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  1. A young man of 23 is in hospital with Venous compression syndrome ( and I am not sure whether it is Paget–Schroetter syndrome, Nutcracker syndrome or May–Thurner). I know that this is a rare condition and these syndromes are usually seen in young, otherwise healthy individuals, Please note he suffers from IBS, is slim/ skinny, and cancer runs in his family, in men. (I do not recall if it is colon or prostate. I know that both his father and uncle did or do suffer from it.) The individual DOES consume gluten, and no testing has been ever conducted to determine whether he has the sensitivity to Glutens, or more serious affect such as Celiac. But since Gluten (sugars) atrophy cells and tissue, I have to pose this Question to this community please. Thanks so much for your time, L.
  2. Thank you so much for your advice RMJ and cyclinglady, it is very much appreciated !
  3. Hello Forum members : So my daughter who has been on the Gluten Challenge for about 8 weeks now, and we want to do the Comprehensive panel. -tTG IgA and tTG IgG -DGP IgA and DGP IgG -EMA IgA -total serum IgA and IgG (control test) -AGA IGA and AGA IgG - older and less reliable tests largely replace by the DGP tests We are not having any luck with a clinic that does all of these tests. I would be more than grateful if you can tell me which of these two Panels is more complete. Sorry , I do sound probably ignorant (and in these matters I am just beginning to learn ) and I am in desperate need of assistance. PANEL 1- (free clinic) -immunoglblulin GAM (IgA, IgG, IgM) -CRP -ESR (He also suggested the following tests: ALT, Alk phosphate, Vit B12, Ferritin.) PANEL 2- (Paying clinic) 1. Deaminated Gliadins IgG & IgA (DGP IgA) 2. Anti-Tissue transglutaminase IgA(tTG) 3. Total IgA (control test) we don’t offer total IgG as part of this panel ' 4. ESR I didn’t recognize AGA IGA and AGA IgG' was what the lab technician told me. Thank you so much, L.
  4. Ok I have an update from one of the lab technicians, in response to my letter to him. ' I have added the abbreviation to our test menu to make it more clear to you. (I didn’t recognize AGA IGA and AGA IgG) We offer EMA separately it cost $71.26 Celiac disease Panel (Panel 60): 1. Deaminated Gliadins IgG & IgA (DGP IgA) 2. Anti-Tissue transglutaminase IgA(tTG) 3. Total IgA (control test) we don’t offer total IgG as part of this panel ' '
  5. Thank you and likewise pardon my bold and not bold because as you said, they have modified this format. I appreciate your feedback. I just off the phone with our family DR (GP) and he maintains that the former test, it is sufficient.. and when I did ask if he knows of a private clinic that does the 'comprehensive gluten panel' testing he basically parroted back the words, re any walk in lab is adequate. So much for that... The three hospitals all have same policy: must be patient in order to have use of their labs (grrrrr!) One hospital is having some special admittance policy of new patients (wish some special criteria? not sure what that is even..) and I left them a comprehensive, polite message and I pray they will take on my daughter; as we just need a DR to facilitate the Gluten testing. I am facing a quandary, I am not sure how to resolve. I left a message at a prestigious (think $$$) clinic; well, they take insurance ( I have none, as I am on disability benefits). Most things (including visits) are not covered by our provincial health card there. So, I want to see 1- How much is the preliminary (unnecessary) consult and 2- what kind of and how much do the Gluten panel tests cost there. My daughter is FED UP with feeling terrible and as she puts it ' dumb' (she is in school) , etc. So really she just wants in OVER WITH (so do I, poor kid). At worst she will have an incomplete Gluten blood panel done: and that really greatly irks me, because we are a first world country and why should it be a problem, if i pay for these test to have the done? We need all the possible comprehensive answers we can get, she deserves that and so do I. My daughter never heard voices, however, she in the past heard what she described as whispers, which have abated since we try had to be as gluten-free as possible. And only in our former apartment (odd); maybe it was neighbors? Not really sure. But of course neurological issues are so prevalent with gluten consumption it is scary. I hope so too, that the Canadian lady you mention, NVSMOM, could pitch in here. Thank you, L.
