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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Kim!.. and thank you! I understand needing the bloodtest- he told me it wasn't necessary and that I would know if I had Celiac's because of the way my body repsonds without gluten. Oh, doctors. But I have done a lot of reading about it and would really prefer to just get the bloodtest! (I may, especially since, like you said, being gluten-free would cause weird results). Which is also why I emphasized "diagnosed" - - I use that term very loosely! (= My gastro did mention hemorrhoids, stating that they would show up in my flex sigmoid or colonoscopy - which both were completely clear. He also said he doesn't believe I have stomach ulcers. I requested an upper endoscopy, but he didn't think that was necessary at the time, since he was sending me to the gyno for possible gynological problems. and.. THANK YOU!! I know blood is NOT normal and NO ONE else -except for my mom and I- thinks its a huge deal!. I just know something is going terribly wrong inside of my stomach.. but every single test keeps coming back negative.. As far as BM.. I can have up to 6 in one day, and sometimes go a couple of days without having one. It just depends - I have diarrhea, not a daily basis, but most definitely on a weekly basis. I will eat something and then 30 minutes later be heading to the restroom. My stomach is also EXTREMELY sensitive to beef. Any type, any way that it's cooked, it does not agree with my stomach AT ALL. (the gyno related this to celiac's by saying that it was perhaps what the beef was cooked in...) Also, my BM - no matter what type - are always painful. I never have nausea, but also have never, ever had that problem throughout my entire life. I have severe cramping of my lower GI area on a daily basis. I don't know.. things just aren't adding up to Celiac's for me- but I have to remind myself that I didn't go to school for 8+ years to become a doctor... I really was convinced that I had endometriosis of the bowels but my doctor said that it was unlikely because one of my bleeding episodes was when I was not on my period - and that spots where you have endometriosis only bleed when you're currently on your period. (two out of the three episodes were). He also has me on continuous birth control, which he believes will stop the rectal bleeding if I do have endometriosis cells on my bowels. He also thinks that the cells would have shown up on my biopsies from the flex sigmoid and the colonoscopy or that my doctor would have been able to see it on the walls of my colon.. Anyways, thanks again for your help. Like I said, any input is much appreciated!
  2. Hello, Probably like many of you, I have been through my round of doctors and have just been