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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you everyone for all the advice and help. I had the procedure yesterday and I had no problems. I was extremely nervous just because I had never had anything like that done. I ask my doctor before the procedure what will happen if it came back negative and he said he was almost 100% sure it would not. After he did the procedure he came and talked to me and myt husband. I do not remember much but I do remember him telling my husband that he could see the effects of celiacs in my intestines. He did a couple of biospies. He also said I had some inflamation in a small section of my stomach and the esophagus. He biospied these also. He explained it is probably from the celiacs and the 3 iron pills i am taking, he still cannot beleive I have no symptoms other than low iron. He told my husband that i should start taking prilosec daily for the inflamation. Since I do not feel this or have any kind of heartburn I am a little confused about this. my blood tests where all positive and results where >100 on TTG iga and Gliadin iga, Gliadin igg was 21 endomysial ab was positive. allergen igG imminocap gluten 8 I will have the results of the biopsies tomorrow or friday. I will have an appointment for celiac diet teaching sometime next week. I have already started eliminating gluten from my diet. Laura I would love to meet and get help and advice on how to cope with this and specificly on how to make sense of food lables. thanks again to everyone I am feeling much better about being able to adjust to having Celiacs jade
  3. Hello, I am new and have only posted once. I just have a few questions and hope someone can help. My GI Dr. said my blood test results had some of the highest numbers he has seen in a few years and that I definitely have celiac disease. He explained that the next step is biopsy. I questioned him about this due to all the posts I have read about negative biopsy results with positive blood work. He stated he would be surprised if mine came back negative. His main reason for the biopsy is for insurance reasons. My kids will have to be tested for genetics and the disease and insurance will cover this if my biopsy is positive. Does this sound right? Will my kids also have to have a biopsy if their blood work is positive? So Insurance won't cover if it is negative? I am confused. Does insurance not accept positive blood results? My youngest is 6 and has servere eczema since he was a baby the GI Dr. took one look at him and said he probably has it. Just a little back ground the only symptom I have is anemia. They have tested me for everthing else but all came back negative. I have always had problems with my iron this is the first real answer to why. I am worried for my kids Jade
  4. My docotor states anemia my results were: Iron was 23 (30-160) range Saturation 4 (15 - 50 )% Ferritin was 4.1 (12.0 -306.0) I feel tired but I am on the go all the time, the Dr. has not mentioned any other treatment expcet I take slow FE Iron pills 3 a day since this last test. Should I request a different method of treatment?
  5. Thank-you for your help. My Dr. did test me for other deficiences Folate and B were in the normal low and calcium was good. I am a little low on Vit D, but living in Seattle that is kind of expected. I am now also taking a daily D suppplement per the Dr. I think the thing that scares me most is I have probably had this most of my life and all this time damage was done. I am really concerned about the long term effects. I had to have iron shots has an infant and all the doctors could tell my mom is it was due to me being premature. My iron was so low it shocked the doctors at the time now looking back she and I both think it is probably related to this. With my iron low and always being low would they not recommend the shots again? I am learning alot very fast. Jade
  6. That is one of my problems. The range field on all are blank. I called and questioned the nurse and my family doctor who both stated the GI consult will review the results with me. I can tell you that there are * by both >100 and the 21 and by the word POSITIVE. Which I was told means they are out of range, which range?? I have no idea since they seem to think I do not need that information. I guess my only choice is to wait until I see the GI next week. Thank you for taking time to try to help
  7. Hello, I am a 35 year old mother of 3. The only symptom I have is consistant anemia. I take iron daily. My Family Doctor has tested me for all kinds of things that may cause my anemia. Everything has been negative until she decided to test me for celiac. I had never heard of it. She did the blood test Celiac Panel. She sent me a copy of the results with a letter stating concerns of celiac sprue disease with a referal and appt with a GI doctor in a week. Could some on please tell me what these results mean? I have never felt sick and only slightly tired but I just chalked it up to chasing 3 kids around and low iron. Any information will be helpful. I would also like to know what to expect when I see the GI doctor. test results: TTG Antibody,IgG 4 TTG Antibody,IgA >100 Endomysial Ab screen POSITIVE Endomysial Ab Titer 1:40 Gliadin Antibody(IgA) >100 Gliadin Antibody(IgG) 21 Allergen (IgG) immunocap Gluten 8 I have no clue what any of these numbers mean. Thank you for any and all help