. This is a fantastic magazine. I make things from it all the time. It is worth the money you pay for it. I was reading one of the bloggs and one someone mentioned having their loafs sink. That happened to me with Betty Haggman's book on Breads. They look so delicious on the cover. I couldn't wait to get started. I live in San Diego and I could never get the bread right. I had the same problems. I think it could be the altitude or the oven. I had to turn mine up 25 degrees to get it..better...not right. Then it started to burn since it wasn't cooking inside the loaf. I was just about to give up when I found Carol Fenster's book and I haven't had a problem since. If you get a bread maker you will never regret it.' One last thing. When the bread comes out you will want to eat it right away. I understand. However, with gluten free bread, wait until it is completely cooled before cutting with a serrated knife. Slice the entire loaf saving the ends of the bread for crutons for the holidays. Put in freezer bags and freeze. Put waxed or parchment paper between the rest of the sliced bread and freeze. Have one in the freezer and one ready to eat.
  5. Well now, I find this very interesting. Somehow I got gluten in my diet ( have been gluten free for 10 years)I was visiting my son, and he told me I had cronic bad breath. I went to the store and got a toung scraper and that helped. However when I got home from my visit I really put my diet in check and I havent had a problem since that I know of. I am interested in the candida...If you have read Dr. Crooks book The Yeast Connection you will find that it is very possibly true about the breath. Yeast is a problem that should be looked at. This is an excellant book for those who work with Autism too as Autistics have a hard time throwing off toxins in the body. Oli
  6. I know what you mean. I have punted many a bread that didn't work out, out the front door. It took two big dogs to carry off the worst one. It is definitely a different way to cook isn't it? So much to learn. Once you do FIND a place that sells in bulk try to get with other Celiac's in your area and try to do a co-op with them. That's the only way I can think of to make it feasible for you, and you other Celiac friends will love you for doing it. It seems that everyone is "so busy" they don't or won't make time for this great opportunity. I have yet to find bulk either . I'm sure its out there but where? It sure would be a money saver. Oli
  7. I use wine in my spaghetti sauce roasts and stews. I don't drink either. About a half a cup or so. Taste the richness. Try a dry red wine for beef. For pork, chicken or turkey use white. Oli
  8. Sorry to hear about this. I too go from hard to soft stool...but I have found that taking probotics seems to even it out somewhat. It puts in the good bacteria your body needs. I give it to my son also. I don't know if this will help but it cant hurt. Silk Soy Milk puts out a good yogurt with probotics in it and its a yummy treat. Just make sure that she chews it about 30 seconds or so, not just swallow it. When you chew it, it makes the acids in your mouth break down the yogurt and there is hardly anything in your mouth when completely chewed then swallowed. Your body will digest better. The first time I heard of this I went "yeh, right". But it does just that. Try it for a week and see if there is a change. Oli
  9. I'm so glad you joined the board!

  10. Baja Fresh

    I ate at Baja Fresh in Vista California3 times and loved the food. The people were great the place clean. One time I was fine, the other two forget it. I have since stayed away. I think because it is not dedicated is why I had the problem. Oli