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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I agree with the last post. I think that as long as he is doing better and growing, then that is what is important. My son has a pretty limited diet as well. He often refuses to eat. He eats mostly taquitos, cheese, apples, grapes, popcorn and meats. I feel that proteins are the most important for growth, and everything else is a bonus. Sometimes I can get him to eat eggs, canned peaches, green beans, chili beans, fries, yogurt, avacado, cereal, and some other things I am forgetting. The good thing about him is that he isn't afraid to try new foods if it looks and smells good. I take comfort in the fact that every child has eating issues, and I know that he will get through it, so as long as he gets SOMETHING worthwhile in his tummy I don't worry. I do give him a vitamin a few times a week also. It's a phase and nothing to worry about especially if he is improving.
  2. I'm a lucky one, too. My inlaws are good about trying to understand the wheat free thing. Sometimes my MIL forgets little things like to have corn tortillas instead of wheat tortillas when she has us over for dinner, but I understand because I think it's an honest mistake. I've tried to break the news gently to those close to us by just saying, "It seems that Cyphar has a problem with wheat. He has diarrhea when he eats it/ it hurts his intestines." Everyone I have said that to has taken it very well and they try to make adjustments. He doesn't have "severe" reactions when he does get a little wheat, so I don't feel like I need to be too hard on myself or him when he accidentally gets a pretzel or froot loops from a little buddy. It takes several days of 100% gluten-free to get his stools firm again-- in fact his stools have been not firm for about 2 weeks because of the number of accidents. But his behavior is good, so I am not worried. I hate trying so hard to keep him gluten free and then I see him with a mouthful of goldfish in church. But I know that the less he has, the better his health, so of course I don't ever give him anything that I think might be contaminated. Anyway, I'm a little off the subject now.
  3. I think that it is a really good question-- in fact my husband asked me the other day the same thing. Except he was thinking this: if there is a pill that lactose intolerant people can take and then be able to have dairy, then why not for gluten intolerant people? I would like an answer to that question.
  4. I don't think I have celiac disease, but I still want to share my pregnancy experience! I thought I was going to be lucky and not get morning sickness, but around 8 or 9 weeks along, I started feeling queasy while brushing my teeth. I was nauseated most of the time, around bedtime was the worst. I vomited only about once a week, but I never knew when it was going to be, so I was afraid to leave the house! At about 4-6 months I was so tired I would sleep all day and night just barely be awake for a couple of times a day to eat and drink something and go to the bathroom. I would wake up around 5 pm and my husband warned me that I would be up all night long, but I was back asleep by 8. I'm not a whimp unless I have to be. I was listening to my body and I'm glad I had the luxury to do so. If I had had a job, I wouldn't have had it for long in my pregnancy. I had nausea until I was 7 1/2 months along. I remember being excited when my barf attacks started being 2 weeks apart for a month or so, and then just one more barf after that and then I was just gigantic. I gained 60 pounds from water retention, and I had PIH so I was on partial bedrest my last couple of months.
  5. Thank you everybody for your input. Yesterday I put my foot down and decided to put my son on a schedule for nursing. So after I had nursed him in his sleep yesterday morning at 8:30 and then he woke up at 9 am and wanted to nurse, I refused him and just held him and let him cry and scream and hit me. I explained to him in as many ways as I could think of that I just didn't want to nurse him so much all the time anymore. I kissed him and told him that I understand and still love him, and we can cuddle as much as he wants, but I am not going to nurse him all the time anymore. He cried for about 10 minutes in my arms, and then out of the blue he simply said "Better" and it was all over and he wanted to eat and watch TV. He did hit me a little more than usual after that throughout the day, but he didn't seem truly traumatized like he used to when I tried it before. I was afraid he was going to have a major fit like he had before-- it was horrible before -- he had a fit so bad he was acting like he was going to throw up and then he was so upset he couldn't/wouldn't nurse and he wouldn't fall asleep in the car like he always does and it was a fierce fit for over an hour, and then he was still emotionally "off" for several days afterward. Anyway, he has been just fine since yesterday morning. I am only letting him nurse to sleep and wake up and through the night. So for now it is 4 times during the day and probably another 2 times overnight. When he wants to nurse I just tell him he has to wait until naptime or bedtime-- and he's fine! It's so weird. I guess he's finally ready to really start weaning. So we'll do it this way for a few days or maybe weeks, until I feel ready to go to the next step(whatever that may be). I'm not sure which nursing session we will eliminate next. But it feels right now, which I am very happy about. I really want to have another baby ASAP, and weaning -- at least mostly-- is the only hope I have of conceiving since I still haven't gotten my period back due to lactational amenorrhea(I think that's what it's called). I'll definitely have to go get some gripe water. I hadn't thought of that. Any more input is still welcome. Thank you all!!
