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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can I Eat Anything?

    Odd - and no, haven't had corn lately in any form. I tend to avoid any product with high fructose corn syrup anyway, and eating natural corn or corn tortillas never seems to bother me. Thanks for a helpful post, bethlany. You do make a good point of the potential damage I do by having a few beers thinking I can "get away with it", but the continued exposure to gluten could be whacking out my whole system. As a former homebrewer, the loss of beer in my life has been especially disappointing and sometimes I cheat because I stop caring. Interesting about peanuts because that seems to be what triggers the tummy trouble for me. Usually I snack on mixed nuts, so I'll have to do some elimination experiments.
  2. I've spent these early morning hours reading through the forum and I see a number of people with Celiac/GI also having intolerance to other foods; namely dairy, soy, and nuts. I imagine process of elimination is the simplest way to determine which food items are causing problems...but there's almost nothing left for me and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I self-diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance last year, after 4 years of suffering and denial. The occasional times when I slip off the gluten-free wagon the results are painfully obvious, so I don't do it often. A couple of beers is usually OK, but a slice of bread can shut down my intestinal system for an entire day or two. I'm finding that when I'm on long kicks of eating gluten-free, I will occasionally get hit with what feels like I've been glutened: the "block of cement in my stomach" feeling (or the GLUE of gluten), the bloating, the tummy rumbles, loose stools, the mental fog, depression, etc. I can be sure when I'm gluten-free because I make all my food from scratch, so there is little possibility of gluten contamination. Being vegan I already avoid all dairy products & eggs. More and more, I'm pinpointing these gluten-like symptoms to nuts. Now that SUCKS big time. To those who avoid nuts: all nuts? Is one kind worse than another? Another possibility is soy, eaten in the form of tofu and edamame (soybeans). Another blow to the vegan diet! To those who avoid soy: what were your symptoms? What other foods might be triggering tummy troubles like this? Some days I just don't want to eat anything period, and I've been losing weight. If nuts & soy end up being no-nos then I'm just not going to thrive on a vegan diet and it'll have to come to an end.
  3. Yes. Feeling despondent and suicidal. Now I can see the connection as the depression comes and goes, but has hit hard in the past couple of weeks while I have slipped off the gluten-free wagon.
  4. Yes, indeed, I know exactly what you mean. Same goes for me. Your mention of nuts, however, is disappointing as I am still dealing with the rumbles of a 1959 Chevy even when I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten gluten.
  5. Drinking With Celiac Disease

    I know someone officially diagnosed with Celiac who is very sensitive to wheat products (bread, pasta, etc) but is able to have a couple beers occasionally without any bad effects. I'm a big beer lover (or was) and I'm facing the reality that I just can't drink it anymore. The last beer I had was about a week ago - had half a bottle and within minutes felt that terrible bloating and lay in bed with hot flashes unable to sleep. Felt terrible. I've even been homebrewing my own beer for the past few years. No more. Like all the others have said - wine, rum, tequila. I drink red wine several times a week with no ill effects. There's a gourmet market in my town that sells a sorghum based beer (don't know the name). Twelve bucks for a six pack! I might give it a try once just for fun, but I'm not hearing great things about these alternative beers on the forum here.
  6. Sick Of The Bloating!

