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  1. Dapsone

    I have been on Dapsone for my DH for a while, and I finally had weaned myself off of it about a month ago... however I ate something, I don't know what, and broke out, and i started taking it again. However, I also noticed a couple things that have been really bothering me in association with Dapsone. For the longest time while taking Dapsone, I had no problems... then I had the liver problems and had to go off of it. However, after my liver straightened up and I started taking it again, I (along with my girlfriend) noticed that I get really moody when I'm on Dapsone. Is there a proven correlation or has anyone else experienced this? Again, it didn't do this until after I went off it for about a month (I was itching like crazy though). When I started taking it again, it was like I was always depressed, and when I finally weaned myself off it, I felt like a different person. I was never angry or depressed or anything like I had been. However I started taking it about a week ago again, and I feel horrible right now, like really depressed for no reason and feeling kinda worthless and I get irritated and angry very easily too... like I have a short fuse. I never used to be like this until a couple months ago and I wasn't merely a week ago when i wasn't on Dapsone. It's bothering me really bad because i even KNOW that I shouldn't be feeling like this, I just do. It bothers my girlfriend for obvious reasons too. I am trying to quit taking it again because I honestly believe that it makes me feel better emotionally. But I do wanna know if anyone knows if that is a possible side effect, or if I am just using the medicine as a copout. Thanks---
  2. Dapson

    Thanks guys... I just went ahead and started taking my dapsone again until I get the other medicine in. Had to sign up for some study in New Jersey to get the medicine, but it's completely free that way anyway... but yeah i've been on dapsone for almost 2 years, what's another week... but man, it was amazing the difference when I stopped taking it, and also the difference since I just started taking it again 2 days ago. I broke out like THAT... had huge blister clusters all over my back and armpits, and my scalp was bad too... I couldn't sleep at night... I got to the point where I took a bath towel and put it on my bed so I could lay on it, that way if my back itched I just rubbed on it and the texture scratched all the itches at the same time... felt quite good for a couple seconds till the amount of itching became unbearable again... but just the fact that I slept on the towel w/ its texture did make it better... okay so maybe i'm weird for coming up w/ that but it helped a little bit... but i'm almost completely cleared up again (still itches but it's not nearly the same) but I do get the new medicine in a few days. Meanwhile I am going to get stricter on the diet.. if I go out to eat and I"m questioning something then i will get it more times than not. For instance I just found out the sauce on the enchiladas that I always get at a local mexican place had flour in it... and i eat there a lot. it was quite sad though, I asked the waiter, who didn't konw, and he got the manager, who told me the sauce was okay, then went back to the chef after that and found out that it wasn't and came and let me know right away.. but i've got that taken care of at least. well while i'm typing a book here i wanted to ask.. does anyone w/ celiac disease ever still get the abdominal discomfort even when they KNOW they are eating okay? Whenever my mom cooks dinner (i'm moving out in 9 days for college) she is SO careful with gluten, she doesn't even keep any in the house and all our meals are completely gluten-free, but I still get the discomfort after eating every now and then, just wondering if anyone would know why? I honestly feel sometimes that I was better off before i knew i had celiac disease in relation to that part. I never did get stomachaches or anything when I wasn't diagnosed, but I only get it now when i DO eat gluten-free. I don't know if that's because my intestines are okay now and are more sensitive because they're not getting the crap (no pun intended) pounded out of them by gluten and all... but i'm quite uncomfortable still. oh well... i'm probably gonna post this latter part again on another forum just b/c this forum is for DH only but if anyone has anything to say about that it'd be cool- thanks jonathan
  3. Dapson

    I've been gluten-free since november 2002... i mean i'm not perfect w/ the diet, i try so hard but it's like something seems to slip every now and then. i have celiac disease too, but i do'nt have as bad symptoms as some people but yeah i know when i mess up most times... as in tonight, the movie popcorn had something in it i think, haven't been feeling so great. but yeah.. i still break out
  4. Dapson

    so... i've been on dapsone over a year now... but about a month ago i got my blood drawn and my liver enzymes were elevated... so i went back to get it drawn again about 2 weeks later and the level was doubled from before... so i'm not allowed to take dapsone anymore, atleast until that level gets down again... and i've been off of it for four days and already i look as bad as before i even knew i had DH... huge rashes and blisters all over my back, face, chest, arms, scalp, and other areas... use your imagination. anyone know of anything i can do in the meantime? i can't sleep at night because it itches so bad, a couple nights ago i was up for 2 and a half hours in the middle of the night scratching til it bled so that it didn't itch anymore, it just stung from bleeding, and i could deal with that more easily. i've been taking benadryl the past 2 nights just because it knocks me out so bad that i can't stay awake anyway, but i've been tired all the time that i'm awake too because it knocks me out good... even taking half a pill at a time knocks me out. the dermatologist today prescribed me some other drug that starts w/ sulfa, there's about 8 more letters after that but i can't remember what it's called for sure, but no pharmicies in town carry it b/c nobody takes it, so it's gonna be days until i get that anyway. anyone know what I can do in the meantime? or if the other drug works? i just can't stand the itching and i don't wanna scar myself everywhere from scratching so much..... ahhhhhhh