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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Copper Deficiency

    No need to apologize as I didn't take it that way. I think that there are many people who "pop" supplements because they are not considered to be dangerous, when in fact they be doing more harm than good.
  2. Copper Deficiency

    The Merck Manual also states: Copper Deficiency "Copper deficiency is rare among healthy people. It occurs most commonly among infants who are premature, who are recovering from severe undernutrition, or who have persistent diarrhea. A severe disorder that impairs absorption of nutrients (such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, or tropical sprue) or weight-loss (bariatric) surgery may cause this deficiency. Consumption of too much zinc can reduce the absorption of copper, causing a deficiency. Some male infants inherit a genetic abnormality that causes copper deficiency. This disorder is called Menkes syndrome." I understand that taking supplements without professional advice can be dangerous, but I am comfortable taking the FDAs RDA of copper in supplement form daily and do not plan to have blood tests done. With that said, I am not recommending anyone else to try anything that they are not comfortable with themselves.
  3. Copper Deficiency

    I have been experimenting with zinc and magnesium, among other vitamins, and noticed that certain symptoms got worse when I was taking too much zinc. Turns out zinc supplementation effects copper absorbtion and I feel that I was making a copper deficiency even worse. I have been taking copper for a few days now and definitely feel that my body needed it. I also take zinc at night to maintain a balance and it helps me get restorative sleep. Copper deficiency has been linked to premature grey hair and pale skin as well. I am finding out that there is a delicate balance between what our bodies need as a result of the damage caused by celiac disease. I am also newly casein free which had immediate neuro benefits for me.
  4. As much as mainstream medicine does nto believe in acid/alkaline imbalances, I am a firm believer that celiac can cause you to be out of balance...this is based on my own personal experience and observations. I drink water with lemon all day and feel that it really helps me with energy and mood. Lemon is acidic of course, but somehow is tuned alkaline within the digestive tract. Many people swear by eating a grapefruit first thing in the morning 15 minutes before eating anything else. They say does wonder for digestion.
  5. I think there is definately a correlation and you may be at the least gluten intolerant. I think my fate could have been the same as your borther as I was very sick for a long time. A gluten free diet put me on the track to recovery and I recently started supplementing with Carnitine with great success. Ultimately the lack of vitamins and nutrients can lead to so many complications...I feel that my cardiovascular health was similar to that of a 70 year old (I am 34). Excercise, gluten free diet, and supplementation have imprved this greatly. I take a B12 (sublingual), Magnesium, Carnitine (with Alpha Lipoic Acid), and feel a great energy and digestive boost with Acai Berry supplement.
  6. I had many unrelated symptoms similar to yours and I have both Celiac and Candida problems. Eating gluten while being a Celiac (most dont know it yet) will create opportunities for many other ailments. I have been gluten-free for 18 months and was still feeling crappy in alot of ways until I addressed my candida problems as well. Removing gluten certainly helped but something was still missing. I have had alot of luck with an alkalyzing drink recipe that I learned of at curezone,com. A poster name moreless has helped alot of people with it and if you search his name you will find the recipe. It seems to evoke an environment that candida cannot live in while adding loads of minerals and nutrients. I use everything other than the pickling lime (I use baking soda) ingredient which I have not tracked down yet, but many swear by it. It can be made for cheap from mostly grocery store ingredients. I also take a B complex, a complete amino acid supplement, and L-carnitine with lipoic acid. I agree that you should get the Celiac panel and vitamin/mineral panel as well so you dont have to guess at what you might need.
  7. Sex Drive

    I figured that might be the case for at least the women...elevated histamine is a reaction to allergies, autoimmune disease, etc and they prescribe histamine for women who are menopausal and lack sex drive. I feel that I react on a systematic basis which is why I feel I have had so many serious symptoms in addition to the typical digestive troubles...not to mention a poor lifestyle filled with lots of stuff that just aggravated the heck everything. Any guys with similar symptoms? I figure it has to be affecting you in more ways than just D and damage small intestines, but hints that other autoimmune diseases on the horizon, Sjogrens, etc. It is a strange feeling to feel exhausted, sick, depressed, etc but have a juvenile sex drive.
  8. Sex Drive

    What does an accidental glutening do to your sex drive? Other than the obvious symptoms of feeling sick and tired for 2-3 days, my sex drive is greatly increased. Just curious if anyone else noticed a correlation. I have done some reading and it seems that testosterone and histamine are often elevated during the autoimmune reaction when a celiac eats gluten...these also drive sex drive. I am male and understand that autoimmune diseases affect more females so maybe it is not a common symptom...
  9. Lack Of Sweating

    Thanks for your input as it is comforting to hear another story where this symptom was reversed with a gluten free diet. I have been gluten-free for 18 months, but dont think I did I good job for the 1st 6 months...so 12 months with much better care...maybe sometime over the next year I will be able to exercise without risking heat stroke...I would like to start playing sports again to get a cardio workout. I have been taking tyrosine right before bed and seems to really help me get deep, quality sleep with dreams (I have not been able to remember dreams for as long as I can remember). I took tyrosine during the day and it seemed to make me feel tired.
  10. Lack Of Sweating

