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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. wow i can't believe i found other people with these issues. i am a year into being gluten free and it feels like my stomach has finally relaxed and gotten small enough that my tailbone and sacrum have finally opened up. i was having to take massive medications and be super inactive and I am just praying that I can re-strengthen and hold my joints together as go through my day! this has been a profound change, and finding my own cranial-sacral adjustments has helped infinitely more than a 'professional' could have. the sacral bone controls so much of your nervous system's input, my vision and mental energy have changed a ton, i'm getting feeling back in my back, and i'm finally able to breathe into my muscles to relax them. truly amazing.
  2. YES!! and after about 2-3 weeks of zero gluten, my sacrum finally relaxes and the pain starts to subside. It feels like it's created a lot of major postural problems as well as weak back muscles. Stay away from sugar too!
  3. Glutening Description

    sounds about right
  4. After Ingestion!

    i downed a bunch of probiotics and fell asleep 2 hrs earlier than i usually do. the gut is feeling all bloated burning and numbish, marijuana's the only thing that helps at this point. i pray i make it longer than a month without gluten soon. i really want to heal.
  5. After Ingestion!

    yes =\ thats what i was asking, and darnit!
  6. After Ingestion!

    thanks for the quick response! i'm leaving work early to go find some ipecac, it'll be like 3 hrs after ingestion, but it's my birthday weekend coming up and i'd be bummed if i had to lay in bed wasted the whole time!! i will also look into getting some 'probiotic pearls' at the store. "this is the part of the job i HATE"
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has any stand-by tools for if they accidentily ingest gluten?? I dont have any ipecac around (i'm going to buy some asap), i just drank some baking soda and water, but I'm wondering do any of these things help? Would ipecac even help?? thanks!
  8. Emergen-c

    just the word maltodextrin freaked me out, but it had tapioca in front of it so I just downed 2 tangerine packets.
  9. yes, the HUNGRY feeling. It is not hunger, at least not for me, I find it to be a numb burn, for me it's a combination of bloatedness and constipation, and i ultimately crave food to help move the blockage. it does not really help. it takes about 7 days from eating gluten for it to start fading away.
  10. Abdominal Pain

    I am just learning to remove gluten from my diet, after going 2 weeks without it, my lower back, my hips, my posture, all my body pain and abdomen discomfort/bloatedness had subsided almost completely. after making a mistake last week, it all returned in about a day in a half and I'm just starting to feel kind of okay again. It seems like it can have a huge effect on joint pains, and yes, the bloating seemed to hugely effect my lower back+sacrum. I'm still blown away by how crippling the effects can be.