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  1. good to hear calicoe
  2. thanks for the list rach
  3. Wendy's chili has been a fast food staple of mine
  4. stick with Soy Milk or Hemp Milk
  5. of all places, I figured a school would be educated about celiac
  6. that could go for anything put on a table from salt and pepper shakers to dressings, Parmesan cheese etc. Great tip though! Most people wouldnt think of that
  7. use gluten free products just to be safe...thats what i do
  8. well I can't help you with the scientific aspect of it gfgirl, but I know where you're coming from. Sometimes I'll get sick and I won't even know from what. Other times I'll accidentally eat something with gluten in it and it isn't that bad. I guess its just how your individual body reacts.
  9. the learning curve is definitely painful, but I guess it's something that we've all got to go through. Like it was said before, you can't know everything right away
  10. Thanks for the info....Woodchuck is terrific, I'd suggest it to anyone looking for an alternative.
  11. I'm actually the exact opposite...I'm always hot no matter what. I wish we could switch places a few days a week!
  12. I get itchy and a rash when I'm near hay as well.
  13. Being the devil's advocate here, it can be very difficult for a non Celiac to live with a person who has Celiac's. I wish she would understand though and make the necessary changes, you're making it as easy as possible for her.
  14. I recommend the Triumph Dining books as well...they've saved me