    I am glad to hear I am not the only person that has had this symptom...I am even happier to hear that it can get better. I used to play basketball for 4-6 hours in hot weather with no problems (teenage years, now 33) and now I cannot play for 15 minutes without feeling terribly sick. The majority of information out there is in reference to how horses get this and there is a supplement that contains L-Tyrosine. I just ordered (waiting for delivery) a complete amino acid supplement that contains tyrosine so I am hoping to see some improvement. I see Tyrosine is also a supplement sometimes used to increase mood as well which is something I could use at times. Thanks for all your stories as I am now realized the therapeutic benefits of sharing your experiences with others in similar situations.
  11. Lack Of Sweating

    Anyone have this symptom? There is very little information out there regarding this symptom (not just as it is associated with celiac), unless you are a horse (I'm serious). When exercising I do not sweat and get additional symptoms consistent with heat stroke, etc. I make sure to drink plenty of fluids and am sure it is not related to being dehydrated...I have been on a strict gluten-free diet for over a year so intestines should be healed enough to absorb water, right??? I plan to change to a doctor in the area that is Celiac herself and finally be able to ask these questions and not feel like I am a hypochondriac. The official word for this is Anhidrosis...anyone else notice this
  12. Thanks for the tip on the thyroid and tyrosine...I ordered a compete amino acid supplement that I believe contains tyrosine as well. I am hoping to wean myself off the vitamins/aminos as time passes as well, maybe just take a multi-vitamin like "normal" people.
  13. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 18 months ago and started a gluten free diet soon after. Like many other stories I have read, I did not feel much better although my chronic constipation disappeared almost immediately. Energy levels were still very low and I wish I had sought further help (medical or holistic) to address malobsorbtion / vitamin deficiency issues. I somehow stumbled on the idea that amino acids might be out of whack and started taking L-carnitine and Coenzyme q10 with some success for overall mood and energy. I started them at the same time so I am not sure which supplement (maybe both) is helping. I suspected that the L-carnitine was helping the best and then found this article: BACKGROUND: Fatigue is common in celiac disease. L-Carnitine blood levels are low in untreated celiac disease. L-Carnitine therapy was shown to improve muscular fatigue in several diseases. AIM: To evaluate the effect of L-carnitine treatment in fatigue in adult celiac patients. METHODS: Randomised double-blind versus placebo parallel study. Thirty celiac disease patients received 2 g daily, 180 days (L-carnitine group) and 30 were assigned to the placebo group (P group). The patients underwent clinical investigation and questionnaires (Scott-Huskisson Visual Analogue Scale for Asthenia, Verbal Scale for Asthenia, Zung Depression Scale, SF-36 Health Status Survey, EuroQoL). OCTN2 levels, the specific carnitine transporter, were detected in intestinal tissue. RESULTS: Fatigue measured by Scott-Huskisson Visual Analogue Scale for Asthenia was significantly reduced in the L-carnitine group compared with the placebo group (p=0.0021). OCTN2 was decreased in celiac patients when compared to normal subjects (-134.67% in jejunum), and increased after diet in both celiac disease treatments. The other scales used did not show any significant difference between the two celiac disease treatment groups. CONCLUSION: L-Carnitine therapy is safe and effective in ameliorating fatigue in celiac disease. Since L-carnitine is involved in muscle energy production its decreased absorption due to OCTN2 reduction might explain muscular symptoms in celiac disease patients. The diet-induced OCTN2 increase, improving carnitine absorption, might explain the L-carnitine treatment efficacy This may have been shared already on here as well as the results of others taking L-carnitine, but I hope this can help others. I have tried supplementing almost every vitamin/supplement out there and even gave up for awhile until trying this
  14. I am a believer in the histamine connection when a celiac is glutened. I was misdiagnosed for 30 plus years (sick for about 10) and I am still struggling to find out who I really am in my "new" body. I was very sick for many years with too many symptoms to list, including depression, but I was motivated and driven to be successful (or maybe afraid to fail). Considering my poor health I was able to be a productive employee while studying for my MBA degree, remodeling home, etc. and maintaing a srtong desire to advance professionally. I attribute this to the possibility of elevated blood histamine levels due to Celiac. I feel now that my histamine levels are normal or maybe below average as I feel healthy (not tired) but am much more lazy. I find myself sitting on the couch all day watching TV while I feel well and know that there are many things that should be done. It is just strange to feel much healthier, yet lazier or less motivated to succeed professionally and at home. After being "glutened" the first clue that something is wrong is a sensation of elevated nervous energy. I am also much more congested nasally after eating gluten and have trouble sleeping. Initally I have much more energy and feel motivated to clear my list of "to-dos", etc. With all of that said...I can see why an antihistamine might help after being glutened if you react similar to how i do with symptoms driven (maybe) by elevated histamine levels in response to a substance introduced to my body that is known to be toxic.