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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have found a great replacement for the confetti cake - it is a Dryers light slow churned special edition (edys in some places). It is an American Idol flavor (you vote for your favorite) and it is called Take the Cake. It's cake flavored ice cream with frosting and sprinkles and it is not only light but AMAZING! I was so excited - if you look on the website and look up the flavor under ingrediants it actually says gluten free. My whole non gluten-free, non dieting family loves and that is too bad for me! Stephanie
  2. Any Anti-nausea Medication Gf

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the help. I went ot my first appt today and my Dr. suggested phenegren or Zofran also. I am glad to hear they are gluten-free, I couldnt fine that information. I will be much happier if I am not throwing up! I have a 5 and a 2 year old so feeling like I have the flu for 3 straight weeks is not fun at all! natmilly, I am due on February 9th, sounds like we are right at the same place. Good luck to you too! and yes, nothing tastes or sounds good right now to me either. even the thought of food makes me gag. I know this will pass and I will eating like crazy again soon enough but sheesh! Stephanie
  3. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my third and I am soooo sick. It started at 7 weeks just like with my last two and those lasted until 15 weeks. This time it is so much worse. For the last two weeks I have thrown up at least 4 times a day. All of the medications I have looked up say unknown if they are gluten-free or not. Has anyone taken any of these medications and found them to be gluten-free? I can hardly funtion right now and I cant imagine 6 more weeks of this! Thanks Stephanie
  4. I'm Expecting!

    I just found out I am expecting my 3rd as well. I was diagnosed last September so my first two were also not gluten-free (although I have never had symptoms). I threw up quite a bit with my first two but it didnt start till 7 weeks so I am just waiting to see what happens! I got all my blood work done and my antibodies were negative and all my iron, b12 etc were normal so I feel better about things. I am due in Febuary. I am so hungry and NOTHING sounds good. I have to force myself to eat right now (oh why couldnt I feel that way before I was pregnant). I usually am a huge sweets person but I can't even look at it right now. My first two pregnancies were pretty normal till the last 4 weeks when I got a horrible rash (mainly on my stomach and chest). They said it was a hormonal thing that some pregnant women get but I have to wonder now if it was actually DH. Should be interesting to see if I get it again. I so hope not, I would scratch till I was black and blue and bleeding. Yikes, you forget that stuff once you have the baby! Hope everyone is feeling good! Stephanie
  5. Afraid I Won't Be A Mommy

    I was just diagnosed in October but I never had problems getting pregnant. My first was 1 month after we decided to start trying and the second was quite a surprise. I think everyone has different symptoms and luckily you caught it at a young age so I wouldnt worry yet! Stephanie
  6. Foods You Miss

    Oh Yeah! I am in in Parker, I will be frequenting your bakery often! I just read about it in my newletter. When I started reading this post asking for suggestions I was so excited to see it was your place! This is enough to bring tears to my eyes! I was just diagnosed in August and went on my first vacation last week since being dx. We were in Aruba and it was so much harder than I had imagined. very few people understand and it was so frustruating to go with people and watch them order what sounded good rather than what they could eat. I know I should be grateful that I was on vacation and have my health abd blah blah but boy was I feeling sorry for myself a few times (like when the garlic bread gat passed around!). I am really missing: 1. smothered bean burritos (in flour tortillas not corn) 2. chilli rellanos (the crispy type not the soft egg ones) 3. a really good hot sandwich (like an italian sub) 4. a burger ON A BUN 5. onion rings 6. pancakes/french toast 7. pasta with different sauces or lasagna 8. desserts other than fourless chocolate cake, like cheesecake (oh sopapillas or baklava) 9. Anything that I dont have to make and know I can eat! THANK YOU! you have made my day! where exactly are you located and when do you open? Stephanie
  7. Psoriasis

    I have it too. I have had it on my knees and elbows since I was 2 (I'm 33 now). There have been times it has been a little better and times it has been pretty bad (a total body break out after getting strep throat - stay away from strep it can cause a breakout!). The only thing that works for me is diplorene (prescription). I've only been on the diet a month but it does seem better now. I was hoping being gluten-free would clear it up but it sounds like yours did not. I wish I had a better answer for you, maybe try the diplorene, it helps a lot! Stephanie
  8. Taco Shells ?

    I use ortega brand
  9. Stanford Conference

    Sharon, we are staying in Palo Alto on Friday as well (not sure what hotel though) but earlier that day we are going to visit a winery in Sonoma. I am not sure how long that takes or how long of a drive to Palo Alto. We are going to work out the details of out trip tonight, I will look at a map and try to figure out if we would be there in time for dinner, I would love to meet you! Stephanie
  10. Stanford Conference

    Sharon, we are staying in San Francisco the first couple of nights but we are driving to Palo Alto on Friday, so that could work. Let me double check with my husband and see where we are staying (he made the arrangments) and we'll figure out if that would work. Hopefully we can meet, I'll find out the plan in the next couple of days... Stephanie
  11. Stanford Conference

    My husband and I are actually going. We have been wanting to go to San Francisco for a vacation and we had free tickets and hotel (he travels for work) so when I heard about the conference I was so excited and was shocked when he was into it! I am a little worried about eating out on vacation - we will be there for 4 days prior to the conference so there will be a lot of eating out! I am only 2 weeks into the diet so the resteruant thing is still a little intimidating for me! To find out about the conferance go to the celiac association San Francisco chapter and there is a whole thing about it Stephanie I'm not sure what our plan is for the trip but if anyone want to meet up for a dinner or something we can arrange that! Stephanie
  12. Oh, bummer! I will have to see if I react, I ate it this morning and feelokay so far..crossing fingers because I liked it! thansk for the warning!
  13. Deb, the cookie/ice cream combo was YUMMY! Another FYI, I found some bars called Lara bars. They are made by someone in Denver and have no gluten (the apple pie one was apples, dates, nuts, cinnamin) they actually have the little no wheat symbol on them. I found them at King Soopers with the nutritional bars and they are really good and filling. at $1.99 each, not for every day but those times when you need something fast - really good! Stephanie
  14. I live in parker and I just bought some of their stuff at the water to go store in Castle Pines. I tried the pizza crusts (which I did not cook first when I tried so it came out kinda yucky so I will have to try again) and some snickerdoodle cookies. The cookies although not cheap are to die for (I know I can make them but I just like to have some in the freezer for those times). I LOVE these cookies, they are better than regular. I am going to top one with pumpkin ice cream for desseert tonight! ANYWAY, you asked about bread and I did not try their bread. I tried the knickinick rice bread and it is pretty good (better even if toasted). Please let me know how the bread is, I would like to try it next time. Also, on a side note, I took some of my bread with me to someones house and by the time I took it out it it was nothing but crumbs, but hey it made a great meatloaf the next night. NEVER waste $6.00 bread! Stephanie
  15. I Need To Vent

    My favorite thing is when I am talking to my friends about my new diet and they (and yes several people have done this) ask if I can have fruits or vegatables I told my husband I so badly wanted to say "yes as long as they don't dip them in wheat juice" but instead I just smile and AGAIN explain what constitutes wheat, oats, rye or barley and move on. It is frustruating but yes, people tend to not always pay attention unless it affects them directly. Stephanie