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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks to those that responded, I have realized that I was "reinfecting" myself through pans, cutting boards, toasters, shampoo, face moisturizer and horse feed. I have made changes, but still seem to be having daily discomfort (although milder). So I guess my next question is: Once I am truly gluten-free, how long before I should start seeing a reduction in episodes of diarrhea and abdominal pain? I know that everyone is different, but should I give it a couple of days or a couple of weeks to let things settle out? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Laura for this information! From the responses, I have the diet covered (even caught on to Rice Krispies and Quaker Oats rice cakes), but it never occurred to me that I would also have to get rid of all cooking utensils that are pourous. Your list really helps! Today was such another bad one that knowing that there is something I missed gives me a lifeline to grab onto. Especially helpful is your information about feed. I will try a painter's dust mask and see if that helps. I have this image of the horses, sheep, miniature horses, ducks and dogs all standing there with a hoof or paw over their mouths sniggering. I really appreciate this info - thanks! Deirdre
  3. Thanks for the repsonse! I didn't know about wooden cutting boards or teflon pans. Could a shared toaster also be an issue? Do plastic items include tupperware, even after it has gone through the dishwasher? I live on a ranch, so I habitually wash my hands, but could just my feeding my horses grains be doing it? I thought I had to ingest the gluten, but is there some other way? Wow... I can get it from hand lotions? This is starting to feel overwhelming. I guess what I cannot figure out is if I have radically reduced any contact with gluten, why am I getting worse...and getting worse fast? It seems so all of a sudden that I cannot eat almost any foods. Was this anyone else's experience? Does anyone know of a site that has a comprehensive list? I feel like I am trying to put together a crazy quilt of information. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  4. So Celiac Is New To You

    [quote name='Littlebit' date='Jun 23 2008, 04:12 PM']I found out not only do I need to stay on a gluten free diet, but I had more test done to check for other foods I might be sensitive to as well. The only meat I can eat is chicken. The only seafoods are shrimp, clams, crabmeat, tuna, anf grouper, which is a white meat fish. I have been on a very strict diet since these last test were done. For protein, I have protein shakes made for gluten free Whey, a powder, and add strawberries or blueberries. I also use Nu Stevia, a plant based calorie free sweetener in my shakes, green tea, yogurt, and gluten free cererals. Even on a gluten free diet, I was still so sick until I had these extra test done. Let me know if you would like to know more about this. I would stay away from the red meat for now. Yes stress plays a Big part in our health. Do try to take care of yourself. I will send more later. Godspeed, Littlebit[/quote] Hi, I was diagnosed on July 2nd and have been on a wheat-free, milk-free and legume-free diet ever since. However, the symptoms persist and seem to have worsen. Could it be that I can now not have red meat? It all seems so sudden that one day I could eat nearly everything, and now that I am on this diet, I seem to not be able to eat anything. I am scheduled for testing for food allergies, so I am hoping this will help provide some insight. I also seem to be have (new for me) trouble with raw fruits and veggies. Can you provide any insight? I appreciate any input you can offer!
  5. I am new diagnosed and have been on a gluten-free, milk-free and legume-free diet since July 2nd. It seems that no matter what I eat I still end up with explosive diarrhea (and the accompanying discomfort and fatigue). I will have a good day and then several bad days. I can find nothing in my food diary to point to. Help! Is this normal? Anyone else experience this? Will it go away over time...and how long if it will? I am taking gluten-free supplements and have probiotics (VSL) I can take, but I am wary every time I take a bite of anything. And yes, the sudden lack of energy and being able to plan anything (I am running a large event tomorrow and don't know how I will get through it) is really getting me down. Anyone out there with any experiences or advice? I am nearly at my wit's end... Thank you for any input...