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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been a celiac for about two years now. six months ago, I became really sick and eventually found out that it was casein intolerance. But even when I was gluten and casein free I still felt sick occasionally. I checked EVERYTHING for gluten and casein cross contamination, which can be a grueling process. I even contacted manufacturers to see if the equipment was ever used for foods with casein. During my search for answers I remember eating a casein free chocolate bar. The company stated on the label "Equipment 100% free of gluten and casein". About two hours later I was SOOOO sick, more sick than if I drank a vat of milk with gluten in it. So I decided to stop eating all chocolate, which was a very sad day for me. I felt great again. Then a few weeks later against my better judgement I decided that it was worth the pain. I ate a soy dream candy bar. I waited...and waited...and waited some more and I was fine. I thought I was cured, YAY! So I went out and bought all this chocolate stuff...NOPE! I had enjoy life chocolate chips and they made me a little sick and then I had chocolate rice dream milk and that made me REALLY sick again. I went back to the soy dream chocolate bar and I was fine. Weird! I've been checking all the different ingredients in the chocolate and they all seem to be the same. The only thing I can think of it how the cocoa is processed, which isn't always indicated on the label. But I know when I had hershey's cocoa (which is casein free) I got sick and it's processed with alkali. Is it possible that I could be having a reaction to alkali? I'm having a chocolate crisis...and I girl needs her chocolate!!! HELP!
  2. This is really scary, but your case sounds almost identical to mine. My main issues were arthritis and inflammation all over...especially the stomach, bowels, esophagus. The way I found that I have celiac is just by the diet. I really got the run around from doctors and just gave up on all the meds and tests. I've never done the biopsy, I just know I have celiac by the diet because I'm 100% better. For your question about the biopsy...It depends how long you fasted. Since gluten causes damage to the small intestine for a celiac, if you're not eating it, your intestines start to heal. If you feel completely healthy, I wouldn't do the biopsy since it takes a week or two to heal completely. Normally you have to be consuming gluten for 6-8 wks on a daily basis to get positive results if you do have celiac. Even then...the results could come back negative. I would say that if the results come back negative you should still go gluten free. It has definitely worked for me...except for the GERD...I'm still working on that one Hope everything works out for you
  3. I'm thinking about opening a sandwich restaurant sort of like panera bread that has gluten free bread on the menu. But I would also have breads that contain gluten for non-celiacs. I do plan on making all the bread from scratch and I'm concerned if it would ever really work with the risk of cross contamination. I'm thinking about finding a building that has a large kitchen and having one side dedicated to gluten free baking. There would be seperate toasters, utensils, sandwich baskets, meats and cheeses and there would be one person who would only assembles gluten free sandwiches. Even with all of this...someone could still make a mistake. I'm not concerned about losing customers as much as I am about someone having a reaction. I want this to be a place I can eat and not be concerned. Would you eat at a sandwich restaurant that has some risk of cross contamination and do you have any other suggestions of ways that it can be more gluten proof?
  4. I've been reading some things about the specific carbohydrate diet on the breakingtheviciouscycle.info website and it states that if you are on the diet for 1-3 years it can completely cure you of celiac? I'm a little skeptical, especially since there are no testimonials to back this up. And I see alot of threads about the diet and how people just started it and what they can and cannot eat...but seriously...does anyone have any proof that this diet actually heals celiac...not colitis and crohns...but celiac disease. I'm getting frustrated by all of the misinformation about this disease. Last I checked there's no cure for celiac...but what the heck...maybe I'm misinformed. so seriously...don't post about how you've been on the diet for a week or a month and what is legal/illegal to eat. Or if you had/have colitis or crohns... does anyone know someone who was cured as a result of this diet???
  5. I started to develop problems about 2 months ago that seem like could be celiac disease, but I'm not sure if that's really what it is... I hear that most people that have celiac have leaky gut...that's not the case with me. I never have that problem. When it first started I noticed that I would get really constipated...for days if i ate any grains. And I would have a swelling and sharp pain in my left rib cage. I've tried gluten free...It does the same thing. Anything that has grain or is a substitute for grain completely stops me up. I've thought it could possibly be dairy or soy...but when i quit those and try to eat grain or grain substitutes, it happens again. I've tried spelt flour, almond flour, bean flour, rice flour, and soy flour. They all affect me. does this even sound like celiac? or maybe an allergy to something else?