  6. So we have some updates I would like to report and again to ask for your advice, dear forum members: My daughter is on the Gluten challenge for approx 7+ weeks and she is very eager to have it done with, and so am I ! When I presented all of the tests that Cyclinglady showed me, the DR at the walk in clinic said they only do -immunoglblulin GAM (IgA, IgG, IgM) -CRP -ESR He also suggested the following tests: ALT, Alk phosphate, Vit B12, Ferritin. The Dr. Prescribed for her Naproxen (which she did not fill out). He said the rest of the test are to be performed at hospitals. Unfortunately, it seems this is not as straightforward as i had thought. The DR who refers you to the lab at said hospital, must have working privilege at that hospital. I have called and left messages explaining we need a pt DR for this very reason and we have a steady GP (who does not have privileges at the hospitals), and could they please make an exception etc, etc. Now I wait for a call back. Ok so , next is to tell you that one homeopathic clinic, it sent me a list of tests they can do : Celiac disease Panel (Panel 60): Deaminated Gliadins IgG & IgA, Anti-Tissue transglutaminase IgA, Total IgA. The tests at the lab are for money but i am ok to pay, i just want her to be done with the suffering and find out the results already. But again, the complications re the naturopathic clinic: must have a thorough consult with a DR there, and if they recommend it, then we can get the tests...Sorry, this is just NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME. Can someone please have a look at the two panels of tests and offer an opinion if this is sufficient or if I should still insist on the entire panel as suggested. (In the astounding, and really EYE opening and sobering book 'Grain Brain', by Dr. David Perlmutter, he states that (and this is news to me re the 12 sub units) 'A person may be sensitive to either of these proteins [found in gluten: glutenin or gliadin; italics mine] or to one of the twelve different smaller units that make up a gliadin. Any of these could cause a sensitivity reaction leading to inflammation.' Thank you so much, L.
  7. Thank you very mcuh ! We will request or if we must, insisit, on them all Really appreciate yours and others' imput, this is overwhelming and yes, scary. Plus we are moving, so as in life, timing is hardly the best
  8. Dear Cyclinglady , I would like to run this by you one more time so I know which tests to request of the Doctor. My daughter is going in a few days. Do I request all of the tets you mentioned, or should I leave out the last one? *-AGA IGA and AGA IgG - older and less reliable tests largely replace by the DGP tests* Thank you so much.
  9. Thank you very much for the links, and your help cyclinglady. It is greatly appreciated. Now it is to see what happens once the test results are back. And, I am so concerned of the reactions to her glutening herself . I wish you a happy Summer and happy trails ! L.
  10. OK sorry , one more question here: To have a Gluten test done properly, my daughter must be on it at least how many weeks? I am confused because, I get anywhere from 3-12 weeks, depending on what source I go to. Thank you again.
  11. I really appreciate that cyclinglady (my bike is many times my salvation Thanks very much. AI stuff is a real ..ummm " " ...you know? Not very nice at all. Happy Summer and, thank you for the tip re NVSMOM L.
  12. Can you please tell me which Celiac tests are mandatory, besides the dreaded biopsy? According to this book the doctor suggest these ones as well : 1-Cyrex array 3 2- Cyrex array 4 (he sites this as optional) I know that the standard blood test run by my GP will be very limiting. So, I probably need a referral to a hospital in order to get the entire panel done. Hopefully, the Provincial health insurance will cover them at the hospital. Thank you
  13. Thank you so much everyone for your advice and links. This is frustrating and so much learning to do. I have the books out, BRAIN GRAIN and also WHEAT BELLY TOTAL HEALTH. According to the first book (the second book I haven't gotten far) , all grains ad even carbs (obviously sugars, processed food and additives etc) are harmful, even to non celiac community. L.
  14. That's great! I am happy for you that you are making it work My daughter and I have candida and so we have to eat Paleo style as well as gluten-free (or mostly gluten-free) diet, combined. It does get tricky (and the kind of meat we can afford is limited) to merge the two, when on a fixed income. Thanks for sharing.
  15. * I mean to say a site that talks about the differences between gluten allergy and celiac disease*