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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Bakery Seattle!

    WOWzers! i am there! thanks!!! ps. thanks for the info about FA. i knew all their products wern't gluten free, but i must have been there on a good day, because the owner (?) was there, and he was super knowledgeable! he even explained and talked to me about ingredients for like 10 minutes before i even bought anything! The carrot muffing was AMAzinG!!! Anyways, i will definitley have to check out ener-g foods! i had no idea they were in seattle! im sooo there!
  2. Peoples who live in seattle/tacoma...etc... all i have to say is: WOW!! oh yah...and... YUM!!!! flying apron bakery in the U district of seattle 50th and Broadway (i think) it's scrumptious!! it's amazing!! it's delicioius!! it's gluten free!! it's dairy free!! get the carrot muffin!! even your ungluten free friends/ and family will LOVE it!!! just thought i'd share this with you...last saturday: me+gluten free muffin = bliss
  3. i'm gluten, corn and dairy free, but i'm soooooooo glad that i don't have to give up salsa and beans!
  4. Hello! New From Wa State

    Olympia Gluten Intolerance Support Group Eve Brown, Coordinator phone: 360-493-7507 email: evelyn.brown@providence.org
  5. [is it happening? i'm from tacoma! love me x
  6. Hello! New From Wa State

    Hello! i'm from Tacoma, (just south of you) i heard about a support group near puyallup...if you are interested i can definitley get more information on it for you!
  7. if you are getting blood work done to test for food allergies, do you need to eat those foods, soy, dairy, eggs, etc?
  8. omigosh, i totally know what you're talking about, i've been feeling the same way latley...i'm thinking i have a corn intolerance now...i know for a fact that i wasn't getting glutened from anything, but similar sympotms have recently been comming up. i did notice that i have eaten ALOT of corn in the last few years...like a few meals a day...popped corn, corn chips, hot cereal, polenta, corn on the cobb...etc. anyways, i've been off corn for three days now, and am starting to feel better... it makes me more sad than you can possibly imagine...but i'm afraid that might be it...i'm getting tested next month... is there something in your diet like that, that may be affecting you?
  9. so, is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are the ONLY person in the entire universe that has celiac disease!?? I mean...yah... you all have it (lol) but i mean like in "the real world" the people you meet in everyday life... (sigh)..... no one gets it... yesterday, this girl at my church ( trying so hard to be sweet!!)) said "i made some bread that you can have... it's called oat maple bread and it doesnt have WHOLE wheat flour..." i said.. wow, yah, thanks! um... i can't really have oats and i can't have any flour... she used bleached flour and thought it was okay.... anyways... so sometimes when i'm home alone, or even when i'm at a church potluck, but mostly when i'm home alone... i just want to tear into a loaf of great harvest honey whole wheat bread, ( i don't know why i buy it for my hubby-i torture myself!!!) anyways... i want to chuck the stupid "rice LOAF" that's so dense-and-hard-it-could-seriously-injure-someone-if-you-used-it-as-a-weapon, out the window and dump the soggy quinoa spiral noodles in the toilet where they belong and eat some good old top ramen! ai yai yai... i feel crazy sometimes, like this disease is not real and that if i believe that hard enough that i can go back to eating like a "normal person" i mean, i've been SOOOO stinkin good for SOOO long, it's been a while since i've had a bad reaction, and a few years since i've been constantly sick...i feel so healthy now!! i think i almost need to be glutened once in a while so i don't feel so deprived....anyhoo...so here i am home alone....barry left some cookies on the counter....RarrrRrr..
  10. i was down to 85 pounds, and now i'm a healthy 103 i had to meet with a nutritionist because i was having so much trouble gaining weight. i ate really healthy and i love running so i didn't want to give those up. this is one thing my dr. had me do; make a protein shake every morning! i put in a handful of strawberries, blueberries, a bananna, 2 tbs. of protein powder, 2 tbs flax seed oil, 1 tbs of ground flaxseed. i also took fish oil supplements as well as mCT (medium chain triglycride) oils. she had me snack on plenty of nuts, nut butters, avacado, and decrease the amount of miles i ran in the morning. to gain about twenty pounds the healthy way it took me about a year and a half. also, you can snack on gluten free protein-ish bars like lara and nectar before you go to bed, pop corn popped in olive oil, and homemade hummus with a generous amount of olive oil and tahinni
  11. Thyroid Problems

    i feel your pain, i was diagnosed wiht hypothyroidism as well! Are you on medication? i am, and it has helped with the extreme tiredness and dry shkin.
  12. my husband and i love backpacking! i'm a vegetarian too and this is what we do when we go on longer hikes. breakfast and snacks= larabars and cliff nectar bars (the chocoate is the best, tastes like a brownie!!) or enjoy life! brand granola the berry flavored is the best...or if you like hot cereal, Bobs read meal mighty tasty gluten free breakfast is pretty good. for lunch (if she enjoys ethnic foods) taste of india brand lentils and rice, etc. it's ALL gluten free and very very very tasty! i even get it when we're not going hiking. also for snacks bring lots of nuts! they're full of protein and energy! we also always bring in fruit, even though it's more weight, if you eat a few apples a day, the weight, like all the other food, diminishes. last, trader joe's has handy pre cooked rice in pouches that you could bring. hope this helps. at first hiking gluten free & vegetarian seemed difficult, but after you do it once, it's really easy.
  13. I Guess I Have To Starve?

    If you like soups, they are inexpensive to make, and can be really tasty! I frequently make split pea (my favorite!!), lentil, tortilla, veggie, black bean, etc. If you're a vegan, vegetarian, those are great choices, and there are tons of recipies on the internet. Also, my husband and i do tons of mexican food, (beans homemade salsa, lettuce, and corn tortillas).... um... we also do lots of spaghetti! i love making my own chunky veggie sauce, and the rice noodles are quite inexpensive. If you have a trader Joes, its like $2 for a bag of noodles. Rice is also very inexpensive and you can get tons of great recipes for rice off of the internet... and if you eat potatoes they are cheap! i agree! gluten free food can be soooo expensive~ yesterday, my husband and i drove through portland and went to whole foods market. he wanted to buy me blueberry muffins (they have a gluten-free line) and it was $8 for four muffins!!! sooo expensive! i told him it wasnt fair that gluten-free food has to be soo expensive! but he reminded me that we eat so healthy and we are blessed not to be eating a bunch of processed junk~ i agreed. and eating those treats every once in a while (like when we go to portland) makes it much more enjoyable!
  14. Wendys

    it was probably most defintley the sour cream... i dont think ive ever seen gluten free sour cream... maybe tilamook... not sure, but most sour creams are not gluten free...
  15. i eat those nummy mary's gone crackers all the time.. no reaction!