  6. thanks for that advice tarnalberry! Also, if there are supplements/enzymes for little children I would appreciate that knowledge as well. I hope I didn't sound bad in my last post.
  7. I have been trying to wean him to some degree since he was 6 months old. When he turned 1, I visualized him nursing once or twice a day by the time he was 18 months. Trying to cut out "feedings" has been awful. When a child cries so desperately like that, you just know that something isn't right. I am going to listen to my child when he tells me he is hurting.
  8. I think the question I wanted to ask was more along the lines of good home remedies for tummy aches. I suspect that the reason he nurses so much is because his tummy hurts from his gluten intolerance. I understand that nursing is important to him, so I don't want to take that away from him completely. He is still a very young child-- if he needs his mommy he should get his mommy IMO. Maybe I should start another thread asking more specifically for home remedies for tummy aches. I happen to not believe that children have a naturally manipulative nature. I believe that they have needs that they express through the only ways they know how. I am his mom and it is my job to figure out what he really is needing-- not to just accept the pat answer that he's "manipulating me". I like to believe that I'm smarter than a 2 year old . I feel that mother really does know best, so I follow my instincts. I feel it's the right way to parent.
  9. Just thought I'd bump this topic for a new pool of responders. Thanks!
  10. He turned 2 in June, he is not diagnosed yet, we are gluten-free except for accidents. I am still nursing him because he won't wean at all. He nurses about every hour(or more often). He has been eating better since going gluten-free, and his stools are solid. But his behavior in general is just still very very clingy, and whiny, and upset all the time. He's okay when he's not with me, though. I am making sure that I am 100% gluten-free in my diet as well since I am still breastfeeding him. We did a blood draw on him at the Ped office, and he has no food allergies. But as I write, he is crying and wanting up. It's constant and driving me nuts! His nursing isn't as often as it was before going gluten-free, but it is still IMO way abnormal for a child his age. On top of this, I still haven't had my period since before I got pregnant with him. I really am getting eager to have another baby, but being anovulatory makes conceiving quite a challenge. I need to figure out a way to get him weaned, at least mostly, but without causing him severe emotional and maybe physical harm. He still nurses about every 2 hours all night long. I'm just sick of nursing a 25 pound "newborn" who really could be eating and drinking larger quantities of foods other than me. If any of you have some advice on what I could do to change my situation, I would much appreciate the input. Thank you!
  11. My husband went to see a naturopath recently, and the Dr did bloodwork on him and found that he needs to eat more protein and less carbohydrates. The Dr recommended that my husband eat no carbs in the am, and have minimal carbs at lunch, and then have whatever he wants at dinner. My husband has type O blood, which means he should eat more meat anyway, according to the Dr. My husband has noticed an increase in energy during the day since trying this diet. Maybe this will help you too.
  12. I frequently visit my in-laws' house, so we just always have some things in their freezer for my son to eat. If they have a couple of things that are gluten-free, we eat those, and if it isn't enough, then we "supplement" with our own food.
  13. I always say, "What a beautiful turd!"
  14. Just bumping my post-- I would like more input on this issue.
  15. I just want a direct opinion from as many people as possible on how these have worked for those who have used them. Is it possible that you could be "cured" of gluten intolerance as long as you keep taking them? How soon after you started taking them did you feel better? How much did you take? Are you still taking them? What are the best brand? Where do you get them? Which supplements do you take? If you have any more input you can contribute toward this subject, I would be happy to hear it. Thanks for your support!