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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My son is a Junior at NC State University. He has lived off campus his entire college experience thus far so hasn't had too much difficulty. But it has been a challenge none the less. He wants to meet with the "higher ups" and attempt to get some changes made and some gluten-free awareness there on campus for other students, because he knows they are out there. Do ANY of you have any stories, experiences, etc of similar situation where people worked on the ground level to get things changed like this? I would appreciate anything you can offer to help. Thank you.
  2. Well, can someone at least tell me the difference in seeing the antigliadin antibodies vs the t-transglutaminase antibodies? I'm just trying to figure out why this particular one was higher when all the others were improved. Thanks.
  3. I am one of those people who do not have a strong reaction physically when I accidently get glutened. It is frustrating as I start feeling bad days later...I think...and have no idea what in the world I ate. I have still had a lot of days where mentally I was off and had a great deal of fibromyalgia symptoms. I was at the docs last week for bronchitis and asked for a new celiac panel since this would ensure the same lab was used as the last time. She gladly did it. Some of my results are better, even within normal range, but there is one that is much higher than before. I don't know exactly what each one means though, so that is where you experienced folks come in. Antigliadin Abs, IgA This test changed a bit, but was within range both times. July - normal range 0-4....my result was 2 December - normal range 0-10....my result 6.8 Antigliadin Abs, IgG July - normal range 0-9....my result 18 December - Normal range 0-10.....my result 31.3 WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????? t-Transglutaminase IgA July - normal range 0-3....my results 21 December - my result 3 YEAH!!! t-Transglutaminase IgG July - normal range 0-5...my result 13 December - my result 2 YEAH!!! Endomysial Antibody IgA July - Positive December - NEGATIVE!!! Immunoglobulin A, Qn July - normal range 70-400....my result 192 December - my result 189 Both of these are in normal range but I'm not sure what this tests for. Whatcha think?
  4. My PERSONAL suggestion would be to never buy ANY rice pasta but Tinkyada! I've heard from many celiacs that it is the best brand and I believe it. Even my husband and teenage son who are not Celiac eat it with no problem. Now I WILL say...cook it according to the directions. The first time I made it it was like eating an earth worm! It was soft on the outside and well...it wasn't cooked enough. We are very content with the Tinkyada here.
  5. Gluten-free Food And Teenagers

    http://gingerlemongirl.blogspot.com/2008/0...wich-bread.html Here's the link to the recipe. I remember the gal that created it saying that she intentionally used several whole grains so that it was lower on the Glycemic Index. Hopefully that would be a plus in your daughter's case with the diabetes.
  6. Gluten-free Food And Teenagers

    Didn't she have SOME symptoms for you to get her tested? My son was 18 when diagnosed and initially he went in total denial, but it only lasted a few days. I had to let him own it though, but he was already "of age" where your daughter is not. He, like me, did not have the diarrhea and chronic aches, etc, but he was SO fatigued and finally was able to realize the two went together. He was napping during the day because he just could not make it though the day without one. We also just found out that he already has more osteopenia than *I* do and I'm 45! So it was definitely affecting him, but not in immediate dramatic fashion. Hopefully you can find a support group in your area where there are others her age who have it and they can meet her. It really does stink to have this disease, much less to have diabetes as well. Encourage her all you can with how well she is doing with the diabetes and let her share her feelings. You can have the proper foods at home, but cannot really control when she is out. But there is so much out there that you can usually find a substitute for just about anything and still make it gluten free. I finally found a bread recipe for sandwiches that honestly does not taste that different than the whole wheat bread I was making months ago. That was a BIGGIE for my son.
  7. I have had some gnaw through an entire GAMMA SEAL lid to get to the bird seed inside a 5 gallon bucket! I would hate to think what they could do to a person's leg!
  8. My grocery bill is getting pretty scary! I have found some things online, but it seems Amazon has one thing cheaper, then someone else has something else. I love Amazon because I can get free shipping...that's better than paying for gas! So what items have you chosen to purchase online because it was cheaper and where did you order from? Also, if you had poor service, mention that too. thanks!
  9. I have read some old threads on Juice Plus when it had barley in it. It looks like now is it rice bran and oat bran. Do any of you take this currently? Any problems with it? Is there anything out there comparable to it?
  10. Extreme Sleepiness

    It couldn't be that because it was my first one since going gluten-free. The sleepiness started BEFORE I had the latee and was the reason I got it. I probably won't do it again though because even with a lactaid, my belly gurgled like crazy afterwards.
  11. Yesterday I could not stay awake unless I was up and walking. I've had this one other day, a few weeks ago, and I just napped....two naps of two hours each and I was STILL tired. Yesterday I had a lot to do so I fought it, finally getting a Starbucks Latte at 5 p.m. so the caffiene would help. It just dawned on me today that this might be part of me being glutened. Friday I had slight D, the sleepiness was Saturday and today I have been sore all over and had a stomach ache. I do not know what I ate, if that is what this is. It would have had to come from CC, because I ate nothing that outright had gluten. Could the sleepiness be from a glutening? It was like I was drugged!
  12. So... I Have Celiac Disease Huh?

    Would you find Thai noodles at a traditional grocery store chain? My lazy 18 year old son is lamenting the passing of his Ramen noodles! My son is in college, and has just been diagnosed for a couple weeks. He still eats hotdogs, just without the bun so far. Just make sure to get the gluten-free ones. He also likes the pizza shells mentioned above, with gluten-free sauce, turkey pepperoni and italian cheese. He's eating a lot of fresh fruit as well. Mexican...at home...is pretty easy too. I asked for help preparing a mexican meal for a crowd and got great advice. You could make up a larger batch of taco meat and freeze some in single portions. Make a yummy taco salad if you want too! Chips....cheese dip....OH....1 lb velveeta cheese cut in cubes/add one can Rotel tomatoes and nuke it, stirring it till it is cheese dip! Looks gross to begin with, but was VERY good. I personally think nachos is a complete meal!
  13. My son is only 18 and has been diagnosed for less than 2 weeks. We went to Whole Foods and he found the Kinnikinnick pizza crusts and wanted to try them. He was REALLY pleased with his first one...used Classico for the sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozz cheese. He was thrilled to have pizza, since so much else has been taken away.
  14. Mexican Meal

    Is there ANY kind of cheese dip that is gluten-free? Or a recipe?
  15. Sounds good! I'm a crock pot AND Mexican fiend!!!!