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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. hi, my wife is the actual user.I just signed onto her account hoping maybe someone could help me. She is celiac and is getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. She was instructed to take 4 dulcolax pills and a huge amount of miralax..anyways, she is getting REALLY sick..vomiting, fainting, sweating, an in alot of pain from the stomach cramps.should I take her to the hospital? is this normal? I am a little worried, as no one said this would be happening. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you, she has said people on this forum are wonderful. Anthony
  3. Hello all, I have a question..I have been gluten free for about 3 months now, and feeling pretty good for the most part ( you all know after 3 months "learning experiences" can happen that tend to be unpleasant) anyways, I saw a GI doctor about 2 weeks ago who happens to also have celiac...kind of convenient. Anyways, I went to see a GI doctor b/c I need to know for sure if I have celiac ( blood test were inconclusive) and b/c while I do feel better I still get stomach issue and d although it is less frequent..also I have really high levels of billirubin. ANYWAYS, my question is, since I have been gluten free for 3 months they seem to think the biopsy I am having done in 3 weeks will not be accurate since I have been gluten free, SOO they told me to start eating gluten again...I dont think I can. I have been hospitalized 4 times this past summer for severe sickness, and when I do accidentally eat gluten I get really sick ( you all can relate) I just cannot see putting myself through this AGAIN for 3 week. I need to find out if its my gallbladder and or pancreas causing all the trouble or something else, and they are biopsying pretty much everything that can cause stomach issues. did any of you have to do the same thing and how the heck did you manage it...I have a full time job with mental health clients who relay on me to be there, but when my stomach acts up its really bad...any suggestion would be appreciated. Also, does the biopsy hurt and how long recovery time? thanks so much, Jewles
  4. Overreacting?

    thank you all for the response. I guess in my haste to feel justified I forgot that I have only been at this 3 months and my family is still adjusting as well. I should have spoken up and I think what a lot of you said...bring your own food...is a GREAT idea and something I will be starting today. someone above stated its hard to be the center of attention, and thats how I was feeling, b/c its been such a long road to get diagnosed and I think my family is sick of me always being sick or something wrong I feel like I owe it to them to be a good sport about wherever they choose to eat...I will speak up next time and I think I might just have to get use to everyone besides other celiac's just not understanding every aspect of this illness. To me not getting violently ill is worth the price of never eating gluten again even at the cost of some hurt feelings sometimes. Thank you all for being so supportive, and for the response. I am not sure I could have made it this far without the support and understanding of those dealing with the same issues!
  5. Overreacting?

    hello all, I had a situation come up today that for some reason just really made me upset. I have been gluten free for about 3 months now and actually doing pretty well for the most part. My family has been supportive for the most part too...Today I met my good friend and mother for a mall shopping trip. i had already eaten lunch before I left, and I guess the two of the them had not and wanted to stop for something to eat. We shopped for about 2 hours around town before they decided to stop, and by that time i was getting alittle hungry too. Anyways, my good friend insisted on eating at a pizza and pasta buffet to which my mom agreed. I just sat there watching them eat pizza, which I really miss eating, and just drank a coke. The mall was RIGHT across the road and has a food court with a great salad bar I COULD have eaten at and many choices for them too. I really would never ask anyone to change their habits and normal routines for me, and I DO NOT expect my family and friends to eat like me or even not eat things in front of me...I am so fine with that, but I just felt really bad today and almost unsupported and or not very important. When I get glutened I end up VERY sick so there was no way in hell I was going to cheat and have a piece of pizza. I guess I felt like my family and friend does not understand how hard it really is to give up an old way of life and change completely, so to sit and watch them eat pizza in place I will never be going to again was so hard. I dont know if I am just overreacting and I just need to be gracious to them in letting them be free to choose what they really want to eat. I never in my life though my entire existence would revolve around food but thats my life now and its not going away. I did not say anything to them today and just went for the sake of keeping the peace and not wanting to be a baby...they seem pretty sick of hearing about what I can and cannot eat....anyways, could someone advise...I do not want to overreact.
  6. Hospital With Glutening?

    well as someone who has just been to the hospital let me tell you! Now, not all hospitals are as nice as this one, and my reactions are more than just puking and d....I also pass out and occasionally start talking crazy ( which I never remember) but the hospital always immediately starts an IV to replenish the fluids, gives me something to stop the vomiting and then a pain medication b/c my stomach seizes up for hours even after the vomiting stops...anyways, I would never go just for d or even throwing up, but usually when I pass out it scares my hubby pretty good enough to get me there quick so they can help...But seriously if you get sick enough they can at the very least stop the vomiting and d and help with the pain after...if you get intense pain after! its no fun for sure but sometimes when the pain is bad enough desperate times call for desperate measures!
  7. The Price Of A Mistake...

