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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you everyone! I really think that is what did it to me. I am very sensitive. I had to leave my teaching job because I was next to the home ec classroom and couldn't handle breathing in the gluten flour. So I must be that sensitive. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I just had my last roommate move out two days ago. I started feeling sick yesterday and today the DH rash showed up. The only thing I can think of is that after she moved out I had to clean out the fridge, pantry, etc that all contained gluten. Also, she had left bread crumbs from the toaster everywhere on the counters that I had to clean up. I washed my hands afterwards and then made dinner. Is it possible that all that handling of gluten got me sick?
  3. Thanks so much for the responses. I am having him brush his teeth now after we go out to dinner. When I cook it is always all gluten free, but when we go out he likes to splurge on his gluten food Its good to set up a routine for that.
  4. I use the Gluten Free Registary. You can just type it into the search engine and it basically shows you all the restaurants that offer gluten free menus in your area. Outback Steakhouse has a very good gluten free menu and most pizza places offer gluten free pizza like Barros and Street of New York. Good Luck!
  5. Hi. I roommate made three batches of full gluten cupcakes on Thursday with me sitting in the living room. I didn't know she was baking. I just thought she was putting away her groceries. But nope, sure enough she was baking and pouring flour right there next to me. Even though I told her to let me know when she cooks with flour so that I can go down to my room. Anyways, its two days latter and I started feeling really nauseated, D, gassy, and major anxiety yesterday and it is worse today. Did her baking cause this reaction?
  6. Hello everyone! I have a very odd question. I have been diagnosed with Celiacs for three years now and have discovered in that time that I am extremely intolerant to anything gluten. My fiance just brought up a really good question last night and I thought I would pose it to you guys. We are always really good with waiting a half hour after he eats gluten before we kiss. However, he asked if he should wash his face after eating gluten too before we kiss or not. What is the standard rule because he really doesn't want to make me sick from kissing me! Please advice
  7. Hi all, I went to a restraunt with a gluten free menu for dinner last saturday. I ordered their fajitas with corn tortillas. However, when they brought me my meal they gave me flour tortillas. I had picked them up and smelled them to see if they were corn, found out they weren't and sent it back. I didn't eat it, but can you get a reaction from just touching and smelling it? I have had extreme fatigue, nausea, D, and restlessness for the past 5 days. Any responses will be appreciated
  8. I think I got glutened somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I have had severe trembling, diarehha, and nausea for a week now and my anxiety levels are really high! I'm supposed to be going on vacation in 3 days and I really need to be over this soon if I want to go and have a good time. I have been having a hard time eating, even though I am hungry. I just feel so sick and any help on how to deal with a reaction would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I have been diagnosed with celiacs for a little over two years now. I do also have anxiety issues, but my stomach is really messed up and I could have gotten glutened, but I don't know what from. Except that I ate a Mounds bar on Tuesday. Are those gluten free? I thought they were...
  10. Hi, I started having diarehha, nausea, and the shakes last Wen. and the symptoms are still persisting. At first I thought it was the flu, then anxiety, and now I'm thinking its a gluten reaction. I have diarehha 24/7 and feel very nausiated. I also have uncontrolable shaking as well. I am not sure if this is anxiety or a gluten reaction and would really appreciate some input. Like, how long does your gluten reaction last. Do you have similar symptoms. I have only been awake for 2 hours and have already used the bathroom 7 times. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I have had celiacs for a little over a year now. My mom recently made some cookies for me that were gluten free. However, she made regular cookies right before that. While the regular cookies were in the oven, she cleaned the cooking ware and cooked me some gluten free cookies. I have had two cookies for the last three days around lunch time and for the last three days in the evening I have been having some major stomach problems. So, my question is, can a person use the same cooking ware for gluten free foods and for regular foods?
  12. Okay, I was diagnosed with celiac's last July. I started feeling better after going on the gluten free diet, but then something changed. I started feeling really sick in January. I took over a classroom this past January that was located between the Cafeteria and home economics room. I thought that breathing in all the gluten was what was making me sick. That job ended two weeks ago, but I was still feeling sick. Then I found out that my makeup and hair products had gluten in them, so I changed all of those this week, but I'm still feeling sick. I have really bad nausea, heartburn, and diarehha. I don't know what to do, but I can't take it anymore. Can anyone help me?
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I need major help. Even after eating gluten free, I was still feeling very ill. I just found out that not only does what I put in my body need to be gluten free, but also what I put on it. I did find out that Bare Minerals make up is gluten free (correct me if I'm wrong) so I'm covered on make up now. Here is a list of products that I need. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some recommendations. Acne facewash Volume shampoo conditioner body wash lotion mouse hair spray Any help would be appreciated