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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pizza Monster

    Sorry to double post, but I get home last night and my boyfriend is on the phone.. yep that's right, ordering a pizza! So I thought right, then.. I'll test out the polenta pizza. And here's how it turned out: I used the recipe as more of an idea and did something like this.. *1/2 cup polenta, 1 1/2 cups water (cook as per usual) *baked it for the time they suggested *used random veggies (capsicum, tomato, spinach - tends to go a bit crispyish- carrot, broccoli, *sweet potato and chickpeas) - sauteed them in a small frypan *tomato paste (was a bit thick and salty.. pasta sauce would have been better) *sprinkled on some herbs and cooked for a little bit til the veggies started to brown only improvement would be: when you flip over the base when you first take it out the oven, return it to the oven by itself for a couple minutes so that its not sticky on top (will make it stronger as a pizza and less sloppy). still, was pretty good and took only 30mins
  2. Need To Gain Weight!

    it really is as you say missy'smom, starting from the beginning. And that can be an opportunity if we look at it the right way I found that I lost 10kg since going gluten free last year -so, 22 pounds?- now making me 44k (96.8 lbs) at about 165cm (5'5) i'm just trying to keep up with vitamins, water (something i need to practice more..), and rice protein powder with lots of fruit and veggies. Though I do have a sweet tooth, so gluten-free muffins and lots of honey with ricecakes find their way in too! waiting for the *weight* to kick in! any day now..
  3. Pizza Monster

    oooh my boyfriend keeps ordering pizza at the 'tummy rumble get home for dinner and nothing prepared' time! pizza monster! I found a recipe somewhere the otherday that uses polenta as a base (looking for something yeast free).. haven't got to try it yet (must buy those tomatoes...) but here is a link to one version: Polenta pizza monster!
  4. and make sure you're drinking plenty of water too!
  5. About 1/2 hour or so.. then can last for anywhere up to an hour (intense nausea, tummy gurgles etc) or a day (headaches, lethargy, general tummy unsettle) *ginger can really help nausea for me I find.. there's a co. called buderim if you're in Aus/NZ that makes some really good glace ginger called "naked ginger" ~ so it's not sticky and not crystallised- with all those sugar crumbs!
  6. hey Yasemin, a point I would think about is you said he is eating hot dog sausages (no bread) for lunch everyday; and because you mentioned he doesn't want to take packed lunch, does that mean he is buying the sausage at work/stall/shop etc? Pretty much *all* commercially produces sausages/hotdogs have gluten in them ~ used as a filler and binding agent to help the shape and presentation of the sausage. (Only specified gluten free specialty sausages can have a hope of not having gluten in them..) Also, if he's buying it from work etc. there is most definately cross contamination taking place.. hope you find the culprit!
  7. point taken paperdoll yes, I have been conditioned to not believe in myself by my family - and I think my main motivation for getting tested was to settle it with them. I guess I let my awareness down, & their opinions take over, in my frustration [which, being human, unfortunately catches up with us all sometimes.. ]. so, thanks for your advice - it was exactly what I needed to hear (sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction when we're feeling a little lost). I do have faith in myself (& the voice in my head), though it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. the heart of the matter is that I feel the best I've felt in so long - no more intense nausea, tummy troubles or headaches - since cutting out gluten. Which is fantastic ~ and surely enough proof for anyone, hey?
  8. well, results are in and everything is "normal". Funny that, seeing I'd been on a gluten free diet for 6 weeks prior to the bloodtest. Been referred to a gastro specialist who most likely wants to do an endoscopy - but now it's been about 2 months since gluten eating so they might not even find anything (plus I get big anesthetic reactions so I kinda want to steer away from it! arrgh!) So Because I really can't afford to get sick from going on a gluten-filled diet (because I'm about to start the last semester of my teaching degree with extra subjects), what do I do? Should I just continue the gluten free diet and that's it? Because I do wonder about the 'it's all in my head' aspect and it makes me doubt it all.
  9. Hi there The games are beginning for me too, it seems. Gluten free for 6 and a bit weeks, and I haven't felt so good! I've actually started to forget what I felt like after eating it! Anyhow, got a bloodtest with the panels (as suggested by mother goose earlier) ~ although the doc said that it'll probably show negative because I haven't eaten it in that amount of time. Results due in the next couple days.. (in the same boat) I know that I feel ill after eating it, but family etc. need proof other than my word. And I guess that would remove the sense you have of "I know it's not all in my head but they all think I've lost it.." So if you find that the results are negative in blood test, do you continue with the gluten-free diet and just have faith in your own judgement or go on a gluten devouring spree to prove it? Goodluck with your 'gluten spree'~ hope you get the results to clarify things. xx