    Thank you for the input. My husband is pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to keep me outta the hospital so I will suggest some more practical things for him...as far as cooking, its pretty much all I do! I like to cook and have found some great recipes and things to try...its only been the times I have NOT done the cooking that I have gotten so sick. I guess I never though I would be "one of those people" who feels nearly dead when ingesting some sort of item containing gluten. After tonight I was just so frustrated and discouraged because getting that sick is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, yet it keeps happening no matter the precautions I think I am taking...I am really a bit gun shy of anything I eat now that I did not physically make for myself. I just had no clue what the implications and fallouts comes with having celiac but the truth is I just need to everything in my power now to protect myself and keep my body healthy no matter how strict or rigid it might seem to other. This forum has been such a life saver, and eye opener and generally a good support for what occasionally feels like an uphill battle. I have so much respect for people who have done this for years and years and those with chronic illness always trying to manage it....what amazing people.
  8. I am so frustrated. I spent the the night in the ER ( for the 3rd time in 2 months) with uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain that was almost unbearable. Thankful they always fix me up good, but i am so frustrated that a mistake in my diet leads to such a violent reaction. This reaction is what led to a diagnosis for me, and I have been doing so well since diagnosis. tonight me and my husband attempted to eat out. I thought I was being so careful...guess not. My husband is so patient and so kind to me, but I am the one getting so tired of getting so sick and spending time in the hospital. I will NOT be eating out again for a very long time...I am just so frustrated and discouraged...it is awful being that violently ill and I cannot handle the thought of this happening every time I mess up, especially since its never on purpose that I am choosing to feel this way. Thanks for letting me rant...this is harder than I thought and the consequences are far greater than I ever imagined possible.
  9. Having Meat Issues

    Thank you all so much for the advice and input. I have no clue how celiacs get by with out a great forum like this! Anyways, I have only been gluten free for 2 months, and I never thought about the fact that my insides might be damaged enough to not tolerate meat...I guess I am still understanding and coming to terms with how much damage was done to my intestines after 26 years of eating gluten.I am going to see the doctor next week, as he is a top notch guy! for now I might try the HCL tabs ( in moderation of course!) and see if it helps at all. I never had such a hard time with meat before going gluten free, but I guess this is all still a learning process. Thank you all for the encouragement and support. Its nice to hear of others dealing with the same issues...makes me feel like less of a nut!
  10. Having Meat Issues

    [Welda, thanks so much for the encouragement. It kinda stinks having such an issue with meat.I am going to try the HCL tabs and see if that helps at all. I know this sounds really dumb, but i feel like if I have to give up meat I really will be "sick" or not normal. going gluten free is one thing...its actually not that bad, but I feel like the more I have to give up to not be sick the more sick I look to others...and I know its stupid, but its tough sometimes.
  11. from what I have read it seems like a lot of people have different DH symptoms...I know that but I am still wondering if mine is DH or something else. I get tiny tiny bumps on my wrist that itch like crazy as well as bigger (almost ring worm looking things) on my arms. They are in clusters like 3 or 4 closer together. They are scaly and itch, but not all the time. They seem to go away but then come back in the same spot and itch again. It has also left scars on my arm...is that normal? I am getting tired of scratching all the time!!
  12. Having Meat Issues

    high fat meals are rough on my stomach. I usually do buy organic meats, but even then i get bad d from them. What exactly are HCL tabs and what do they help do? at this point I am willing to try anything...just sick of getting sick and truth be told I am a carnivore and it would be hard to give up meat!
  13. hello all, I was hoping maybe someone can help me figure out whats going on, or has the same issue. I am having an awful time with meats...I am soooo careful about being gluten free and for the most part I am able to avoid being sick. I have replaced all my pots, tupperwear, etc..and I am very careful about cc. My days always start out great, and I mostly stick with veggies, fruits, light things for breakfast and lunch and snacks, with occasional sandwiches or cereal ( I am no longer lactose intolerant) When it comes to making dinner I try and include a meat, veggie and starch. My husband is not big on using spices to flavor meats, and if we do marinate anythings it always with gluten free marinade. I starting writing down everything I eat and when specifically I get sick and its always with meat...chicken breasts, pork chops, ground beef, steak, anything!!! almost 30 min. after dinner I am running to the bathroom and for the rest of the night I feel sick and even into the next morning sometimes. I have tried only eating meat just to see if its anything else and its most definitely the meat. Does anyone else have this issue or know a way to help with it? you all have been so helpful in the past and if anyone would know whats going I am sure it would be someone on this forum. thanks guy! Julie
  14. hi Tye, I am sorry your not feeling well. I know the feeling! I understand so much about feeling like a hypochondriac in front of family....I suffered with random symptoms for years, as well as GI symptoms and like so many people never put the 2 together. anyways, I am 25 as well and seemed to be pretty healthy for the most part, except for chronic stomach issues..this past month I ended up in the ER twice for what seemed like neurological symptoms too ( passing out, confusion) AND a terrible pain in my stomach with throwing up..anyways, the ER doctor suggested celiac tests, and turns out thats what it is. If your blood test come back negative you could always try a gluten free diet and see if it helps. I know a lot of people on this forum have negative blood tests but going gluten free seems to be the "cure." celiac test in general seem to be somewhat unreliable, and like so many have told me, your the best judge of your body and how you feel. see what your test says, but it might be worth it to try gluten free ( you have to stick with for awhile to really see results) I know it has made all the difference for me..i am an avid fitness person too and it sucks when you feel to yucky to exercise!! good luck to you, and please do not ever feel like a hypochondriac...you know how you feel and keep at it until you get to the bottom of it! many blessings, Julie
  15. I am so glad I found your post...I had NO idea there was more than one test for celiac....my doctor just did the same thing to me. Do any of you know if being on an antibiotic would interfere with results? looks like its back to the doctor for the 2 tests I never had.