    I'm not anorexic but have always been pretty thin for my height and have been accused of being anorexic. The bloating is my #1 problem as well - not only uncomfortable but makes me look 6 months pregnant or like I have a blubber belly, which I don't. Some days I can wear a pair of pants that are very loose in the waist and if I eat the wrong thing within a couple of hours the pants feel tight in the waist. I hate it. It seems that when I am very careful to avoid any gluten my abdomen is flat again within a couple of days.
  7. And wine! I'm not a huge fan of liquor, but since cutting out beer I've grown fonder of wine. I have a friend my same age who is also suspecting a wheat intolerance and has been gluten free for several weeks now (with major improvements noted). He's REALLY struggling because he was allergic to grapes/wine to begin with and now has cut out beer, too. Big bummer.
  8. The peanuts I mentioned were plain roasted peanuts from Trader Joe's. I looked at the ingredients and they add vegetable oil and salt. Not sure what caused the distress there. Last night I had a bowl of peanuts in the shell and I was ok.
  9. Thanks for all the great input - I've been getting all the replies via email. Like others have also mentioned, I get crap from my husband about my suspicions...the whole "it's all in your head" deal. The last thing I want is to be the center of attention, get special treatment, whatever. The loss of so many food items is a huge blow to me, changes a lot, and he thinks I'm just trying to invent some ailment that he thinks doesn't exist. My husband is a bread baker and brings lots of day-old breads home. Now I can't touch them. I have heard of celiac disease for years, but it took me four years to finally pinpoint what might be causing my problems. I MISS BEER!!!
  10. Thanks for the link to vegiac. I've been vegetarian for most of my adult life, and vegan for the past five years. My recent discovery of celiac/wheat intolerance is closing off a significant part of my daily diet and I'm in the beginning stages of being concerned about eating a vegan diet without any wheat products. I've been having thought about introducing small portions of meat 1-2 times a week simply for nutritional purposes. Totally sucks - not my thing at all. I assume other vegetarians/vegans are dealing with this, as the loss of whole grains is a blow to the vegetarian diet.
  11. My awareness of a possible gluten/wheat intolerance finally occurred in August 2007 after four years of increasing, nagging symptoms. For me it was simple - I did a 10 day gluten-free test and the results were obvious. Since then I have been constantly conscious about gluten/wheat consumption and have cut it down dramatically, but here and there I will slip...have a few beers, a couple flour tortillas, some pretzels. I always pay the price - often within minutes of eating I know I've screwed up and I just deal with it. My symptoms are not nearly as bad as others I've read about here on the forum - no major pain. Just terrible bloating, loose stools, ragged fingernails (very recent - getting worse), and a dragging fatigue that is ruining my livelihood. My husband is disrespecting my suspicions and not helping whatsoever. It totally sucks and is changing our entire lifestyle. He thinks it's "something else". What? The cause/result is so clear! Just this past weekend I screwed up again, had a small handful of peanut butter filled pretzel snacks and the agony hit me within 30 minutes and ruined my entire day. I don't need to give any details because I'm guessing most of you know what it's like. Today I had a handful of plain peanuts and the same agony hit me within minutes, so now I'm even more freaked out. Peanuts too? Or was it something else? Arrrrrrrgh. When I make a point to really be gluten-free for several days or weeks at a time, the results are clear. No bloated abdomen, higher energy, better mood. Then sure enough something comes up and I slip - a couple beers, a burrito, whatever. Sucks. Is anyone else struggling with the "change"? I guess eventually if it gets bad enough I'll avoid wheat for good.
  12. Thank you quietmorning01, I just saw your post after posting mine. No, I don't understand the immune system and how someone can suddenly become "allergic" to something that never bothered them before. I will research more about that. Thanks.
  13. Thank you all for the responses and for the links provided - I read through all of those. It sounds like age of diagnosis and the onset of symptoms is all over the place; some have had this since childhood, others have had it start in their 20s & 30s after never before having problems with gluten (like me, I think). I'm still curious over the possibility that "something" has entered the food chain or water supplies in the past decade or so to cause sudden gluten intolerance in some people who never had issues before. Any other speculation on this?
  14. First of all, if there are similar threads related to this please link me - I'd like to read them. This is a personal interest in the rather recent acknowledgement and surge in wheat allergies/Celiac disease and I have a few questions. I understand that it has taken the sands of time to finally determine the exact cause of the symptoms of wheat allergy/Celiac, as with many ailments and diseases. At the same time, it seems like in the past 5-10 years it has become more and more common now that it has a name. Whether it was as common in the past, I don't know, but that's kind of what I'd like to learn about. For those of you who developed a wheat allergy/Celiac later in life - during what year do you think it started and how old were you? What were your initial symptoms? Did you ignore it until it got worse and worse? For those who have had a wheat allergy/Celiac your entire life - how old are you? Or during what year was it finally determined something was definitely wrong and it was probably diet related? I began having wheat allergy/Celiac symptoms starting in 2005 at age 30. Thinking back, it was rather sudden. I'd consumed wheat products for 30 years with no ill effects whatsoever and suddenly things changed. It took me three more years to finally acknowledge the problem and pinpoint what I think is the cause. In the past year or so, a few friends of mine (of different ages) are also describing concern over gluten intolerance after eliminating gluten from their diets and seeing a huge improvement. My interest is in WHY this is happening. It happened to me at age 30, it happened to friends of mine at age 35 and age 45. All within the last decade. Just looking for facts, data, and individual stories. Thanks.
  15. On July 30, I posted the thread Should I Do A Self-diagnosis Experiment? I decided to go ahead with a gluten-free trial which I started August 1. Referring to a list of gluten-free foods, I kept a diary of everything I ate. I didn't notice any major changes other than feeling slightly less fatigued, but of course I don't expect magic to happen in only 9 days. Then on the 10th day, I blew it, but also did it for "research purposes." My partner brought home some beer and we made a vegan pizza (wheat crust). That night, I had 2 small pieces of pizza and 3 bottles of beer (this may sound like a lot of beer to some people, but for me it's not and I was only mildly tipsy). The next morning I woke up and felt like absolute crap. This was not like a hangover or anything like that - it was more like coming out of a coma. I went back to bed and slept nonstop until after 1PM, which is absurd because I'm normally up before 7am every day without an alarm clock. I lounged around for a couple hours, not having the energy or interest to do anything, and by 4pm I was out again, napping on the couch. I ruined my entire Sunday and felt acutely depressed, as compared to the day before. I'm going back on the gluten-free trial. Going to do it for a few weeks this time, see if there's any change, then purposely break the trial again and see if the same fatigue hits again. If it does, I think the connection will be pretty clear. I have a friend who thinks he has a wheat allergy, but drinking beer doesn't affect him. If he eats shredded wheat - terrible gas & bloating. But beer - no problem. Does it have something to do with how much the wheat has been cooked or processed? I'm reading through some of the other posts here, looks like others have had similar experiences.