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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi, all. I posted a few times recently, and thank you to everyone who has responded! It's been so helpful. This time I'm writing about a new sypmtom. Late last night, I ate a small meal and about an hour later took my regular fiber supplement (capsule form). I went to bed and woke up about seven hours after eating with intense epigastric pain so severe that I could barely stand up or lie straight. I spent about half an hour curled up in a ball then began vomiting. What concerns me, besides the pain, is the fact that I vomited whole peas; swollen, intact fiber capsules; and mushy peach-colored clumps (carrots?). I called my GI doc., who has diagnosed me with GERD, and he told me to just swtich my fiber supplement to one not as irritating and to stick to light meals. (I'm supposed to be on fiber for constipation). He told me this often happens with GERD patients. I'm not convinved. Shouldn't food/meds be digested after 6-7 hours in the stomach? Could this be gastroparesis and/or a symptom on celiac disease/gluten intolerance? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have little bumps that come and go on my hands, too, and they sound somewhat similar to what you have. I also have started to notice them on my feet now. Since I've also had a lot of disgestive issues lately (diagnosed currently as GERD and constipation and hemmerhoids/possible IBS but meds aren't helping), I'm going to ask for some bloodwork to be done to check for celiac or gluten sensitivity.
  4. cruelshoes and rosewynde, Thank you both for your very helpful responses! I will definitely ask for bloodwork to be done. If my doc isn't interested in pursuing this, I will probably try to find another doctor for a second opinion. rosewynde, I especially appreciate what you said about fiber. It is definitely irritating to my stomach! Whenever I take it, I feel really full and bloated, and I start burping like crazy. I keep taking it, because it does help with regularity, but the side effects are no fun. Thanks again! Maggie
  5. I've had bowel issues (constipation, fuzzy white stuff/mucus in stool, blood in stool, painful bowel movements, bloating, gas) and stomach problems (epigrastric pain, nausea, occasional vomiting, pain when swallowing, and sore throat) for at least six months now. I've had a lot of tests done, including bloodwork for viral/bacterial infections and liver function, an abdominal ultrasound, a colonoscopy, and an upper GI endoscopy with tissue biopsies. All of these tests revealed "normal" results. My doctor, a GI specialist, tells me my sypmtoms are caused by GERD and perhaps irritable bowel syndrome. I'm taking Prilosec twice a day, I'm avoiding the foods I'm told might exacerbate my symptoms (such as acidic veggies/fruits/juices, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate), and I exercise regularly. I'm also taking fiber as directed by my doc for my bowel problems. Despite these treatment interventions, I still have symptoms almost daily. I also have some skin problems, specifically intermittent outbreaks of raised, painful bumps on my fingers, palms, and feet. Additionally, I suffer from migraine headaches and heavy bleeding/intense pain during my periods. I'm wondering if I might have celiac disease or a food allergy/intolerance, and I want to pursue this possibility with my doc. I'm not sure what tests to ask for or what action to take at this point. Any advice? Thanks so much! --Maggie P.S. I'm twenty-four years old and am otherwise in good health. I don't have any history of GI problems before all this started.
  6. Ibs, Gerd, Celiac

    Thanks to everyone who's replied so far! Frec, to answer your question, I know I did have biopsies done when I had the GI endoscopy, but I don't know what the tissue was tested for; I was just told the biopsies all came back normal. I have an appointment with my GI doc coming up in a few weeks, so I will definitely ask about the specifics then! If a biopsy was done for celiac disease, and it was negative, does that conclusively rule out celiac or a gluten intolerance? I did actually take acidophilus for a period of time, so I assume I should have repopulated my digestive tract with bacteria by now. Also, I should add that when I say I have "mucus" in my stool, I usually have white, fuzzy-looking stuff embedded in and on the surface of the stool. I've kind of assumed it's mucus but I could be wrong. Other times, I have brown blobs in or with the stool that look sticky and stretchy like mucus. Sorry if that's TMI. : )
  7. Ibs, Gerd, Celiac

    Hi, I'm a 24 year old female in need of some advice. I have been diagnosed with GERD and possible IBS, but I'm wondering if I might actually have celiac disease? The GERD diagnosis is based on epigastric pain, nausea, occasional vomitting, and occasional pain while swallowing. I've had these symptoms for about six months now and am taking Prilosec twice a day. I've also made recommended lifestyle change including avoiding fatty and acidic foods and caffeine. I'm already very slim, I exercise regularly, don't drink alcohol, and don't smoke. I'm otherwise very healthy. The medication and diet seemed to help for a while, but now I'm having almost daily symptoms again. I've had an upper GI as well as an abdominal ultrasound, both of which were normal. I've also had bowel problems for almost a year and half. These symptoms include chronic constipation, gas, bloating, painful bowel movements, and stool that contains bright red blood and mucus. Sometimes small pieces of my stool float in the toilet. (Sorry to be so graphic!) These symptoms began after I took a course of heavy antibiotics (Flagell) to treat an unrelated infection. Inititally, my doc. thought I might have C. Diff. and did tests, which were negative. I had a colonoscopy, which was also normal. The GI specialist told me I probably had internal hemmeroids and possible IBS, so I've been taking fiber on his instruction. Yet, I still have sypmtoms much of the time. Additionally, I have some strange skin bumps which come and go. I've had these for several years, but they seem to have gotten worse lately. They occur on my hands and fingers and also on my feet. They're not itchy, but they are painful at times. Basically, I'm wondering whether anyone thinks my symptoms might be caused by celiac disease? Sorry this post is so long. I could really use some help and advice. Thanks in advance! --Maggie
  8. Hi, everyone. I'm a 24 year old female who has been diagnosed with GERD and possible IBS. For over a year, I've been experiencing bowel problems including chronic constipation, pain while passing stool, and stools that contain bright red blood and mucus. I sometimes have gas and bloating, and once in a while small pieces of my stool float in the toilet (sorry for the graphic info!) This all started after I took a course of heavy antibiotics (Flagell) to treat an unrelated infection. I was tested for C. Diff. and had a colonoscopy when my symptoms began. Both tests came back normal, and my GI specialist concluded I had internal hemmoroids and told me to take fiber. Despite the fiber, my symptoms have persisted, and my GI doc. concluded I may have IBS. To complicate the picture, I've had epigastric pain, nausea, occasional vomiting, painful swallowing, and a sore throat for over six months now. I had an abdominal ultrasound as well as an upper GI endoscopy, both of which were normal. My GI specialist told me I have GERD, and I've been taking Prilosec twice a day. I'm very slim, I exercise, don't drink alcohol or much caffeine, don't smoke, and have been eating a low fat diet and avoiding foods that might exacerbate my symptoms. Yet, I still have almost daily symptoms, especially at night. I've read a little bit about celiac disease, and I was wondering if my symptoms might not be attributable to GERD/IBS after all. Is it possible I might have celiac disease? Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance! Maggie