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  1. Yes I have those bumps also. mine are fluid filled. They're very small and I usually only get them in the evening. I never paid much attention to them until I found out about Celiac. I'm actually amazed at how many random symptoms are related to Celiac. I haven't been test yet but I'm sure I have it. I'm starting gluten free today and I hope to see a difference within a week or so.
  2. Ok so I'm new here, I've been all over the web and this is the best site. I've had strange symptoms since I was about 19 that I didn't even realize could be related. -joint pain and cracking A LOT mainly my knees, tmj, bloating,gas,stomach aches,small blisters on fingers mainly in the evening,fatigue,anemia, depression,diarrhea,miscarriages, low blood pressure and I know there's more but I can't think of any more. One thing that I don't have is weight loss. I saw that that was one of the main symptoms. I've had weight gain but not dramatic. I do carry most of my weight in my belly. I get really bad allergies and my mother told me that if I go off of wheat then it should clear up. Well not only did it clear up, but most of my other symptoms started to go away but didn't totally realize it at the time. I didn't stay on a wheat free diet for long, I just didn't stay disciplined enough. Looking for wheat free recipes I stumbled across a gluten free website which then led me to Celiac. And WOW I feel like a new woman already just by learning all of this. It excites me to know that I could have a whole new life just by changing my diet. Does this sound right??